Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's Nice to be Noticed

Did you notice I was gone?  I thought not.

Where has Amy been, you might wonder.  What has she been up to, you might ask.  I'm going to lay money you haven't wondered or asked, but you might.

Well, I was Crossfitting and not running.  Then I was sort of, well, eating all the things.  Then I was running and not Crossfitting.  Now I'm getting ready to do both.  It's time to get serious about health and fitness up in here. 

In the meantime, I've been dealing with these two goobers.  The wrapped box on the table?  Contained a drum set.  A drum set. Because our friends hate us.

And apparently so does Blogger, because I can't upload the photo.

I also knitted 2 sweaters. (Again, no photos because Blogger is stupid.)

And gave myself a manicure.

Oh.  And I got a new job.

What was wrong with the old job, you might ask?  Absolutely nothing, at the moment.  In fact, I've been at said job for 5 years and have often credited it with saving my sanity after jumping ship at Giant-corpo-I-hate-my-life-and-every-person-around-me-shoot-me-now pharmacy (aka Walgreens).  I heart my job so hard that it felt a little wrong to look for a new position.  But... (there's always a but), the powers that be have decided to restructure the department...and I really, really don't want to do the restructured job.  So I applied for an opening in another division of the company.  And I got it.  Yay me.

The reaction to my departure was not what I expected.  My boss did the hands-on-head exhale "This is going to be a huge blow to the department" thing.  He was super supportive, but clearly not happy I was going.  It feels a little good to know the boss-man will miss you.  My co-workers were all "How can you leave us!?!?" which made me feel alternately pretty guilty and kind of good that they feel like I make a difference.  I even got a couple of hugs, which was odd, because I'm not a touchy-feely type at all.   But even that made me feel a little warm and fuzzy.

My future partner wants me to start pronto, but I still have 2 weeks at my old position before I transition to the new one.  It's nice to be wanted.  I'm excited to start, but I'm sure it will be bittersweet.  As long as there is copious coffee and a place to store my cream, I'll get through the first week.  The new job is a 9-5, and I'm not accustomed to being lucid before noon!

In the midst of all this, Crossfit fell by the wayside.  I had kind of a cold, kind of a desire to run, and kind of a lack of motivation.  It's been a couple weeks since I was at the box, and I got an email from Grant on Tuesday.  It read "Do you hate me?" to which I responded "Yes."  His answer?  "That warms my heart.  Get your ass to the gym."

He noticed I was gone.  Awwwww.

So now, It's time to buckle down and get at it.  I've been mostly adherent to a Paleo diet the last three weeks after my December sugar detox (which went so well that I almost had abs at the end of it-almost).  I have my training plan mapped out for Grandma's marathon and the following Chicago marathon.  I have my spring races pretty much planned out and registered for.  I went out for a 5 miler today and finished in under 50 minutes in spite of the brutual wind (I wasn't wearing a watch-I walked in the door a little less than 50 min after leaving home), which felt good. 

I got 100lbs of bumper plates for Christmas from the hubs (how awesome is he?!?) so I've been doing some presses and weighted sit ups.  I need to get my bar downstairs and start working on my cleans, is what I need to do.  The light of my life and I have also embarked on a 1 year squat/sit-up/push-up challenge.  It's progressive, starting with 1 of each on 1/1 and ending with 365 of each on 12/31.  It probably won't start to suck until the end of March.  Then it's going to suck balls until the end of the year.  That said, if I don't have well defined arms, a six pack, and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of after all that?  I am clearly meant to be fluffy and will revert to eating my weight in cheesecake every Saturday night. 

So.  2013.  Here's what I've got so far.
Point Bock
Two Rivers 10-mile
Trailblazer half (possibly tied to Amy Z from Running is Cheaper than Therapy ?)
Oshkosh half (I always say I'm going to do this's on a day my calendar says "20")
Wisconsin half (with the Panty Raiders!  Woo! Falon, Kim, Rachel, Linda, Amy G, the aforementioned Amy Z, Kim N, Lisa, Jamie, Jen, Marcia (who's links I can't make work))
Hog Wild 10k
The Bellin Run
Ragnar Ontario
Grandma's Marathon

It's going to be a good spring.  Bring it on.