Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blogging 2015: 347 down, 1668 to go

Yep, just walking the kids again. Today instead of running I took my car to the shop to see why it was rattling. Turns out the heat shield had come loose and was banging against the drive shaft. Noisy, but no big deal to fix. I also need new brake pads and there's a leaking seal somewhere, but both things can be done next week and won't cost overly much. Not bad on a more than 7 year old car. I looked at the newest model of my current vehicle today. Aside from tweaking the dash, not much is different. Good. No need to update.

Though I have been pricing BMWs late at night. That's just pie in the sky shit, though. What the fuck would I do with a Beamer?

This morning I made pancakes for the kids, who ate huge quantities of them before I walked the girl child to school. Then I made myself a nice breakfast pre-WOD. Today was CF total (maxing out three different lifts) and I wanted to be full of protein instead of anxiety.

Look familiar?

So I took the boys and headed to the box.  I don't think I've ever made a CF total day. It's always fallen on a day I can't go, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was fun. Just piles of plates everywhere and lots of success for everyone. 

I'm going to start by saying I'm a shitty squatter. I don't sit back on my heels enough and I rely on my quads to much. A couple of weeks ago one of the coaches fixed my form and I had a couple of scary days learning to trust my hamstrings. My 1 rep max back squat before today was 115# which is a laughable number. As big and heavy as I am, I should be able to squat a lot more. A lot more.  Today I hit 130# and failed 135 twice. That's still a dismally low number, but I got above 125# which was a major mental block for me. Now I feel like the sky's the limit. I watched people hit much, much higher numbers than that today...but I'm happy with mine. 

Shoulder press was a 2# PR. Previously I could press 65, today 67. Not a big increase, but an increase nonetheless. I'll take it.

Deadlift. I 1 rep maxed this a couple of weeks ago. I want a 200# really bad. I went 190 at the beginning of the month and today I got 195. It was ugly as shit but I got it. 200 is so close I can taste it. Again, so many others were hoisting much bigger weights, but my numbers are my numbers and they made me proud today.

I also did GHDs, because it was GHD day damn it. They sucked pretty hard today though.

After the gym we hustled home so I could get lunch on for the boys and get them to school. Yes these are leftover pancakes from breakfast. Yes that's peanut butter on them. Shut up.

Meh, it's food.

I went to the dealership and started my second sparkly purple sock while they dicked around with my vehicle, then made it home in time to realize that Broadchurch was on last night and watch the first 10 minutes which left me with a giant WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? and then I had to get the kids. Which means I can't watch the rest of the episode until late tonight or I won't be able to hear it at all. It takes place in Scotland. If I can't concentrate I can't understand the dialogue at all. David Tennant is sexy as hell shouting in his full Scots brogue, but I can't understand it at all unless it's quiet. Three small kids and a dog is pretty much the antithesis of quiet. 

After picking up the smalls and getting them a snack, I colored while the girl child did her math homework. Then we went outside and I played fetch with the dog for an hour. An hour. An hour of full on sprinting around the yard and she isn't phased at all. 

I folded laundry, then made dinner. Leftover burritos for the smalls and fish and veg for me. 

Toaster oven FTW.

I made popcorn for the smalls and started Planes: Fire and Rescue. They tossed popcorn to the dog and all seems to be well. I'm enjoying a lovely adult beverage and trying not to think about the water in the basement. There's a basement guy coming tomorrow to see if he can figure out where the water is coming from. I hope it's a simple solution, because I don't want to spend a fortune on foundation repair. Maybe we'll be lucky and it'll just be a leaky water heater. My main concern? He's coming at 10:30 which means I might miss going to the gym. Since going to the gym is the only thing that's going to get me out of the house tomorrow, I'm mildly irritated about that. Being an adult really sucks sometimes. It's expensive and boring. Two of my least favorite things. 

Take it eeee-saaaaay.

Now, to knit or to color? I should probably knit. Single socks aren't much use. But I got some nifty new metallic pencils I want to try...

I guess I'm not really an adult after all.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blogging 2015: 346 down, 1669 to go

That's right. One mile less. And only because I walked back and forth to school a couple of times today.

I got up and did the usual morning routine with the smalls, then took the girl child to school. I made myself breakfast.

The usual.

Then I dragged the boys to the box.  They did well. So did I. I PR'd my split jerk at 115#. It's not much, but it's a PR and it's mine. The WOD was one I modified more than I should have. I could've done that with a 14# ball but I scaled to 10 thinking 21 reps x 3 rounds was going to be really awful, but it really wasn't. I am proud that I did a 55# OHS which is probably my weakest thing.  Nowhere near the Rx weight, but again, a biggish deal for me. 

After the workout I put C up on the rig and told him to see if he could touch the bar with his toes. He proceeded to do a perfect strict Toes to Bar. Little bastard.

We hustled home and I put lunch on the table for the boys and made myself a salad. I had a hair appointment at noon and I had to choose between showering beforehand and eating. Eating always wins in that scenario. Always. Plus, I know my stylist through the gym, so she's cool like that.

I could drink this vinaigrette. Srsly.

I took the boys to school, then hopped in the car to make my appointment. On the way I ate a disappointing plum.  I'm always so sad when a piece of fruit that I'm really anticipating ends up tasting cruddy. You know, an apple that looks so appealing but ends up being mealy, or a peach that seems so perfect but ends up pithy. This plum was such a pretty color and it's been such a long time since I had one...and it fell completely flat. Sadness.

Bitterness, they name is plum.

So I got my hair did. Color touch up because while I am not gray, I was blond not too long ago and color fades, yo. So I got darkened down and trimmed up. Now I look a bit more put together. I was approaching "Middle Aged Woman Who Can't Be Bothered Anymore" hair. You know what I mean. Shapeless, lifeless, "fuck it" hair. Then I showered, because fantastic husband came home today.

I mean, I'm wearing a running shirt and sweats, but at least I'm clean. 

So I got the kids, brought them home and helped with homework while coloring, then we took them back across town for CF kids. P&C were sad because they got to go to CF twice today and "Sister only gets to go ONE TIME".  We didn't walk today, just hung out, because there is some freaky apocalyptic weather happening out there today and I don't want to be struck by lightening in a blizzard while walking around an industrial park. That's a shit way to die.

We came home and had ham.


And because my uterus has calmed down considerably, I decided to placate her into further submission with these sea salt and dark chocolate caramels. Which are fucking delicious. Thanks Costco!

I'm fully aware that this is not possible, unlike some state legislators.

So there you have it. My supercalifragelisticexpialidocious day. Tomorrow it's back to the box at 0915, then to the mechanic to see what the fuck is rattling around in my car's nether regions.

I should probably clean my car out a bit.

There's a lot of empty water bottles and bacon containers on the floor of the front seat.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Blogging 2015: 345 down, 1670 to go

This was my uterus for the 10 years I was on the pill.

I am woman! I am the Earth! I am in sync with the cycles of the moon!

She was a happy camper. All my internal organs got along famously well in my abdomen with nary a squabble nor a snit.  Then I went off the pill and got pregnant immediately.  My uterus felt useful and aside from a demanding candy and grape soda, she did her job well and didn't even trouble me much when eviction day came.

After my daughter was born I went back on the pill.

I grow people. I am a superhero, I lost the baby weight like a champ.

I should mention my uterus lost the baby weight. I remained a big fat fatty until...well until I got pregnant again and got big fat fattier.

When I got pregnant with the boys, I was sick a lot, but I blame my ovaries more than my uterus for that. My poor uterus got huge and stretched and for all that she did a good job and only bothered me when I let myself get dehydrated and when she was stretched farther than anyone has a right to ask of a reasonable uterus.

Then I got sterilized (Essure) and for a while, me and my uterus were buds. 

My work is done. Now I can retire and pick up a hobby. Maybe I'll start dating.
The large intestine is kind of cute.

Then, about a year ago, something changed.  My uterus became angry.

You want a piece of me, bladder? BECAUSE I WILL CUT YOU.

Prostaglandins started flying, she started twisting and squirming around in my abdominal cavity, and things went to shit pretty quickly. Literally. The prostaglandins that cause the uterus to contract cause other things to contract as well.

Stupid ovaries, I shall tear you to pieces and eat your tender follicles!

I don't know. Maybe my colon did her wrong. Maybe she's had a string of bad fallopian tube days. Whatever her problem is, it's been fucking up my life for way too long. Every month she tries to exsanguinate me and cut her way out of my body through my spine.

My uterus is a stupid cunt.

Monday I had an IUD placed, which will hopefully give her something to love and care for so she'll stop trying to eviscerate me. It was a pretty routine kind of thing, except that there was a new RN in the room along with the LPN that looks freakishly like my mother-in-law, and my doctor. It was a big goddamn uterus party up in there. I mean, I've had a large group of people focused on my ladygarden before, but only because my uterine clown car was about to expel it's contents all over the floor. It was a big room, there was a spotlight, and 8 people not counting me or my babies.  Then there was the Essure procedure which I got to watch as it involved a camera...and five other people in the room including a rep from the drug company. He at least stood over my shoulder so he saw the living room, as it were, but not the foyer. In your head I'd like you to pronounce that foy-yay. Because my ladyparts are fancy. 

In fact, there's probably upwards of 25 people who've seen my cervix up close and personal...and I've only had 4 sexual partners...and I don't recall any of them using a speculum.  When I was in pharmacy school you could get a job letting medical students from the U up the road do pap smears on you for money. I never did, but I understand the money was good.  This was before the days of vajazzling, but could you imagine how much fun you could have freaking out medical students with a vajazzled mommyparts? 

At any rate, with luck in about 6 weeks my uterus will shut the fuck up forever. Then you won't have to look at clumsy doodles of internal organs anymore.

I should've gone to bed earlier last night as I'd been up for a very long time, but I got hung up in Game of Thrones so I only got 9 hours of sleep last night. This morning I woke up to my alarm and the sound of small boys snoring. At least they didn't get me up at 5:50. I made them breakfast, got the girl child off to school, and came home to make breakfast for myself pre-WOD.

Pretty standard.

I took the boys with me to the box and they did pretty well. No one bled anyway. I was tired and really crampy this morning, but I did the WOD with a fairly heavy load (for me) and even got 8 whole double unders at one point. I even did the GHDs even though there's an angry Viking army stampeding through my abdomen.  Also I didn't pee myself. Or have to use my AK, so it was a good day.

I made lunch for the boys and took them to school, then made myself a lazy salad. 


Then I went down to the basement to inspect the puddle fantastic husband found yesterday as he was preparing to leave for work and a subsequent conference. Whenever he or I go out of town, something goes haywire in the house. Last time it was the dryer. Usually it's one of the kids getting sick, usually with something that leaves the remaining parent housebound. Bonus points if you're housebound, the weather is shitty, and you were going to go grocery shopping but now you can't because someone is puking.  So a little water in the basement is dealable. I couldn't find the source, but I cleaned up some of it and set the fans to drying out what needs to dry out.

Praise cheeses the whisky's on a palette.

After picking up the kids from school, we spent some time coloring at the kitchen table. I'm just going to say it. I am way better at coloring than my kids. You should see the shit they produce. Disgraceful.


I made them leftovers for dinner and I had fish. Lemony, rosemary-y fishy fish. It was delightful.

In the toaster oven, because I'm classy.

Now I'm enjoying a root beer and waiting for the smalls to finish eating so I can drop something at the post office and take a get well gift to a friend. 

IBC, It ain't Point, but it's cold.

Tomorrow it's to the box for 0915, then to get my hair did and my eyebrows tamed. Then another night entertaining the spawn.  Tomorrow is CF kids, so that helps.  I also DVRd Planes: Fire and Rescue which should be good for a couple of hours of silence if paired with popcorn.

I don't know if I'm going to get to yoga this week, which is sad, but OH YEAH I'M OFF FOR 10 DAYS so I'm sure I'll find the time somewhere or other.

So, um, I'd promise no more uterus talk, but that'd be a lie. No more drawings, though. K? K.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blogging 2015: 340 down, 1675 to go

It's my first day on and these days are always a balancing act. I slept all night (I used to try to stay up late so I could nap more easily, but that bit me in the ass one too many times when I couldn't nap enough so I don't do that anymore) so I'm energetic, but I still need to sleep at some point so I'm not desperately tired at 2am. 2-7am is a long ass time when you're eyes are on fire.

I had a couple of cups of coffee and talked to the fam for a while, then fantastic husband got the boys ready to go to the Y (it's gym day, they love that) and I got dressed to take the dog for a run.  It was kind of cold this morning, but sunny, and I wasn't sure how that was going to play out comfort-wise. It's difficult to dress this time of year, when it's not really warm but it's not really cold. I opted for pants and long sleeves as the air temp was below 40 and better a little too warm than too cold.

Do these stripes go with my LOBSTAHS?

I did 5 miles with the dog. Walked a half mile or so to warm up, then let her drag me for 4 miles with intermittent stopping to stalk birds. She is a bird dog, and watching her stalk them is entertaining. She doesn't realize that her collar jingles when she winds up to pounce and when the birds take flight she turns and looks back at me with accusation all over her face, because clearly the birds left because I suck.  We walked the last half mile so I could catch my breath and she could sniff things.  When we got home I realized I hadn't really eaten anything, so I threw a banana, some oatmeal, some protein powder, almond milk, and a blob of almond butter in the Vitamix and called it breakfast.

Mmmm...chocolate shake. I mean breakfast smoothie.

Then I plopped myself in the chair to drink it and another cup of coffee. The dogger, who spent about 15 minutes racing around the yard after our run, decided to grace me with her presence. She fell asleep and snored in my ear.

And when I moved, she groaned and pawed at me.

When fantastic husband and the kids came back from the Y I had lunch on the table for the boys. So it was lunch and then off to school. We walked them over as the temp had come up pretty significantly, then decided to go out for lunch and run some errands.  Lunch was Cranky Pat's pizza buffet. What is pictured is the sum total of what I ate. I did have two Spotted Cows. Those things are filling. I'm pretty sure that's why I didn't eat more pizza. There, I've invented a new diet plan. Just drink 2 Spotted Cow's before eating pizza and you'll only have 3 small slices. You're welcome.


When you eat pizza buffet at Cranky Pat's, you get an ice cream too. I opted for a twin pop. Fantastic husband didn't want to share it with me, so I enjoyed that frozen HFCS all on my own.

Tastes like childhood.

One of the things we had to do today was go over to Lambeau to pay for our Brown County lottery Packer tickets. I hadn't been over there since they finished the renovation, so we walked around a little and visited the new Pro Shop.  It's a nice remodel, I guess. Probably take a little getting used to, but it's definitely more accessible. 

The Lambeau Leap statue. Very multi-culti.

As we were walking back to the car the alignment of the Curly and Vince statues struck me as funny. It looks like Curly is pointing directly at Vince. 


It may have only been funny because I was a little drunk.

Once we'd finished our outing, fantastic husband took the dog out to play fetch and I went down for my nap. It was such a nice day I feel a little guilty for sleeping part of it away, but it had to be done. I got a couple of hours and woke up in time to enjoy delicious roast chicken.  I win.

Not very exciting looking, but tasty.

So now I'm done writing and the family is out walking the dog. I'm going to take this opportunity to go back to sleep for a bit. I've got about 2 hours until I need to get in the shower.  Not sure what'll to down tomorrow besides sleeping. Depending on how that goes I may make it to the box at noon. Possibly some happy hour yoga. It's weird only working 4 in a row. I won't even have to do laundry!

Monday I get my IUD placed, which will hopefully quiet the angry Vikings in my uterus. If it doesn't I may burn something down. Or eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's. One of the two.

Nap time, bitches.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Blogging 2015: 335 down, 1680 to go

I've been to the box three days in a row. Maybe I'll take tomorrow off. If it's nice it might be a good idea to go for a long run. We shall see. The beauty of not working until 2130 is I can see where the day takes me, as long as it takes me back to bed for a decent nap at some point.  This week I only have to work 4 days, so as of Monday at 0730 I'm free as a bird until the following Thursday. Pretty rad, right? Right.

Last night at about 10:30pm, P came stumbling into my room with tears in his little eyes and babbled incoherently about 4K and playing outside and something about playing fetch. Basically he wasn't awake. I let him ramble a bit and then asked "Do you just want me to tuck you back in?" and I got a very sleepy "Yeeesssss". So that's what I did.  Some time in the wee hours of the morning C crawled into bed with me. I wasn't conscious of him until I realized I was fighting someone for the covers.  I was cold, so I pulled the comforter above my shoulders, then somehow they slid down again. So I pulled them up...and they slipped down again. I rolled over and smack my hand met a small soft object. A friggin' kid. He wasn't awake, but whenever I pulled the covers up higher they would go over his head so he pulled them down again.  Little bastard stole one of my pillows, too.  There might be a stuffed animal in the dark recesses of the foot of the bed as well as "little puppy" has gone missing.

Once everyone was up we did the usual morning routine, girl child off to school, boys watching PBS while I made my breakfast.

There were more berries at the outset.

Since fantastic husband had class today I took the boys with me to the box. Today was backsquats, rowing, and GHDs on the spankin' new rigs. My squats went great, I actually rowed pretty well, and the new GHDs are aces. When I extended down on the first GHD, my sore ass abs felt like they were going to tear free. Holy shit that was a bizarre feeling. 

After class I took the spawn and hightailed it home for lunch before taking them to school. They had PB&J, I had leftover quesadillas. I swear I took a picture, but clearly not. Oh well. Use your imagination. I dropped them off and headed over to Jenstar for lunch hour flow. Got some good stretching and balance work in, then skittered back home to relax for a bit before retrieving the kids from school.

Sweatpants and beer at 1pm. #swag

So we got the smalls, gave them a snack, and at 4pm we packed them up and took them to CF kids. They were thrilled as usual to go, red faced and bitching about how unfair it is that they have to leave at the end.  While they were being whipped into shape, fantastic husband and I went for a walk. Not a lot of dating profiles are going to say "Enjoys long walks around industrial parks at rush hour", but wherever we are it's nothing but motherfucking romance. Sometimes we even hold hands. 

Dinner was leftovers as we continue our crusade to clean out the fridge and attack the freezer. Meatloaf and roasted broccoli for me. I was starving before dinner, but this filled me right up. Definitely making this recipe again, it's really good and the kids fucking loved it.

Tiny florets because I used the toaster oven and they cook faster.

I swear I washed every goddamn thing in this house yesterday, so today we washed the kids so they could be clean bodies in clean jammies in clean beds.  Fantastic husband read a story and I laid on P's new bed ("You can lay here if you want, Mommy, I don't mind") with him beside me to listen. Midway through the story P slung his arm across my shoulders, leaned over, and kissed me on the forehead. It was so fucking cute I could punch a bunny.  Just when you're ready to toss them off a bridge in a burlap sack, they do something endearing so you decide to keep feeding them. 

I am very sore. I think even my scalp hurts today. Also I showered today, which I feel is a major accomplishment. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blogging 2015: 333 down, 1682 to go

What a beautiful day it was today. Minimal wind, lots of sun, and plenty of opportunities to get outside.  This morning we walked the girl child to school, then came home so I could fold some laundry because I lead a scintillating life. After that was all put away and another couple of loads were queued up I took the boys and the dogger out for a morning walk. It was really lovely. They ran to the park and I basically did laps around the edge with the dog while they played. This works out pretty handily as I can always see them and I can see the entry/exit point to the park so I can monitor cars that come and go. It's probably just my paranoia, but I spent my formative years in large cities and while we did roam around to a degree it was typically within a block or two radius. I have a hard time letting my kids out of eyeshot. I have really good vision, though, so they get plenty of "kind of on their own but not really" time. I don't need to be right on top of them every blessed second, but I need to know they aren't bleeding or dead. Scratch that. They bleed sometimes and it's no big deal...let's amend that to broken, paralyzed, or dead.

Breakfast was not exemplary. Remember that we're trying to eat down the freezer. Today I did my part by helping the kids finish a box of toaster waffles.

Not healthy.

I did eat a halfway decent lunch (again, clearing up leftovers and freezer stuff)

Leftover pork loin.

I went to 1230 power hour today at the box. It's warm at that time of day. Still, I got to work out with one of my rugby-wife homegirls and got almost a full hour of post workout chit chat so it was pretty boss. Today was a mile for time followed by kettlebells and burpees. I hate running a mile for time. I'm not fast. In fact it takes me 2 miles to warm up on most of my runs. Miles 3-10? I'm your girl. Mile one is always murder. So today I ran a 9:16 which is not terrible but also not great. Burpees are the worst, though. I always feel like I'm going to die. I always tell myself beforehand that I'm going to just push through them and it'll be fine, but then I start doing them and my brain starts screaming OMGSTOPYOUAREGOINGTODIIIIEEEEEEE. 

Sam is unimpressed with your pain.

Afterwards I went to Starbucks, because why not. I also had a nice post-WOD banana. I didn't have to choke it down today for some reason.

Balanced eating is my life.

I made it home just in time to walk over and retrieve the spawn. We came home and spent an hour tossing a toy for the dog, who was completely unphased by the exercise. More leftovers were had for dinner. I took a picture of my tomato/chicken orzo but the Google drive apparently thought it was delicious and ate it. The kids ate shockingly well (I'm telling you, fresh air and exercise make for a tantalizing sauce) and then we leashed up the dog and went for another walk.

I am not wasting one moment of this weather. Not one moment. Soon it will be melt-your-boobs-off hot and I'll be cursing the sun, so today and all 60-75 degree days will be enjoyed to their absolute fullest. The kids played at the park and I did laps again.  All told I got about 6 miles today. 

Oh, and I got this as well. There is no reason to have children if you can't raid their holiday candy stashes.

Fun sized my ass.
Well, these are why my ass isn't fun sized anyway.

Tomorrow it's back to the box for what will no doubt be more squatting. Tomorrow is also GHDs. I was going to follow that with core yoga, but fantastic husband has class so I don't have child care. Just means I'll be doing lunchtime flow instead. No biggie. Hopefully a few good miles with hills as well. The spawn have CF kids, which means they'll need showers and will probably eat their own arms off on the way home. But it also means they'll sleep like stones, so there's that. 

My sock club yarn has not arrived. I'm a teeny bit miffed as it was supposed to be here Monday. Fortunately I have another sock on the needles to soothe my savage soul. 

I'm so sore. Pretty much the only part of my body that isn't sore is my scalp. Hooray fitness.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Blogging 2015: 327 down, 1688 to go

Not much mileage today, but I did go to the box and yoga. I even did the extra credit GHDs and the inner workings of my core are already pissed at me.

Got up this morning and fantastic husband made eggs for the kids, he offered me some, but if I eat too early I just have to eat again before I work out, so I opted for some coffee instead.  It was raining this morning along with being pretty windy, so girl child got a ride to school.

Once there were fewer people to dodge, I made myself breakfast.  Pretty basic. I got these berries at Costco and they are fantastic. The last batch was giant berries, these were much smaller but also sweeter.


So I WODed, and I GHDed, and I had about 10 minutes to get to yoga, so I slammed my pre-poured almond milk mixed with protein powder and a little glutamine (it's probably voodoo, but I feel like it helps me recover, and it's cheap so what the hell).  I hammered over to the studio and of course caught every fucking red light. I was a minute or two late, but no matter. I was the only one today so I got a bonus one-on-one core yoga session. #winning

Protein up, motherfucker.

Oh, PS I ate these cuties when I got to the box. I was hungry.


After yoga I came home to find my new shoesies had arrived. I used to wear the Launch before it was discontinued and I was so happy when they brought it back. This is the new version, the Launch 2, and I just couldn't pass up the Boston edition.  I mean, they're covered with lobsters. I feel faster already.


So I was straight up starving at this point, and luckily for me there was some salmon and rice/quinoa left over. I roasted some asparagus in the toaster oven and voila, a lovely meal.

Which I shoveled into my face as fast as possible.

I volunteered in the boys' 4K class this afternoon (after a shower, of course, though I did wear sweatpants). We painted rainbows. Working with 4-5 year olds is alternately really cute and really frustrating. Lucky me, today I also got to cut out some house shapes and since I'm super fast at menial tasks, I also got to start drawing the details on them. I am the greatest kindergarten craft whore ever.

Tonight was CF kids, so the spawn were all jacked up. They were barely in the door and already running around. Fantastic husband and I went for a very windy walk while they frolicked. When we came back they were red faced and grinning. Then proceeded to whine that they never get to stay and plaaaaaaay.

When we got home we had another freezer meal, this one is Italian meatloaf with marinara. The kids had meatloaf, green beans, strawberries, and milk. The demolished all of it pretty handily. If there's one thing CF kids is good for, it's increasing appetite. Another bonus? They often fall into bed and crash immediately on CF days. 

Come to think of it, the same thing happens to me.

Slab o' meatloaf. OMNOMNOMNOM.

Full disclosure, I had a Point Root Beer. It was fucking delicious. I don't know what it is with me and root beer lately, but it's so good right now. There are worse things.

Tomorrow will be a trip to the box and a run. Not sure how I'll work out the scheduling of that, but it'll be fine. I'm back in the salt mine on Thursday, but only for 4 nights...then I get TEN DAYS OFF. 

I'll also mention that I took a week plus 3 days off in October, which means I'm going to have 24 days off in a row.  Third shift for the motherfucking win.

I want candy.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Blogging 2015: 325 down, 1690 to go

Only about 20 miles since my last blog, and considering I did 12 today that should tell you how my distance is coming along. I did pass the 1700 mark which is cool, but I clearly have a lot of work to do for the rest of the year. I haven't been running much, but I have been CrossFitting and Yogaing quite a bit lately.

Right now we have an extreme First World Problem at our house. We have way too much food. Way, way too much food.  Every year we get a whole cow from a friend's dad.  Last year our cow was about 700 pounds, and we ate nearly all of it before this one arrived. This year's cow yielded 856 pounds of beef. EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX POUNDS.  Now, we have a gigantic freezer.  It's easily large enough to hold six children or three Northeastern Wisconsin sized adults. The freezer is packed full. It can literally hold no more. We moved all our other incidental frozen stuff into the freezer attached to the fridge. A ham, some leftover ground pork from last August's pig, all my freezer meals, popsicles, waffles, frozen berries, etc. The inside freezer (which I'll grant you might hold two toddlers...maybe) is packed so full I'm afraid to open it. I had to thaw all my freezer meals, so we're eating those all week. The fridge is jammed full of leftovers, fruit, and veg.  It's embarrassing, but we have so much food that I don't know what to do. DO YOU LIKE YOUR DINNER? HAVE SECONDS!!! We can't even start making a dent in the new beef until we eat up all the other stuff that won't fit in the freezer.

First. World. Problems.

We even sacrificed a shitload of frozen pizzas because we simply had nowhere to go with them. (They went to fantastic husband's work).

This morning I was hoping to sleep in, as it' know...Sunday.  HA. The boys were beating down my door at ten minutes to six. They got new beds yesterday and put themselves to bed early last night in their eagerness to sleep in the new beds.  That was cool and all, but for fuck's sake can I not sleep past 6am ever? I managed to fend them off until about 6:30, but that was it.

Since we had to pull the loaf of frozen bread out of the garage (see previous paragraph) we have two "active" loaves of bread on the counter. I decided to make french toast as that uses up lots of bread and eggs (which we also have a shitload of right now).  The kids at the shit out of it and there was even some left over for fantastic husband and myself. I haven't had french toast in an age. It was pretty good. With butter and real maple syrup.

I put vanilla and cinnamon in the egg mixture.

I had a couple of cups of coffee and then got ready to run. I ran the arboretum chip trail and a little spur through the neighborhood.  I got a little over 7 miles and felt pretty good.  It was warm, but not unpleasant. I'm ready to start seeing signs of spring. The arb trail was nice and springy, just a few mushy spots, but there wasn't a whisper of greenery at all. I'm hoping these few warm days will cause the trees to bud. It smells like spring, but it sure as hell doesn't look like it.

Covered in salt. Summer's comin'

Oh, I had a banana before I went for my run. I used to eat bananas all the time, but lately it's hard to choke them down (that's what she said). I don't know why, exactly, but I just...can't.  I got today's banana down, but it was a struggle.

Just one 'nana.

I was pretty hungry when lunch rolled around.  Look at this lovely balanced lunch. It's fucking beautiful.

Bistro quality, bitches.

Then I grabbed a shower and headed outside to play fetch with the dogger for a while.  An hour actually, and she wasn't even phased.

You have to give me the damn thing, dog.

Our yard is still swamped and squashy down in the corner. Still not a hint of green. The dog practically disappears.

THROW THE TOY! Oh wait. Iz here at my feets.

The kids had a short nap, then we got them up for snack time and took them (and the dog) out for a 2.5ish mile walk. Kids got some park time and fantastic husband and I got to walk together for a while.

Granola bar with Justin's hazelnut butter on it. Divine.

Since we're eating through the freezer meals, tonight was chicken quesadillas. Tasty, if not terribly colorful.

Woo! Cleanin' out the fridge!

After supper we went out for another 2.5 miles. It was such a lovely evening, and who knows when we'll have another. Could be tomorrow, could be June. 

Tomorrow I've got CF (probably 9:15) and yoga at 10:30.  I'll be doing some GHDs tomorrow, too. I can still feel every muscle fiber in my obliques after the last round.

Kids will be going to CF kids (and they are so excited!!!!).  In bigger news, fantastic husband is going to OnRamp in May!  Only took 3 years and family pricing to wear him down.

My legs are sore.