Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 46

Today was a day of firsts.  I made hollandaise sauce for the first time.  I did a partner carry for the first time.  I peed on the floor at CrossFit for the first time.

Looks like a bunny.

Now, that isn't all pee.  I also used water and my shirt to clean it up.  Told you that Seroogy's shirt would come in handy.  The peeing thing is a big problem for me with jumping.  Today was double unders, which I can't do, so I did 3:1 single unders.  That's 150 jump ropes.  I usually start peeing around 50, and the floodgates open around 80.  I literally can't stop this from happening.  I went to the bathroom right before the WOD and wore a liner, and still pissed myself in public.  Weirdly, I wasn't that embarrassed.  I think I need to work on double unders less for the skill of it and more for the fact that it's less time spent bouncing up and down.  I'm sure my tits look great during jump rope sessions, but the peeing thing pretty much removes any MILF points I might get.  From now on I'll be carrying overnight pads in my purse for jump rope days.  Maybe that will be enough.

I also did a partner carry for the first time.  A Ragnar friend from CFA was up for the morning and we partnered up for the Team WOD.  Neither one of us had ever partner carried, and I think we were both a little freaked out about it.  I'm not a light person, and the carry makes me feel guilty-like I'm a burden for the person carrying me.  She did great, though, and I only felt like I was killing her a little.  She also survived my maiden attempt at partner carry none the worse for wear.  I think.  She was still standing with no visible marks at any rate.

My kids had a great time this morning, thanks to a bunch of other kids their age.  P told me how much he liked to exercise with me,  C exclaimed "CrossFit is awesome!!".  Before we started the workout, P came to see if I was okay and told me "Just call me if you need me, okay?"  It was pretty cute.  

On to the menu!
I made the benedict that I had planned to make last night for dinner for a late breakfast this morning.  The kids actually let me sleep until 7am, which is unheard of.  The waffles turned out well, my egg poached like a dream, and the sauce was lovely.  Hooray for a fancy-ass breakfast on a Sunday morning.

I ate a Larabar on the way to the gym.  A friend posted a recipe for chewy paleo granola bars that I am going to make ASAP.  I have to stop eating things from packages.  I know it's just a Larabar, but it's the principle of the thing.  I'm supposed to be making my own shit, not paying Target a dollar a bar.

For lunch I cleaned up some leftover beef and roasted a crapload of broccoli.  I've never roasted broccoli before, and this shit is goooooooood.  I used garlic infused olive oil and lemon juice, but I bet balsamic would be fucking amazing.  I like broccoli just plain or slightly steamed, but the roasting was a nice change up.
It was a lot of broccoli.  Toot!  Toot!

This afternoon while the kids were "napping" I was knitting socks and kind of had a jonesing for a latte.  So I made a coconut milk latte.  I put a teeny bit of honey in it and frothed it up with my immersion blender.  I don't know why, but the blending just makes this so fucking fluffy I'm gonna die.

In my sunshine cup, which is how I refer to this yellow one.

I am almost done with the first sock.  So close I can taste it.  That shit is getting done tonight, right after I cleanse the spawn.  They've been little fuckers most of the afternoon (used up all the cute at the gym, apparently), so I'll be giving lightning fast baths and straight to bed.  Then...sooooooocks.

Dinner was the last of the stew Provencal.  Damn this stuff is good.
Until we meet again, mon cherie.

This was a good weekend.  I actually felt myself relax a bit.  I've been wound a little tightly lately.  I had a good run on Saturday and a fun workout on Sunday.  I made some new foods, and got the leftovers cleaned up pretty well. I slept well. My kids ate Valentine candy and I didn't give a shit about it at all. Tonight I'll finish my first Selfish Sock of the year. The Open starts soon, and I'm excited. New opportunities are in the works. That's a good place to be.  

Think I'll hang out here for a bit....

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