Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, Same Old Me

The obligatory "New Year's goals" post...here goes.

To finally, finally drop these last 10 twin pounds and keep them the smurf off. (I lost them once already, but they came back!) The key here is controlling my emotional response to food. In that vein, I've chosen lowfat chocolate milk as my indulgence of choice as my runs get longer. I adore chocolate milk. The kind that comes from the chocolate cows, not the Hershey's syrup variety :) It's a treat! It's a dessert! It's a smurfin' energy drink, y'all!

Finish a full marathon.

Log 1000 miles for 2012 (this seems to be a common thread among my running friends).

Meet the authors of the blogs I read in person (Woo Hoo! Ragnar!).

Master color knitting (doesn't seem to fit with the rest, does it?)

Actually make myself some clothes with my newfound knitting mojo, instead of dozens of accessories (not that they don't rock, too).

I did my first "training" run this morning. It was 5 degrees and sunny, the road was a bit icy in places, but I was geared up well and was never cold. I felt energized and full of purpose over those 3.2 little miles, even if they were a bit slow. In my defense, I walked up a monster hill because the shoulder and side of the lane was really, really icy and I didn't feel like dying or damaging myself!

I have also decided I will wear my Garmin for every run, even little "silly" ones. I want to track every step I take outside this year and have a little mappy representation of the miles I've covered. I will also make more use of dailymile.com to keep track of bits and pieces and to see what my compatriates are up to.

Cheers to the New Year!