Monday, March 30, 2015

Blogging 2015: 297 down, 1718 to go

I woke up today already anxious about stupid 15.5. It is fantastic husband's workday, so I got the kids up and dressed and made breakfast for the little demons.  "Why do we have to get dreeeessssssed?" "Why do we have to have eeeeeegggggsssss?"

I made myself a smoothie. Nothing fancy. Almond milk, frozen strawberries, protein powder and a little vanilla.  Shakey.

It made 2 glasses. I drank them both.

After breakfast it was time to walk the girl child to school and the testosto-spawn to daycare so I could go flog myself in the gym without little people underfoot.  It was a relatively nice morning, so I took the long way home from daycare while I talked myself down off a ledge. When I got home I powered down some water and decided I should probably put some substantial calories in my guts before attempting this workout. I have a tendency to brown out if I don't eat before I workout and this WOD has no timecap so if I passed out before I finished I got a bit fat zero.  Leftover crockpot chicken, broccoli, and half a sweet potato.

Second breakfast.

So I went in and warmed up and had a small panic attack.  The workout itself sucked balls. I did it, I finished, and I beat my goal time by a wide margin (I wanted under 30 minutes, I finished in 23:33). I am not fast, I'm probably one of the slowest in the world (again), but I finished. I was questioning my life choices, however. I also totally cried.  It didn't happen until I was laying on the ground taking great heaving breaths afterward, but I totally did.  I could feel it coming and I couldn't stop it.  My WOD partner (Amanda Zeamer) said "She never cries." My fucking coach replied "Really? She cries every year during the Open." Which is true, but I don't need it pointed out. This was the only time I cried this year. Last year I cried like 3 times, on one occasion through an entire workout.  So the Open is in the books and I didn't die.

After the WOD I tried glutamine powder for the first time. It tastes like burning. If I'm going to use it in the future I need to mix it with something other than water.  Yucky.

So I hung around for a bit and then headed over to Jenstar for lunch hour yoga. I stopped at Starbucks and treated myself to a $1.75 coffee.  It's the first time I purchased anything for myself this month. Not bad.

Black coffee as treat. That's fucked up.

We did some good stretching and breathing. You know how you know you worked your hardest? When holding your arms over your head is an effort. Crescent pose was killing me. Forget chair. Hands to heart center, bitches. I did a few shaky ass chaturangas, but plenty of straight-to-down-dog action as well.  I did feel lots better after this, and I know the hip openers are going to help a lot.

Then I went home and crammed this into my face because I was so empty I felt slightly ill. Leftover salmon, quinoa/rice blend, and asparagus. They say hunger is the best sauce, but I swear it tasted even better today.

Why is there not more of you?!?

After lunch I hitched up the dog and went out for 5. It was more walk than run, but it was such a beautiful day I couldn't not go.  This was a happy doggy. She pointed at birds, sniffed the grass, and pranced her little backside all over the neighborhood.
What is this "done" you speak of?

I picked the kids up from school, got them a snack, girl child finished her homework, and we were off to CrossFit Kids. I thought about going for a walk while they were there, but I opted to stay and watch. I did a few pushups with Pat and cheered for them as they ran laps.  Oh, I also ate some tuna with cucumber and tomato that I forgot to photograph. The girl child had fun and afterwards informed me that she was running "just like a Unicorn". I agreed that she was very much like a Unicorn. She then added "without the horn." Probably for the best. The girl child isn't very coordinated. Had she a horn there would be many impaled children about.  Once again they bitched and cried when it was time to leave and stated that they didn't have any fun at all because they didn't get to stay after. I can't win.

So we made it home, I cobbled together some supper for the whining masses, then made a pile of whatever for myself. Leftover sweet potato fried in coconut oil, egg whites with cajun seasoning, tomatoes, salsa, and avocado. It was a pretty good random mess, I must say.

I ate it shockingly quickly.

I have my snack made up for later.  The other day I went to Costco with my list. On it I had written "apples and/or pears". As I was walking through the produce section I saw-I shit you not- APPLE PEARS. So of course I had to buy them. I mean, I pretty much made them happen with my mind. They're pretty much a 50/50. Skin like a pear, crispier like an apple, blended flavor. 

Also some almond butter.

So there you have it. Today flew by. I can't believe it's almost 7. I'm fairly certain I'll be turning in early tonight as fresh air makes me sleepy. Because I am 5, apparently. I should probably shower, as I didn't do that today. The boys have a well child appointment in the morning and I don't want to smell.  I'm curious to see how big they've gotten this past year.  I want to say we made it the whole year without a single visit to a physician. They should get an award or something, like perfect attendance at school.

Ok. Snack time. I swear I've eaten all the things today. But they were all good things, so I'm down. I also might lay on the floor. Of course then I'd have to get back up.

Maybe I'll just stand. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blogging 2015: Same as yesterday down, same to go.

Nope, I didn't run today.  It was sleeting and shitty and I didn't want to. I am failure personified. Also I had a Wildtree party to get ready for and I needed to shower and shit.

After my last two days of overindulging, it was time to get back on the wagon today. Tomorrow is a workout that's probably going to make me cry and I figured that eating well and getting a good night's sleep tonight would be good preparation.

Breakfast was oats. I had some coffee today, but not until later and mostly because it was cold and dreary and that makes me want hot beverages. This is 1/2c oats cooked with water, almond butter and a half scoop of protein powder.  I added some cinnamon and nutmeg. Hit the spot on this wintry day. I love oats. They are deeply comforting.  I can't eat them before a hard effort, though, because my blood sugar crashes hard.

And some water, because I'm shit at hydration when I'm at home.

I ran an errand this morning prior to the party. Just to Target to get another bottle of dandruff shampoo (full disclosure, bitches) and some seltzer water. I thought it was just raining, but noooooooo. Ice pellets from the heavens. Yuck.  When I got home I had a snack. You know, I love grapefruit. If you get a really good ruby red they are just fucking delightful. I don't buy them very often and I really don't know why. Every time I eat one I think to myself "This is fucking delightful. I love grapefruit."  Maybe it's because they look kind of dismal in the summer and fall. It's the midwinter California grapefruit that are the most perfect. I got a huge bag of these babies. OMNOMNOMNOMNOM.  Also please to notice the two perfectly peeled HBE. I win. 

Fucking delightful.

 I set up for the party, poised to offload the remainder of the leftover fruit from the party on Saturday. It was handily consumed. Thanks party-goers!  I also made popcorn with Wildtree coconut oil and cheese powder. I am an innovative salesperson. Or I just like cheese popcorn. You decide.  Here is the spread, and basically what I had for lunch. Some fruit, some popcorn, carrots and different dips, a few pieces of bread with oil. How incredible is bread with oil? Especially infused oil? I might as well just duct tape that shit to my thighs, but cheese and rice it's delicious.  I got some lemon oil to use on my fishy fish and some butter flavored oil for the popping of popcorn. Tasty. 
Shut up. All that shit's organic. Even the booze. Especially the booze.

So once everything was settled up and cleared away, it was time to start prepping dinner.  Fantastic husband took all three smalls to an arena football game this afternoon. He is a brave soul. The kids had chicken and cheese burritos, some veg, and some fruit. I made one of my workshop meals-Lemon Rosemary Salmon. I also roasted some asparagus and heated up some quinoa/brown rice blend. This was a very satisfying meal, and the fish was pretty damn tasty with the lemon rosemary seasoning. 

Behold the food groups.

The weather has been cold and crappy, so last night I decided to give myself a spring manicure to cheer myself up. Then it sleeted today. Fuck you, Mother Nature.  It's at home shellac. We'll see if it stands up to 15.5 tomorrow.

Fantastic husband calls this the "hand job pose"

So the week begins again, the kids are back in school, and I'm back on track and in the gym. I am kind of terrified of this WOD tomorrow. Last year's thrusters/burpees workout left me with fucking PTSD. I'm trying to psych myself up for it, tell myself that it's only 30ish minutes of pain (hopefully less) for a lifetime's satisfaction of knowing I did it. It's kind of working?  After it's over I'm going to lunchtime yoga so I can stretch out right away and hopefully not lock up like a goddamn statue over the following 48 hours.  

At the moment it's time to wash the spawn and cut their nasty dirty talons. Then they're off to bed and I won't be too far behind. Early to bed, early to rise...

If 15.5 kills me, remember me fondly. All 6 of you. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blogging 2015: 290 down, 1725 to go

My miles have been a little haphazard these last couple of weeks. I'm getting them, but it's more like 2 miles with the dog and 3 on the treader or 5 on the road and 1 with the dog. Oh well. Miles is miles.

This last week was Spring Break at our local school so the kids were off all week with basically nothing to do. I was working through Wednesday, so when the P&C Cuteness Factory turned 5 it was on their Dad to occupy them in the morning while I slept. He took them to see the Spongebob Movie. I am beyond grateful for both the sleep and not having to see the Spongebob Movie.  Yick.

Now that the boys are 5, then can go to CrossFit Kids. This might not seem like a big deal to you or me, but they've been begging to go to the gym for months. I guess when you're 5, swinging from rings, climbing ropes, doing pullups, and burpees look like ZOMGBESTDAYEVER. So we went with all 3 kids and they loved it. Holy shit they drank the CrossFit Kool-Aid and drank deep.  Even the girl child liked it, and she has a tendency to give up when shit gets hard.  With luck, the program will not only help keep them moving but will also bolster their self-confidence. I know it's bolstered mine.

Thursday was my transition day and I mostly focused on making sure no one died by my hand. I took the smalls to the gym for mobility day and tried not to fall asleep behind the wheel. I made them lunch and then foolishly thought I might be able to grab a nap. When will I learn? Children are happy to nap when you don't care if they do, but if you're desperate to lie down or have something pressing to do? Fucking forget it.

I spent all day yesterday cleaning the house in preparation for a WildTree party on Sunday and baking birthday cakes (and doing laundry, cooking, keeping children from murdering each know, mom stuff). I was working non-stop from 7am until 8pm. But, everything got done, the kids got washed, and I went to bed early on my freshly washed sheets.

Here are the results of my labor.

Betty Crocker. Spent about $6 on cake and frosting. Total.

My "lazy mom" trick for cake decorating is just to purchase small toys that the kids would like to play with and use them on the top. The kids think this is fucking brilliant and it takes me no time at all, plus they get an extra toy. C chose an Ironman themed cake.  Ironman came with this "blaster" accessory.  Right. It's a blaster. I totally see that.
Don't fuck with Ironman. Just fuck with his weird penis arm.

Captain America came with a shield and some sort of anti-aircraft missile launcher dealie-bob. I wasn't going to include Ironman's Green Armpenis of Doom, so I didn't use Cpt. America's gun. P wanted to know why no gun, so fantastic husband told him that guns make frosting taste bad. #science

The party was a roaring success.  We took them to Kidz Town for 2 hours of imaginative play, face painting, and balloon animals. There were about 20 kids and I think they all had a great time.  Batman even made an appearance. P looks suspicious. I think the beard might've given him away.  C pointed and shouted "You're a fake!" at one point, because I raised some polite fucking children.
P is all "I'm equally Batman."

Now we're home again and all the presents have been unpacked and unpackaged. They got so much fun stuff, and we are super grateful to everyone that brought something for our little monsters.

I'm not going to share any photos of what I ate the last few days, mostly because I don't have any, but I can sum it up.
Leftover chicken
Root Beer
Beer Beer
Ice Cream

So yeah. Not exemplary, but whatever.  I weighed in on Thursday for my employer's healthy weight credit on our insurance.  I made it with a BMI of 25.4.  My bodyfat percentage is down around 26% which is an improvement from the 30 or 31% I was at a year or so ago even though my weight hasn't changed much. I feel like that's a win.

Being off the wagon has given me a headache. Tomorrow is a new day, and every new day is an opportunity to improve.
My feet are killing me, brah. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blogging 2015: 278 down, 1737 to go

My work week is starting out with a bang.  Or maybe a *hork* as P is barfing.  I feel bad for the kid. Today was birthday snack day at school (next week is Spring break on their actual birthday) and C got to go and get a birthday crown and the whole class singing Happy Birthday to him.

I'm not a sympathetic barfer (well, not since having kids) but cleaning up chunky puke still causes the bile to rise in the back of my throat.  We have several hospital basins that live in various parts of the house and if anyone feels pukey there is a mandatory bucket carrying policy.  P violated that when he got up to go to the bathroom without it. I threw away all the clothes he was wearing and the towel I used to clean up.  *hork* 

Today started uneventfully.  P landed in my bed during the night and I woke up to him holding my hand, which was sweet. He snores.  Early in the morning C joined us. He's a good snuggler when he wants to be as he's a little spider monkey.  He can wiggle into small places and odd shapes and I often wake to him pressing his little face against mine. I can't believe these two are about to be 5 years old. Seems like yesterday I was a 247lb sub-continent with intractable heartburn and a serious Slurpee addiction.

I considered going to the box for mobility this morning, but since I didn't get to run yesterday I figured I'd take the opportunity to get a mid-distance run in. I ate a fairly sizeable breakfast in anticipation of this.

Food groupy.

Fantastic husband took the boys to the Y for bounce house day and I went out for 10k. The temperature was close to ideal at around 40 degrees, but the wind was high. I had a couple of moments of "Why? Why meeeeee? Why nooooowwwww?" but overall it was a nice run and I kept up a decent pace throughout.

I love this orange shirt. It's so soft.

I made lunch for the kids, P vomited, and that was that for the day.  Housebound. Good thing I ran early. I had leftover cilantro chicken and rice for lunch. Nice and carby.

We used to make this all the time when the kids were little.

So for the rest of the afternoon I waited for a small child to barf. Parenting is so exciting. Once the other kids were home from school I did try to grab a nap. I managed a couple of hours.  I stayed up late last night in anticipation of napping this afternoon for 4+ hours. Best laid plans. I do feel bad for the dog as she's cooped up a lot when the kids are barfing for two reasons: 1. She's super bouncy and the last thing a barfy kid needs is to get bounced on and 2. I don't want her to eat the vomit.  Fantastic husband took her for a long walk earlier and they are walking again so she gets some exercise.

Dinner tonight was crispy noodles and chicken/veggie stir fry.  Want to cut down your stir fry prep time? Buy the frozen stir fry mix from Costco. It's got everything.

The kids were slightly confused by the crispy noodles.

P had some noodles and applesauce and it's remained down so far. He's lounging on the couch with his bucket. If this illness runs the usual course he'll be sick until bedtime, will pass out cold, and will wake up feeling hungry and totally normal.  Fingers crossed.  Fingers crossed the rest of them don't get it (or me...cheese and rice I can't get this) because barfing kids during my work week is NOT COOL. 

I was feeling dessert tonight, so I went for a Chobani Flip.  It was tasty.  I'm not going to get anymore sleep before work tonight, so here's hoping there's enough going on to keep me up and moving around.

Coconut, almond, and chocolate.

I'm planning to hit happy hour yoga tomorrow (barring anymore barfing babies). Saturday is going to be an awake day, and Sunday I have to hit up CF to do 15.4 (which will be announced in about 20 minutes). That's going to be a disaster. Random side note, I had a handstand breakthrough at yoga on Wednesday. The instructor had me adjust my gaze from out to straight down and voila I was able to hold a freestanding handstand twice as long instantaneously. It was pretty cool. I gave her a high five.

Well, my lunch is packed and my scrubs are clean. All I need is a hot shower and I'll be as ready as I can be to head back into the salt mine. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Blogging 2015: 270 down, 1745 to go

I am getting sick.  I first felt it on Friday night, that slight ache in the back of the throat that means some viral bully is lurking there.  Then Saturday I got a giant fucking cold sore on my bottom lip (where they always surface, herpetic bastards). It itches so bad right now I want to tear my face off.  Then after my 1.2 mile run at CF this morning I had the telltale ache in my ears.  The kids have been snuffling for the last few days, so I suppose it was inevitable, but it's still irritating.  Now, nothing may come of it.  Often I get the warning signs and then it just goes away, but I'm drinking a shitload of water and tea anyway.  Hydrated is healthy.

The DOMS was strong this morning.  The red dog woke me up at 4:30 with the urgent need to pee, so I got a taste of what was in store bright (dark?) and early.  Creaky doesn't begin to describe my physical state this morning.  I got up for real at 6:20 to start on breakfast and cold lunch for the smalls. My breakfast consisted of a strong cup of coffee with a little chocolate almond milk mixed in and some oats with PB2 and a swirl of honey.

I also ate a banana on the way to the box. It was...bananay.

Peanut butter oatmeal, I love you.

So I went to the box at 9:15 for front squats, which are my worst thing.  I swear, I can't keep my elbows high enough. So today I worked on my elbows. 5 x 10 every two minutes at 55#.  Not herculean, but I kept my goddamn elbows up.  Then it was tabata squats and a 1 mile run (well, 1.2 because we thought there was a 1 mile loop but we were wrong). Tabata squats suck most days. Today I actually felt ill. It's always kind of fun to run on baby deer legs, though.  You're legs are so spent you can't feel them at all for the first half mile.

After CF I headed over to Jenstar for core yoga at 10:30. We did wall sits with weighted twists added. It was horrible. I totally whimpered.  Since I arrived sweaty to hot yoga, you can bet your happy ass (did you think about Nester?) that I was not only gorgeous but fragrant by the end.  Fortunately it's a small class.

Then I drove home to meet fantastic husband for 3 miles with the dog.  With a big uphill and a big downhill. My legs hate me so hard right now.  When I sat down to eat lunch, the dog went over to the back door and yipped to go out.  Getting up was torture.  I had leftover cottage pie for lunch because someone ate the last of the chorizo mac n' cheese.  

It's not a punishment, but it's not chorizo mac 'n cheese.

Here I am looking faboo after 3 hours of workouts.

My hair is crunchy.

I filled out invites for the boys' birthday party, which was tedious as hell.  14 invites for their classmates. I don't think I've written that much since college. I'm so used to typing everything that I forget how to write. My handwriting is perfectly legible, but I really had to concentrate on not using abbreviations. Sad, right? 

Then it was time for Mad Men and another cup of coffee.  The dog crawled up in the chair and smashed herself into the space beside me. I don't see how this is comfortable, but she was snoring so it must be.

Being a dog is exhausting.

I took a "long cut" on the way to get the kids so I could get my daily total up to 6 miles. It was a lovely afternoon, but it did get a bit windy as the day progressed.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 40s again, so I turned the heat back on (sigh). Dinner was spinach and mushroom lasagna rolls. We haven't made this recipe in ages, and it's a good one.  Pretty, too.

Fresh basil. Mmmmmm.

The felt the need to dissect the food, then bitch about it. You just can't win.  I'm tempted to serve nothing but Pop-Tarts and fish sticks.  But then I'd hear "Pop-Tarts again? We just had that the other day."

Tomorrow's plan involves #thefiveonefive and then probably a run.  Fantastic husband is going full St. Patrick's Day bar hopping style.  Maybe I'll join him. Probably not, though.  St. Patrick's Day is annoying. It's like New Year's but with shitty beer and whores wearing Kiss Me I'm Irish shirts instead of glitter and desperation.  Now, there are exceptions.  St. Brendan's Inn has good beer, and probably cabbage.  We'll see.

Two things about today:
1. Festival was out of Point root beer and that made me a sad panda.
2. I have not yet showered. But I will. Probably.  

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Blogging 2015: 264 down, 1751 to go

Yesterday's title was a bit dyslexic.  Oops.  

Today was dedicated to un-CPSifying my house.  I'm not a great housekeeper.  I live with 3 kids and a dog, so cleaning feels utterly pointless most of the time.  Still, you have to do it or you get rats.  Also children smell.  Don't let babies fool you, they smell great most of the time.  Even when they smell like poop they still have that faint "new baby" smell.  Once they hit toddlerhood they get pretty stinky.  So I washed clothes, dishes, kids, floors, etc.  I bought the dog a new bed to replace the one she wrecked, she pissed on it.  I washed it, she destroyed it.  This is my life.

I made the full American breakfast this morning.  Eggs, bacon, toast, fruit, and juice.  I thought I photographed it...but I didn't, so this is what remained when I remembered.

It tasted well balanced.

After breakfast I did a mountain of dishes, then did 2 loads of laundry while I vacuumed and washed the floors followed by dusting.  Only half the house is clean-clean, but it's better than nothing.  The dirtiest part of the place was the focus of my efforts.  It looks pretty nice right now, which should last until about 8am.

When I finished the morning's work I took the smalls to Target to see if they had PB2 (they did!) and to replace the dog's shredded bed.  While we were there I had the boys pick out the bedding they want for their birthday present (big boy beds), so I purchased things but they were needed things that were going to be purchased this month anyway.  When we finished up at Target, I took them to Applebee's as I'd unearthed a giftcard from my seldom used purse this morning.  $25 gift card.  Our bill was $25.38 and I'm calling that a win.  I had siracha shrimp.  It's an appetizer, but I wasn't terribly hungry.  The kids were thrilled with lunch out and even slept a bit at "naptime", which is good since they all have the sniffles.

I have to say, these were pretty good.

While they napped, I watched Maleficent and folded laundry.  Kid laundry sucks balls because everything is so small that it seems never ending.  See? When these little bastards are old enough to reach the buttons on the washer they are doing this shit themselves.

3 kids. A billion tiny garments.

After laundry folding, I had a cocktail and watched Mad Men for a bit.  I didn't watch that show at all when it was on TV.  I like it, but holy shit is everyone drunk and fucking all the time.  How are none of them rotting away from tertiary syphilis?  And they all just drink straight liquor all the time...just glasses full of it. That's probably why all the fucking.  The clothes are pretty, though obviously require serious girdling.  No one is actually shaped like that.  

Tasty tasty cocktail.

When the smalls awoke, we went out for a fairly substantial dog walk/park stop so we could all get some air and Lucy the psycho dog could get some exercise.  Sometimes I think that exercising her is shooting ourselves in the foot.  The more exercise she does, the greater her endurance.  Soon she'll be requiring a 10 mile run every day to keep her from rocketing through the ceiling.

Dinner was just leftovers.  I was supposed to make butternut squash risotto, but I lacked a block of good Parm, so I didn't.  The spawn wouldn't have eaten it anyway because squash OMGAHSQUASH. I'll make it later in the week to take for lunches at work.

I consoled myself with a steak burrito.

So now I'm blogging.  I can hear the kids upstairs not sleeping.  I painted my nails so I have to stay up for a bit and let them dry.   I'm waiting with baited breath to see what fresh hell is coming on the CF front for tomrorow, then I'll be off to core yoga, and if my quads don't object too harshly perhaps a short run.  Kids have school next week, then it's spring break and I have no idea what we're going to do with them.  I'm thinking trampoline park for the boys' 5th birthday.  Mostly because I want to jump, and I do what I want.


Except eat cookies.  Because one of the things I want is to fit in my jeans. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Blogging 2015: 261.5 down, 1575.5 to go

I got to sleep past 7am today.  A small miracle.  I had made plans with a CF friend to do the third Open WOD at 9:15, so I made breakfast and had a nice cup of coffee, leisurely-like.

I made S'mores oatmeal again, and I used the last of my PB2. I tried to get some more, but stupid Festival was out of both varieties. Just empty shelves staring back at me. I was sad.

Because this is delicious.

The workout was a lung burner. 50 wallballs at 10# followed by 200 single unders...repeat for 14 mintues.  I got 2 full rounds plus 26 wallballs.  So to recap I did 126 wallballs and 400 single unders. My quads were jello afterwards and they've been twitching for the last few hours.  My total reps: 526.  This isn't even close to the high scorers in the gym, but it set my lungs on fire.  I coughed for two hours afterwards.  CrossFit is fun, yo.  In a sick way I want to do it again, because I know I wasted precious seconds during my last set, but tomorrow I'm going to be sore and I'd wager Monday the DOMS is going to have me practically petrified. I took a selfie with my wallball, but my phone ate it. I was so bummed when I realized it.  Maybe I'll go to broga tomorrow.  After the workout I made my way home and dished up some leftovers for lunch. Beef and Bacon Cottage Pie, which is always better the second day.

Spicy spicy.

This afternoon I didn't do much of anything aside from knit and watch Mad Men on Netflix whilst drinking mint tea.  It was lovely.  Dinner was a recipe I hadn't tried before from the Athlete's Palate cookbook I got last year.  I want to say it's a Rodale publication and I learned about it through Runner's World.  It's mac 'n cheese, but made with good sharp cheddar, chorizo, and roasted red peppers.  It was pretty fucking great.


After supper we took the kids and the dog out for a walk.  It was a little chilly this evening and the sun waited until we were on the way home to come out from behind the clouds, but we got some fresh air so there's that.  The temps are supposed to drop into the 40s again on Monday, so we tried to enjoy the warm weather while it's here.  

The girl child returned from her Auntie's house with a bag of chocolate chip cookies.  How can you say no to homemade cookies?  So I had a couple.  They were pretty good, I must say (but mine are better).

I love cookies.

So now I'm blogging and fantastic husband is playing Chutes and Ladders with the smalls.  Turns out we don't have any games for more than 4 players except for Clue and Monopoly. The 7 and 4 year olds are crap at Clue.

The week begins anew tomorrow with laundry, dishes, bathing of smalls, and housecleaning.  Huzzah.  I may make it to broga, but if not I'll get my stretching in with CF, yoga, and a run on Monday.  Tuesday I can go to the fiveonefive, which makes me so damn happy.  

I also have to weigh in on Monday. I kind of want to, and kind of don't.  Still, goals is goals. I'm never going to finish this journey if I don't read the map.  

Friday, March 13, 2015

Blogging 2015: 260 down, 1755 to go

It's been a few days.  Sometimes it's hard for me to blog when I work nights because the following day is pretty much sleeping and miscellaneous child care.  Not what you call titillating stuff.  This past week I had the fortune or misfortune of getting minimal sleep on all my work days except Wednesday.  That makes me a dull girl, because I can't motivate to do much of anything aside from bathe and make coffee.

Last Saturday fantastic husband and I ran the Point Bock Run, which is a lovely 5 miler in Stevens Point. It's an out and back which I usually hate, but this one doesn't bug me for some reason.  You get 3 full sized beverages at the end of this one, which is pretty rare.  I spent 2 of mine, one of which was a root beer.  I haven't had a soda in 3 years, aside from the odd sip here and there to remind myself just how disgusting Diet Coke actually tastes, but that root beer was fucking delicious.  It's made with sugar vs. HFCS+aspartame and that makes an enormous difference in the taste.  I really enjoyed it, especially since I'd been awake for 24 hours when I drank it and was in dire need of energy.

My work week was pretty good, busy but not unmanageable. I don't mind busy, it moves things along when you're operating on 3ish hours of sleep.  Last night I went to bed early anticipating a sleep in today as the kids had no school.  Fantastic husband was working, so I was alone in my bed...I thought.  Around 2am I rolled over and upon extending my arm discovered something smallish and warm snoring softly next to me. It was C, and I was too tired to care so I just went back to sleep.  All 3 spawn felt the need to migrate to my bed, with much shouting, jumping, and whining happening at around 6am.  I tried to ignore them, but that was impossible.  When I got kicked in the ribs I leaped out of bed and hollered "That's it. Everybody get the fuck out of my room RIGHT NOW" because I am a great parent. I fed them the remainder of the oatmeal cake and collapsed into a chair with a cup of coffee.  It was almost 2 hours before I got around to making breakfast.

This looks disgusting, but it was divine.  1/2c rolled oats cooked in 1c chocolate almond milk. Mixed in 2tbsp of PB2, then tossed about 6 minimarshmallows and 6 chocolate chips on top.  It was sinful, in a non-sinful way.

Like peanut butter S'mores.

We met fantastic husband's parents out for lunch at Red Robin.  I wasn't feeling a burger, so I opted for the Cobb salad.  It was pretty good, and also huge, so I only ate about half of it.

With avocado. I love avocado.

After lunch we came home and the kids "napped" for a bit while I did a little organizing of some papers and such.  I bought a binder today for said papers.  I really wanted a Trapper Keeper.  Bad.  I couldn't find one, and that made me a lot sadder than seems reasonable.  This afternoon it was almost 65 degrees so I took the dog out with me for a run.  Running with her is like being pushed by a 25mph tailwind while simultaneously being pulled by a car.  It's crazy.  She positively bounds over the road.  I am superfast with this dog.  We did 5 miles and it only took 42 minutes.  That is ridiculous.  At the end I thought I was going to die...because she sped up when she saw our house.  I came in gasping.  My children were quick to point out that I looked SO TIRED and Lucy didn't seem tired AT ALL.  Assholes.

This is my "What the fuck just happened?" face.

We made steak tacos for dinner (well, fantastic husband did, but I paid for the food so I feel that counts) and I mashed it into my face before photographing it.  Your loss, because that bitch had fresh homemade guacamole on it.  The girl child was off to her Aunt's house for a sleepover, so we consoled the boys with a movie at the Budget.  We saw Big Hero 6, and they loved it.  I thought it was cute, plenty of laughs. The soundtrack was pretty cool, too.

Popcorn and a movie.

I guess I technically violated No Buy March because I paid for the movie and snacks.  It was $19.  I could have had fantastic husband pay, but that felt like a cop out. I have successfully stopped myself from buying new running shoes (which I do NOT currently need) and running pants (summer is coming and I have enough pants).  That counts for something, right?  I have also spent $0 in the cafeteria and I did NOT go to the scrub sale on Friday. Yay!  

Tomorrow I'm going to take my happy ass to the box for 15.3, then get either a walk or a run in the afternoon. This weather means I should be outside whenever possible.  I've got the smalls on Sunday, so if we go to CF it'll probably just be for yoga...the Open WOD is just too many damn people to have my kids underfoot. 

I will leave you with this photo of a happy ass.  Her name is Nester, and she belongs to my friend Erin.  He posted this photo in the Sub-30 Club on Facebook and I asked him if I could use it.  He said I could.  I want you to think of Nester every time you see or hear the phrase "happy ass".  I guarantee it'll make you smile.

Look at this ridiculously happy ass. Look at her pink bridle. LOOK AT IT.

This ass is so damn happy she's practically a Unicorn.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blogging 2015: 243.8 down, 1771.2 to go

Yeah, so I ran like 400m at CrossFit this morning and that was it. I got a fairly decent nap, which is fortunate because I go on shift in 3.5 hours.  I often find it hard to sleep on my first day on since I got a full night's sleep the night before.  Last night I stayed up to watch the season premier of Broadchurch, so I didn't go to sleep until about 10pm which is super late for me.  I realize that sounds stupid coming from a third shifter, but it's true.

I also got up to go to the #fiveonefive this morning, which certainly helps with the tiredness factor.  Today was mobility day, so it was a 60 minute running clock with movements to get your heartrate up interspersed with muscle group smashing. We climbed ropes, did thrusters, jumped rope, rowed, dumbbell snatches, shuttle runs, handstand pushups, squats, all kinds of fun stuff.  I like these days.  The hour flies by.  The drive over there this morning was illuminated by a full moon.  At the end of the WOD today the sun was up, a sure sign of Spring.


Before heading out I had a little something to eat.
Quick and easy at 4:30am.

So my workout was good, and I came home hungry so I made a big breakfast.  I generally don't eat mid-day on my on weeks because I'm sleeping...and in order to keep myself from overeating on the transition day I skip lunch. 


In spite of 2 cups of coffee, I was feeling sleepy by 9am so I took a nap.  I got up to make lunch for the boys before they headed off to school and made myself some popcorn for a snack.  Then I went back to sleep.  I got a few hours, which was unexpected and wonderful.  

This afternoon we had parent/teacher conferences for the smalls, so we did a divide and conquer with me visiting the boys' teacher and fantastic husband chatting with the girl child's teacher.  Decent reports on all kids, they aren't the classroom dicks so that's positive. It always takes me aback to hear my kids described as "good listeners" because I'm not seeing that shit at home.  

I sort of violated No Buy March in that it is Book Fair week and each child got to pick out a book since they all got good reports. I spent $19. They didn't technically need the books, but they also weren't for me or utterly useless, so there's that.

Since we were at school late and didn't really have a formed plan for dinner we decided to do pizza night. I had pizza.  It was good.  Not OHMAHGAH pizza good, but frozen pizza good.  I had these 3 pieces and stopped, which is a small victory.  I am fully capable of powering down a whole frozen pizza.


Goals for this week: Finish the last 5# of carrots.  Finish the remaining 7# of oranges (oh yeah, I had an orange this afternoon). Continue to pack my lunch every night so as to avoid the cafeteria.

I have lots of good leftovers, so I should be good to go.  

Tomorrow is fantastic husband's work day, so the kids will be at daycare so I can sleep.  The likelihood of my getting in a meaningful workout is small.  If I get some solid sleep I'll hit the treader for at least some walking.  Saturday is the Point Bock Run, so I'll have 5 for sure.  That'll be an interesting day-sleeping in the car, running a noon race, then sleeping in the car some more. I've done many a stupider thing, it'll be fine. Something tells me I'll be slow as shit, but the temperature is supposed to be mild so at least I won't freeze to death!

This last week off was pretty boss.  I'm hoping this work week flies by so I can get back to having fun! 

hospital pharmacy?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blogging 2015: 243.6 down, 1771.4 to go

The dog woke me up at 6am.  My alarm was set for 6:20am.  So I made blueberry pancakes for the smalls, because every now and then I like to get accolades instead of admonishments when I put breakfast on the table.  They had blueberry pancakes and mango, big hit all around.  I even got to eat my breakfast before it got cold because they were too involved with face stuffing to bug me.  Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh.....

I've been eating a lot of oatmeal lately and I wasn't feeling it this morning, plus the griddle was already out so I made myself a batch of banana pancakes.  Dripping with butter, maple syrup, and blackberries because that's how I roll.

Did I mention I got to eat them hot? Squeeeee

I decided at about 8:15 that I should haul my ass to the box for 9:15 so I pulled myself together and peeled a few oranges for the ride over.  Also Babybel gouda, because those things are just delicious.  So one orange and one cheese on the drive to the box.  Today we worked on snatching from high hang and I had a great snatch day (which sounds slightly pornographic). I managed to put up 70 pounds not once, not twice, but three times and it felt good.  It felt easier than 65 pounds.  I was tempted to try 75, which is my current one rep max, but I didn't want to break the spell. I hardly ever have a good snatch day.  The workout was an AMRAP involving a bunch of movements.  I typically like this set up because everyone is done at the same time and no one (me) is still flailing around when everyone else is chilling out drinking coffee.  Today we had company, in the persons of the Green Bay Blizzard who showed up early for their workout and got the privilege of watching myself and others doing burpees to a 6 inch target.  Nothing like a bunch of youngish semi-professional athletes watching you curse and drip sweat to motivate a person. 

The Green Bay Blizzard Arena Football team
Yeah. These guys.

After some hollow holds and supermans (supermen?) I ran out the door and busted ass over to Jenstar for hot yoga.  I crashed through the door, stripped off my outer layers, flopped my mat on the floor and collapsed into child's pose. Then got my ass kicked for an hour.  At least I was already warmed up...and completely smelly and sweaty and disgusting before we even started.  Around the time we started the cool down/stretch portion I was able to smell myself.  Let's just say I was glad there wasn't anyone around me.

After yoga I shuffled on home, smashing an orange and a Babybel into my face.  Fantastic husband and I suited up, leashed the dog, and headed out for 5k.  It was bright and cold.  The wind was atrocious coming off the bay, so we were ninjad up with gaiters part of the time. Don't we look excited about it?

My hair is just one big matted mess at this point.
Also? I need eyebrows. Like stat.

Then it was time for lunch.  Wedding soup and buttered crackers.  Perfect.

Soothes the soul.

Fantastic husband made fresh guac while I was eating my soup, so I had a few scoops of that with some tortilla chips. Shut up. I fucking earned that guac.  Then I finally got in the shower and went straight into sweatpants. Later I will put on my pajamas, which are yoga pants. What can I say? I'm a goddamn fashionista.

We tried a new recipe for dinner tonight.  It's called Ouovo in Purgatorio or somesuch out of NomNom Paleo.  Spicy sausage and mushrooms in sauce with an egg cracked on top and baked in the oven.  The yolks were still runny when we ate these and holy balls was this delicious. I could eat this any time of day...and I'm sure I will, because even though the recipe says it makes four we ended up with eight. Winning.

Just look at it. So beautiful.

I also had a side of mango.

Now I'm actively putting off finishing my laundry and considering going to bed at 8am.  Plan is to hit the #fiveonefive tomorrow for what should be mobility day. I forgot to mention yesterday that in addition to being sloshed full of slush while running, I also wiped out twice while walking the kids to and from school. I'm not talking slipped and caught myself, I'm talking full force wipeout. 

The 25 Whitest Things That Have Ever Happened
Pretty much this.

My left side is one big bruise. I didn't think it was too bad when it happened, but when I went to bed last night I figured I'd be hurting this morning and I was so right. I'm surprised at how well the day went because I was sore as shit when I woke up.

Tomorrow I go back on shift.  This week off felt longer than usual, which is pretty fucking great. Hopefully my week on will be nice and quick as well so I can get back to more fun things like beating myself to a pulp in the gym and stinking.  

Now if you'll excuse me I need to catch up with some midget housewives in LA.