Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Funday

I got to sleep past 7am this morning. That's pretty fucking great. Since I was a big girl and did my laundry yesterday I didn't have much to do today besides eat and work out.

I did renew my license plates. Without fantastic husband nagging me. Not to brag, but they don't expire until tomorrow, so I was totally ahead of the game. I consider plate renewal a kind of sport. Much like speeding. It's me against the man, with only my wits and his laser gun. I dodge, I hide, I tap the break and coast to the speed limit. I look non-descript so you don't notice my 2 years expired out of state plates.  Last year I made it until June before renewing, and then only because I had to cross a few states for a wedding and didn't want to get stopped by some FIB with an out of state fetish. And I may also have some unpaid tolls and parking tickets in Illinois. Or not. Definitely not.

Anyway, I did the grown-up thing. I also paid the mortgage. Who's sexy now?

Breakfast was oats n' stuff. I mixed in some protein powder just to get a protein serving in.

Berries n' almonds. Stuff.

I cast on a beaded shawl. That shit is going to be some delicate, painstaking work. I have 4 months to complete it. That might be pushing it.

I ate.
Uh, some orange stuff.

I ate some more.

Do you want to eat the Mango?

I was feeling a little Blerchy.

We went to the Team WOD. I was working the pirate angle pretty hard.


The Team WOD was actually 4 WODs stacked one on top of the other. So, um, tiredmaking. Also hungrymaking. I was fucking ravenous by the time we got home. So I ate...again. 


I definitely earned a slutty cookie.

The dog? Did not.

I read a book and shot the breeze with fantastic husband, and then I went to yoga. It was a good flow tonight. Fast. Got my heart rate up and some really great deep stretching which I desperately needed. Then it was home for Paleo Pad Thai. 

This is my favorite favorite.

I missed a fruit serving, so I'm having a bowl of grapes. Then it's spawn washing time. I should probably shower myself. I'm pretty disgusting.

Crunch and delicious.

Early to bed so I can be up for the #fiveonefive, then a slow 6 with fantastic husband (provided the world isn't iced over in the morning) followed by hot core yoga.  I'm going to make use of the CF kids time by doing some squatting. It's an experiment. We'll see how it goes.

I was hungry for every meal and snack today (except the grapes, but it's kind of like dessert and who is every really hungry for dessert?) That's exciting stuff. My metabolism, it wakes. Look out.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

I'm Hungry!

I'm hungry! I'm hungry! I want to shout if from the rooftops! JFC, that sounds incredibly stupid, doesn't it. This is big news, though! I was actually hungry for my scheduled meal like 3 times today!

Since we were going to the box for the free WOD at 0815, I set my alarm for 0615 figuring I could get up and have a cup of coffee before the spawn awoke.  Nope. I had company telling me he loved me and coughing in my face at about 0550. He's cute and he give good hugs, though, so I let him stay. They all decided they wanted cereal, so I made them get dressed (it's always a fight if I wait until after breakfast) and went downstairs to get the sugar-whoozits out of the cabinet for them and start prepping my own meal.

I had the usual, and I actually wanted to eat it.

I was so hungry. This was perfect.

We made it to CFGB with a little time to spare, so I got to shoot the breeze for a while when I should've been foam rolling. I tried out my clearance lulu pants. These are supposed to make you feel "held in". They are seamless, high waisted, and have compressive panels that are supposed to support muscles at strategic points. The fabric is fairly thick, and they are bouncy as fuck. I'm totally going to wear these things for squatting, and I'm really glad I got 2 pairs on clearance when I did. They're all gone now, unfortunately. $118 pants marked down to $39. So much win.  Also size 8. Just had to throw that in there.

Thick enough not to discolor from sweat.
It's a concern.

So we did all the things, I did some GHDs, then I loaded up the kids and came home. As they have no sense of time, they started asking for lunch. It was 0930. WTF. 

I was sort of hungry at that point (CRAZY I KNOW!), but I wasn't in the mood to do much prep so I made a protein shake. I've tried to avoid turning to "medical food" as it were during this process, since convenience food can be such a shitty trap to fall into. Bars, pills, shakes, drinks...they have their uses, but I feel really strongly that extensive supplementation isn't necessary for a low-level athlete like myself. I'm trying to learn to eat for fuel through this process, and just switching from Luna bars to Larabars isn't really the point. 

Anyway, this is a chocolate protein powder-almond milk-sunbutter-oatmeal shake. It was delicious and filling. Before 10am. Because that's when it's appropriate to drink a big ol' chocolate shake. Try explaining this bad boy to small children. "No's not dessert...Mommy's in the window of gains"


I made lunch for the spawn and started in on my laundry. As I've mentioned before, I have a shitload of workout clothes. I haven't done laundry in about 2 weeks. That's a lot of scrubs and tech. I had three loads of sports bras and leggings and tank tops and scrubs. Good news is now all my favorite underpants are clean.
None of these things are underpants.

It wasn't until after 1pm that I was ready to start making lunch. Good news is I did want it. I spent a little time hacking apart a big filet of salmon from Costco and bagging 3-4 servings with lemon oil and seasonings. One bag in the fridge and 2 in the freezer. Should be good for a week or so. I hadn't had asparagus in a while, so I picked that up at Costco, too. Big pile here with some mango on the side. Baked in the toaster oven. I will never steam asparagus again. 


I didn't want my snack, but I ate it anyway.

Roasted red pepper hummus.

The kids spent a large portion of the afternoon tramping around in the snow, so with luck they'll be unconscious quickly when bedtime draws near.  They worked the dog out pretty well, not that you can tell with a psychotic Vizsla. She's out back right now barking at gods-know-what.

Dinner tonight was leftovers. Kielbasa, corn, and pears for the kids, sub snap peas and half a sweet potato for me. Easy to toss together, and they love these kielbasas. Clean plates, happy mommy.

Lazy, yes.

Now I'm just sitting around, waiting for fantastic husband to come home. I'm trying to slow my roll on The Expanse series. I'm almost done with book 4, and book 5 is the last one currently published. I'm not ready to say good-bye to Jim Holden et al yet. The problem with being a fast reader...books are over far too quickly. I've decided to take on a couple of big knitting projects this year. A large beaded shawl that I want to finish before we leave for our anniversary trip so I can wear it over a dress and feel fancy pants, and a monthly "knit-a-long" blanket with yarn from one of my favorite dyers. Each month I get a skein and part of the pattern. At the end of the year I'll have an afghan. My sock club isn't running this year as the designer is going on an extended trip, so this will be my substitute. I'm looking forward to it. 

Yes. I read and knit for fun. I'm pretty much 90. Get off my lawn.

In a couple of hours I'll have a snack. What I've come to think of as my dessert. I might actually be hungry for it, and that would be exciting.  


Tomorrow we'll take the fam back to the box for the Team WOD at noon. These have been fun the last few times, so I'm looking forward to it. Monday I even get to go to the #fiveonefive which is exciting for me because it's been weeks since I've seen my early morning people. Also I'll have the time to do a little squatting afterwards, and I have a slow 6 that needs to happen at some point during the day. Getting the WOD out of the way early frees up a lot of time later. 

Hmmm...if I shoehorn that run in around 8am I can make yoga at 10 and be done for the day before noon. Here's hoping the weather gods are with me so I don't have to do 6 at 11min/mile on the fucking treader.

There's still a lot of slutty cookies in the kitchen. Seems like I may earn one tomorrow.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Defying the Laws of Physics

My celebrity crush, Neil deGrasse Tyson, was on The Nightly Show Wednesday night. He was refuting a rapper's assertion that the Earth is flat. It was epic. I would be totally fine with NdGT showing up at my house to talk science to me with his biceps and his swag. I could give a shit that he's 57 years old. Dude has game. 
Mic. Drop.

Maybe he'd be able to explain my results from the last two weeks, because I am in (happy, ecstatic) disbelief.

Today was my first follow up with Kirk the Nutrition Guy. The pre-appointment stuff is the same, as we'll do a BIA (bioimpedence analysis) at every visit. No exercise for 12 hours prior. Fasting for 4 hours. No caffeine on day of appointment. No alcohol for 24 hours prior.

Basically I showed up hungry and uncaffeinated. I'm not so pretty in that state. I was wearing leggings as pants, however.


I did stop on the way for a large dark roast. I couldn't drink it until after the BIA, but that just meant it was the perfect drinking temp. Nutrition Guy laughed at me. By the time we were all finished with the metrics I was thinking lustful thoughts about this coffee.

My precioussssss.

So how did I do? Well, my weight was essentially the same (up 0.4lbs), and my measurements were basically the same. Even after spending 2 weeks eating damn near twice what I normally do, no change in weight. My BMI was slightly higher as a result of the slightly higher weight. These two things should now prove to you that BMI and weight are stupid numbers that don't tell you anything like the whole story.

Here's the exciting bit. My total body water was up, a good thing as it means my hydration status is better. The balance from extracellular to intracellular is shifting, and that's good. Extracellular water is what makes you feel puffy, intracellular is what makes your cells work at peak efficiency. Nutrition Guy says as this process completes and my body starts to operate at peak hydration, my measurements will change.  More exciting? My body fat percentage dropped by 2%. TWO PERCENT in TWO WEEKS. Partially because I am a higher percentage water and partially because I also GAINED 1.3 POUNDS OF MUSCLE. In TWO WEEKS!  Holy. Shit. This is proof positive that I was previously underfed. My poor little muscles just glommed on to all these new calories and went fucking bonkers on them. So in spite of the scale changing NOT AT ALL, my body composition changed just two fucking weeks of solid, consistent nutrition. 

The diet industry lies. It is absolutely not all about slashing calories. Nutrition Guy asked how I felt about my weight, and I reiterated that I don't give a fuck about the number on the scale. I was so happy with my numbers today. I told him about the food baby issue and feeling like I was force feeding myself, and that I felt like it was resolving slowly. I'm given to understand that this response is normal. I stuck to my servings and my food list (sounds funny to say that, it's the same shit I always ate except now I don't eat bananas) 95% of the time and the results were so phenomenal that my motivation is extremely high to continue. I also really want to lift all the things. Because in conjunction with all this food, that shit is working. 

We spent some time discussing the timing of meals in relationship to workouts, and it turns out that I've been doing the preparatory eating like a boss but sort of neglecting the recovery eating. That will be my focus during this next time frame.

My next appointment is in 2 weeks. All my workouts are planned, and I'm ready to kick ass and take names. The scale and the BMI chart can go fuck themselves. I am on fire. 

By the time I got home I was ravenous. So I made some brunch. 

Eggs with veg, toast with sunbutter, and berries.

I ate it all and it wasn't hard. Hooray for progress. I did a little reading and then headed out for hot yoga, which was bloody perfect on this cold day. My legs are still fucked from 200 wallballs a few days ago, and I realized that when I miss a few yoga days my balance goes all to shit. Stupid vomiting sickness making me miss 3 days in the studio. I've got all my classes scheduled through February, though. On task and moving forward.

After yoga I went over to Dick's to look for some gloves. I always manage to tear my damn hands open at the box. Either doing pull-ups or snatching. And when I snatch I tear the webbing of my thumb and it hurts like a bitch. So I'm going to give these a try for high rep workouts. Wish me luck.

Please. Save my hands.

Once I made it home I had a snack. Bad thing about not starting to eat until 11am is the rest of the day gets sort of compressed. So much to eat! So little time! Then I did some weighted hip thrusts at 125# and some shoulder work to failure. It was...ouchy.

I didn't eat all this hummus, just about 1/4c of it.

I retrieved the spawn from school and got everyone home in record time. My plan was to take them out for supper. Mostly because I didn't feel like doing any more goddamn dishes. I ran the dishwasher 3 times yesterday, packed full. I already did one cycle today and the thought of unloading and reloading it again made me homicidal, so I decided to take the easy way out.

Going out means bathing and dressing in people clothes. Bummer. My stupid hair has officially reached "fuck it" length.  This is my "fuck it" clip.

It's small. I have thin hair.

This is my "fuck it" hair. It's pretty much how I looked 90% of my college career. 

Photographed in front of my "fuck it" bed and my "fuck it" nightstand.

So I loaded up the kids and took them to Mackinaw's. Which was packed to the rafters at quarter to fucking 5. We waited for 20 minutes for a table, and right as we ordered I realized that Golrusk, where the dogger was at Fun Camp, closes at 6pm on Fridays. Fuuuuuuuuccccckkkk. We got very lucky with our server, who was totally cool when I panicked in her face about being on a timetable. Food came out super fast, kids ate on a mission, she rang us up immediately, and we were out the door at 5:40. I tipped her handsomely as I remember waiting tables and if you go above and beyond, I will make sure you know I appreciate it.  We made it to Golrusk with about 8 minutes to spare. Whew.

The boys had a field trip today. They told me about it in animated fashion while we waited for dinner.

It was a puppet show. They demo-ed it for me.

Oh, here's what I had for dinner. Bison burger, sweet potato fries (I ate half of them), and veg. Always veg. Veg and veg and more veg.

Consumed in record time.

After my evening snack I will have gotten all my boxes today except one legume. Minor.  


I'm really excited to see what the next 2 weeks brings. The fact that I have these little check-ups is very motivating. Also motivating is the repeat lab work at the end of all this. I love that shit. I've always thought of myself as an experiment of one, and I so enjoy seeing the things I do daily reflected in hard data. 

Tomorrow I'll be hitting up the community WOD and probably getting a few miles on the treader. Fantastic husband is still conferencing, so I won't have the opportunity to get outside. February is more base building with a few pace workouts thrown in on my weekend long runs. I'll be shifting into the 6-9 mile zone for my daily runs, with another time trial in a couple of weeks. Weirdly, my during-the-week runs will be at an 11min/mile pace. I've spent such a long time shifting out of that zone, it feels counterintuitive to slow down. But it also felt counterintuitive to eat everything that's not nailed down, and that turned out pretty fucking great. 

Trust the process. It's my fucking mantra. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Two Weeks

Two weeks. That's how long I've been at this now. It's gotten a little easier. Still not easy most days, but it's not as uncomfortable as it was initially. And praise cheeses for that little blessing, because if I still felt the way I did 5 days ago? Yeah. I'd be preparing to start an epic slap fight with Kirk the nutrition guy. If I could have caught him, and considering I was a barge it probably wouldn't have worked out.

Fantastic husband is at a conference through Saturday and he left early this morning, so I'm flying solo with the spawn. Not long after he left this morning, C wandered down the hall and crawled into bed with me. I was laying on my side and he scooted up behind me and threw his arm and leg over me. It was cute as hell. Until he sneezed into my hair. Less cute.  A short while later P also found his way into my bed. I just heard a tiny voice say "Mommy? Can I cuddle with you, too?", and he crawled up on the other side. So instead of starting my morning with 60 minutes of bitching, I got to start it with 20 minutes of perfectly adorable...followed by 60 minutes of bitching. I'll take it.

I made breakfast, made lunches, and scuttled everyone out the door. Then I came home and made myself breakfast and organized my day. I was out of mushrooms, which is tragic, and had more than a handful of spinach left that was about to go over. So I said fuck it and just cooked all the remaining spinach with my eggs. Also sweet potato and berries. And coffee. Always coffee. I told nutrition guy that I'd limit myself to 2 cups per day, and I've been doing pretty well with that. The only time I deviated was when I was up for 30 hours. Now that I think about it, it still may have only been 2 cups in a 24 hour period.

I'm like motherfucking Popeye up in here.

Today's WOD was high(ish) burpee box jumps, muscle ups (which I can't do and have no desire to do so I do progressions), and a heavy clean and jerk.  Heavy is relative, of course, but I loaded up 95# which seemed safe. One of the coaches told me to up it by five for an even hundred "because it's cooler". So I said I'd give it a go. It actually went okay. I didn't shin myself and I had a couple of really good lifts. We also did some hollow rocks/superman holds and I worked on my handstand for a bit. I actually hit it pretty well a couple of times. I'm proud of myself. 

Unrelated except that I wore the shirt to CF yesterday-fantastic husband got me this shirt. It's super comfy and I think it's funny. He apparently showed this picture to a co-worker who didn't believe that I was his wife. Not sure what that means, but the story amused me. 

My arms look massive. They're really not that big, I swear.

I ran a bunch of adulty errands, including going to Costco for the eightieth time this month. You know what you have to buy when you eat a lot of food? A LOT OF FUCKING FOOD. I swear I've eaten about 100 peppers and 50 pounds of broccoli over the last 2 weeks. Also like $200 worth of out of season fruit. Oh well. It's all for the best. Why get paid a lot if you're not going to live well?

After I unloaded everything I made myself some lunch.

Chicken, chickpeas, and cucumber. Basic.

Then I did a little prep work for some schmancy Paleo baking. Then I picked up the kids from school and did the whole snack-homework-dinner prep dance.  I had a snack. Ezekiel toast with sunbutter and coffee with heavy cream.

That's right. Heavy cream. Gotta get all my calories, bitches.

Then shortly thereafter I had another snack. 

Get off me. You know how many boxes I gotta check?
A lot.

When we got home from school, my Paleo Samoas were on the oven cooling and waiting for their chocolate coating. Every single child, in succession, completely ignoring the answer I gave the previous child "Wow, those smell good! Who are they for?".  The answer I gave each child? "Not for you!" It's not that I'm averse to giving my children cookies, or that I don't want to share. It's that none of them will eat coconut, and I was damned if I was going to give them a (time consuming! expensive!) cookie only for them to nibble it and decide that they don't like coconut and/or dark chocolate. Invariably they've ruined whatever they're eating in the process of deciding they hate it, and since this recipe only makes 12-18 cookies (I got 18)? I'm not taking that chance.

Gods, these are incredible. Coconut cookie, caramel, toasted coconut, and chocolate. Sexy. I only ate 1, but one makes a lonely picture.

Samoas are the sluttiest cookie. #fact

I made dinner. If you're gonna be basic, be really basic. I totally had to force feed myself this dinner. I said it was getting easiER. Still working on it.

Chicken twice in a day. Ugh.

Later I will finish checking boxes with my standard yogurt-berries-and-chia-seeds.

Stock photo.

I got an odd letter the other day. It was from my Grandma's neighbor. Apparently she found some old pictures of me and thought I might like to have them.  It's throwback Thursday, so what the hell. July 1982, shortly before my 5th birthday (that's right, I was born in the 70s. Laugh it up, assholes). I think my aunt might have made this dress. Wasn't I an adorable child?

This is P's face. It's uncanny.

In other random "who cares" news: I sized down in Lululemon today. I ordered 3 pairs of pants, size 8, and not only do they fit but in one style I think I might need a 6.

Fuck me, I'm in single digits.

You know those crazy weight loss stories where the before photo is some chick who weighs like 400 pounds (or on TBL or whatever) and they show you the after picture and every goddamn one of them is all "OH EM GEE, now I'm a SIZE SIX!" and you think to yourself "Ain't no bloody way in fucking hell that bitch is a six."  No? Just me? Anyway, I find myself figuring that she must own like ONE THING that is a size 6, so she just tells everyone that that's the size she wears. It's not exactly a lie.

Well I have FOUR things in a size 8 (I also got a running dress) that fit. Therefore I am a size 8. And tomorrow I'm gonna wear the shit out of some size 8 leggings as PANTS. Because leggings are totally pants. 

Nevermind my favorite jeans are a 12. Details, details.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Trusting the Process

I will trust the process. I will trust the process. I will trust the process. I will trust the process. I will trust the process. I WILL TRUST THE PROCESS I WILL TRUST THE PROCESS.

Struggle bus, ticket for one to self-pity-town, please.

Fantastic husband was at work today, so he was up early and out the door. I woke up the spawn and spent 15 minutes convincing C that he could in fact wear size 6 pants even though he is only 5 years old. He then spent the remainder of the morning complaining about said pants. Sigh.

I made myself a bowl of oatmeal and decided I didn't want to eat it. Most mornings I wake up hungry, but not so much today. I decided that I just needed to szhuszh up my breakfast to get my tastebuds excited. So I took my cooked oatmeal, mixed in an egg, a little cinnamon, vanilla, and stevia, 1/4tsp of baking powder and made oatmeal pancakes. Shockingly this worked. Fuck me, I'm a cook.

Instead of maple syrup or honey (neither of which I'm currently allowed) I smeared on some Sunbutter and dropped a handful of berries on top for color.


The smelled great cooking, like pan cookies. And they tasted good, decent texture. I might soak the oats overnight in some almond milk next time vs. cooking in water, but I can't complain for an extemporaneous recipe. I still wasn't too excited about eating them. What's wrong with me? 

Instead of Barre class today I went to the box. It was a lunges/DL/squats workout and I need to do lunges. My left leg was a weak-ass bitch and I had to drop from 75# to 65# after the first round when I couldn't get up off the floor on that side. One of these days I'll actually work on that side. But I probably won't. After the workout I worked on handstands for a while. I actually hit one for real pretty early on. I did a few kicking up yoga style into "L" legs as well. It's coming along. 

I took a convenience snack to the gym. First time I've eaten any kind of "bar" on this deal. I'm supposed to avoid dried fruit. 

The dog wants the cheese.

When I got home I figured I'd make my lunch and then try to nap as I'm back to work tonight. I wasn't feeling terribly ambitious so I just tossed a bunch of stuff in a pan and called it good. Mushrooms, peppers, red onion, spinach, sausage, eggs, and black olives. 

So much goddamn food.

I tried to sleep, but mostly ended up reading. I maybe got an hour's nap, which doesn't bode terribly well for tonight...especially since I'm supposed to be cutting down my coffee consumption. I do have to eat like 3 times during my shift, so maybe that will keep me awake. Here's hoping for a nice steady night. 

After my failed nap I got up and had a snack. Of course.

Carrots and hummus.

I read some more and finished a mitten, then took a nice long shower. Since I have to work I tried to look like a competent adult.  My hair sucks and I want it to magically grow another 4-6 inches ASAP or alternately disappear and change color. I've never been able to style my own hair. Right now it's too short for a bun (not that I know how to make one) and just long enough to get stuck inside my damn collar constantly. If I wear a ponytail all the time it breaks off. I'd braid it, but it's not long enough for a regular braid and I can't French braid my own hair. Never could. I'm 38 years old and I can't do hair. There has to be some kind of remedial class I could take. Maybe I need to find an 8 year old to teach me. Not my 8 year old, she can't even figure out how to drag a comb through the back of her hair. (Not to brag, but I've got that on lockdown). 
Stupid fucking hair.

After retrieving the smalls from daycare, I put together some leftover pizza piles for supper. They looooooove this. So easy, just noodles as a base (I used spaghetti squash for myself), a little pizza sauce, pizza toppings, cheese, etc. They gobble it up.

This is like 2 cups of veg disguised as pizza.

Post-supper is homework time, and miraculously everyone finished before 6:30. Now they watch cartoons and I fold laundry. It's a high speed life I lead. First I have to eat this. No chia seeds tonight. I blew my nuts and seeds wad (see what I did there) with the pancakes and Larabar earlier. I don't want to eat it.


So after a week of eating this way, checking all the boxes, how do I feel?  I'll tell you. I feel crappy. I feel wide and fat and sluggish and slow. I feel tired and bloated and uncomfortable. I eat and I feel full to the point of illness 80% of the time. I'm not hungry the next time I'm supposed to eat. I eat anyway because I said I would and then I feel full and uncomfortable again. I don't want to work out because I feel so full and uncomfortable and all my clothes feel tight in the waist. I need to do my postponed time trial sometime in the next 3 days and I'm terrified I won't be able to move as fast as I need to without getting a terrible side stitch of barfing my guts up all over Bay Settlement Rd. Every time I feel like maybe I'm turning a corner, I have to eat again and go right back to feeling cruddy. In the back of my mind the little voice that hates me whispers "you're going to get soooo faaaaat. fatty fat fat. see how your pants already don't fit? faaaat fat fat. slow and fat, that's you, fatty." It's getting louder every day I feel this way. Academically I know that's stupid, but it's still there.

Eating good food is supposed to make you feel good, right? Energetic? Well, I don't. None of this stuff is new. It's all stuff I ate before (well, not the least not every day), I'm just eating it in much larger quantities. It's not like my digestive system should be surprised by anything I'm putting in it. So why do I feel this way? I have another week before I see the nutritionist again, and I'm going to stick to the program and trust the motherfucking process. 

This has to get easier, right? At some point I'm going to want all this food? I'll feel bouncy again and not like I just want to sleep all the time? What am I going to do next week if the nutritionist tells me to eat even more?

Wow. That sounds really whiny. I'm even annoying myself. Sorry. 

I'll just going to go stuff myself full of yogurt and berries and shut up now...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Checkin' Boxes, Makin' Gains

I woke up this morning feeling pretty damn great. I slept a ton yesterday (thanks, Percocet!) and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to "resume normal activities". The boy children were already awake and involved in some kind of game in their room, the girl child was still zonked out as usual.

Fantastic husband started the morning with romance. "Do you want to make breakfast, or lunches?" he whispered in my ear. Lunches. Duh. Lunches don't involve any actual cooking, just assembly line style construction. Easy peasy. He made eggs for the hungry vultures and they ate them with minimal complaint. Aside from C whining "You know, I found out that I really don't like butter on my toast...". There's always something.

I opted to have my grain serving for breakfast. Oats and blueberries and almonds.

It ain't muffins, that's for damn sure.

Then fantastic husband was off to training and the kids were off to school. I had an hour to read my book and drink coffee, then it was making a snack and hauling the dogger to Fun Camp for the day.  I sliced up a red pepper and grabbed a couple of cheese sticks and a FitAID and hopped in the car.  Surprisingly, I was actually hungry for my snack this morning. Huzzah!


I'd take bets that I was the only person eating red pepper strips on the highway at 9am. Just a hunch. 

The WOD today was "Jackie" and involves rowing, thrusters, and pull-ups. I actually rowed pretty well today, and the thrusters were as okay as thrusters can be...they're light in this workout at only 45#. There's 50 of them, but they're light. Pull-ups took 2 red bands today, and I was doing singles at the end on fried shoulders. I stayed after for some jerk practice, GHDs, and handstand practice. I got a few freestanding, which was a good feeling. I was there long enough to say Hi-and-Bye to fantastic husband, then headed home to make myself a gigantic lunch. Eating more mid-day worked out great today.  Double salmon, a whole sweet potato, and a cup of snap peas. I was really full afterwards, but I didn't feel ill.


My training plan called for 3 miles at 10:30 today. By rights I should've run outside as the weather was favorable, but there were two negatives to that.  1. I would've had to change my clothes. 2. One of the after effects of ablation is frequent urination.  I didn't want to get 1.5 miles from home and have to pee, so I made use of Torvald the Treader and watched last night's episode of The Daily Show. Trevor Noah makes 3 miles fly by with his dimpled self.

So pretty.

Life ticked endlessly forward...the smalls came home from school, then had a snack. So did I. Spicy avocado hummus from Costco and another pepper. This hummus was really good, for all it's a shitty color.

Seriously, like baby poo.

Fantastic husband took the spawn to the box for CF Kids. They were total assholes by report. Figures. Oh well, the coach today has a newborn at home...this was like a shitty look into the future. We like to keep it real. While they did that I visited a friend in the hospital and shot the breeze for a bit before picking up the animal at daycare.  She was psychotic as always, but seems pretty tired now.

How is this comfortable?

Since I ate all my required vegetable servings but missed a legume, I had a black bean cheddar burger for supper. I'm allowed as much veg as I can hold, but I wasn't all that hungry at supper time and I was a little pressed for time. Not really in the mood to force feed myself broccoli.


After dinner I hustled down to DePere for hot yoga. I mean, they said I could resume normal activities. Parking is always a bitch on Wednesday nights, so I hustled in under the wire and was lucky to squeeze into the back corner (thanks, Liz!). I don't know what was up today, but I was sweating bullets. Way more than usual. I like Wednesday night yoga. It's the perfect mid-week pick-me-up (or slow-me-down) depending on the week. 

Still had a couple of boxes to check when I got home, so I made myself a snack. Blackberries, greek yogurt, and chia seeds.


So this fantastic food journey for the last week or so has left me constantly gestating a food baby. For real. I feel like I'm 5 months pregnant with...I don't a watermelon or something. Observe.

Food. Baby.

It's seriously getting on my nerves. I feel as though my food baby needs a name. Lars? Holden? I feel like the food baby is definitely a boy. On the plus side, if I actually were pregnant I'd be looking super cute.  But I'm not pregnant. I'll never be pregnant again (see previous sterilization and recent uterus burning). 

Tomorrow it's back to the salt mine for a 6 day stretch. We'll see how the feeding goes when it's on a 24 hour clock. I'm optimistic. 

Now back to my regular scheduled force feeding.