Monday, February 29, 2016

The 2400

I had to miss yoga today in favor of my appointment with Kirk the Nutrition Guy. It's okay, though. I went the last 3 days in a row. I got a treadmill run and some squatting in today, along with a test run on a new goal. More on that later.

Sunday I tried out a Pure Barre class with a friend from CrossFit. It was...not for me. Too fast paced. I've taken barre at my yoga studio, but it doesn't jump around quite as much there. I'm the kind of person that takes a second to catch on, and when I finally get what's up only to realize the movement has changed I get frustrated.  Also you have to wear socks. I hate socks. I mean, I like to knit them...but I never wear socks if I'm not also wearing shoes. Are you a sock-without-shoes wearer? Maybe we shouldn't be friends.

Barefoot 4EVAH.

Sunday we also sanitized the house. This place was disgusting. I'm talking CPS level filth. I am a shit housekeeper, but I make a nice living and I have a nice ass so fantastic husband overlooks it. When my boys were babies I had a cleaning crew come once a month to do the heavy cleaning because I didn't have the energy. Now I don't have the desire. I'd rather go to the gym.  I've fought the idea of hiring a cleaning person for a long time. Part of it is that my mother was a meticulous housekeeper, and I feel somewhat inadequate admitting that I can't keep my own house at that level of sterility. Especially since I literally only work 14 days a month. It also seems unbelievably bourgeois. But I'm white, have a white collar job, am married with 2.5 kids and a dog, and my yard is surrounded by a literal white picket fence. Probably time to admit that I am the definition of bourgeois. Also? I fucking hate scrubbing toilets. So I'm going to hire someone to clean the house. I'm going to think of it as stimulating the economy. 

This morning I got up and showered, combed my hair, and put on actual people clothes. Then I drank 85 glasses of water (or like, 4 glasses) and headed to Nutritional Healing with a Batman thermos full of oatmeal and a flat white. At my last assessment my body water was down and I read as slightly dehydrated. So I was down 7 pounds at that BIA. Today I was up 2lbs exactly...and my total body water was up 2lbs as well. I fixed my hydration problem. Go me. I'm hoping that drinking all this water (seriously, 120oz or more per day is where I've been) will become easier the way eating ALL THE FOOD became easier, because I have been peeing like crazy. And I'd kinda like to practice double unders, but I'm afraid the floodgates will open and I'll end up scrubbing the floor at the gym. 

Fasting is the worst.

My results for today were very encouraging. My weight was up 2lbs, which is totally fine. I was worried it would go down, and I'm glad it didn't. I was also wearing jeans, which is kind of dumb for a weigh in, but I had other errands to run and needed clothes clothes on. They were size 6 jeans...but still. So what happened on the inside? Well, as I mentioned before my total body water was up (yay). I dropped a whole pound of fat and gained almost a whole pound of muscle (HUZZAH!!). In spite of my weight going up, my waist was half an inch smaller (29.5, bitches!). My ass is a little bigger, but unlike most people that's actually one of my goals. So my body fat percentage is now about 23%. My lean muscle mass remains significantly higher than average. I told Kirk about my breakthrough with the pull-ups, and he seemed legitimately excited for me. Then he asked me how I was feeling and I told him "Uh, hungry. All the time. So hungry." I felt a little like Oliver Twist. So he decided to jump me up to 2400 calories a day. TWO THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED. 
New and improved checkboxes!

This is literally TWICE what stupid My Fitness Pal told me to eat last summer. Stupid MFP. I'm enormous. Enormous people need enormous fuel. Live and learn. To celebrate my extra protein serving, I hacked up two big slabs of salmon into double-sized pieces and bagged them up for the next couple of weeks. ALL THE GIANT FISHY FISH.

With lemon oil and lemon/rosemary seasoning. NOM.

Every meeting Kirk asks me how compliant I've been with the food list/checkboxes. Truthfully? I've been damn near perfect. There's usually about once during each time frame that I have a meal out or a cocktail or something, but it's negligible. And as a chronic self-saboteur that's pretty great. I mean, I'm 6 weeks in here and still going strong with no secret eating or weird binges or crazy cravings. In fact, I haven't had any cravings. I think it's because I spent the first 2 weeks so full I wanted to die. The cravings died before I felt them.

This week we did some specific fitness related goal setting. Goals for the next 2 weeks, the remaining 6 weeks of the program, and for this time next year. It was a little hard to think in those terms, but my 2 week goal is to update my 1RM so I know where I stand in the gym. My 6 weeks goals are to take my body fat percentage down to 20-21% and to do at least one chest-to-bar pull-up. This time next year? Routinely run half marathons around 2 hours, and the 200 BS and 300 DL I mentioned on Friday. It's a little scary to articulate those things aloud. But what the fuck, right? Go big or go home.

I ate my oatmeal in the office, then headed back toward home to have a photo taken for my passport renewal. I even managed to fill out the application, write the check, and take the thing to the post office. Adulting like a boss. By the time I made it home I was fucking ravenous again, so I made eggs.

This is 2 eggs. I think Imma start eating 4.

Then I decided to treat myself to a little dark chocolate and a cup of coffee while knitting.

85% dark. Delicious.

I love John Oliver. I would do things to John Oliver.

I enjoyed a little relaxation time before picking up the smalls after school. We managed to make it to CF Kids in plenty of time, and I did my squats.

5x5 at 115# which is starting to feel a lot easier.

While waiting for the kids to finish up I tried a few chest to bar. I'm a few inches away from kipping, but I can do a jumping chest to bar...which is something. 6 weeks to get up there. 

I made supper for the spawn, and they ate it without complaint. It was just this side of miraculous. They all also indicated they were very tired from their workout and would like to go to bed early. I win.

Sweet potato, sloppy joe, and cheese. 

The kids had buns, but this was aces on a potato. Starchy veg? Check check. Protein? Check. Veg? Check. Dairy? Check. 

Oh, I almost forgot. Saturday night I went out. I wore eye make-up! And a sort of fancy shirt! And my new bitch boots! We had a great time and I wasn't hung over on Sunday. Again...adulting like a boss.

6'2" and 160# of fury.

I learned that there are a lot of really short men in Appleton. Also that if you are a woman over 6 feet tall in a long black coat and resting bitch face, people will part like the Red Sea before you. It was pretty cool. I did feel like I was going to hit my head on the doorframe at Basil Cafe. 

Tomorrow I'll drop off a sketch at Artrageous Ink for Steve to work his magic on. Hopefully I'll be able to get in sometime in the next week or two to get my new piece done. It's just black lines and script, so just a one session deal. I'm excited about it. I'm always excited to get a tattoo. I love them.

Next few days I'll be hitting the box and the yoga mat. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for another outdoor run. I'll also be eating even more.  Strangely, I'm not at all apprehensive about eating more. I'm mostly curious to see what the result will be. 

Oh, and thanks to all of you who visited Nutritional Healing and told them I sent you. I was told there's a referral program. I asked Kirk for a $20, but he didn't bite.

Hmmm. I'm kinda hungry. I think I'll make myself a snack.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Who the Hell Am I Now?

It's been a busy week. I worked of course. And I went to a party. No, really, I totally did. With strangers and everything. I kind of wanted to panic and run for most of it, but I think I hid it well, and now fantastic husband's co-workers have visual confirmation of my existence. I probably won't have to go for another couple years. Wifely duty done.

Work was batshit over the weekend. I haven't been to so many Code Blues in a some time. On the plus side my run as Angel of Death seems to be over, as all of the Codes I attended this week ended with the patient making it to the ICU. I'm pretty okay with not going to any more codes for a while, though. It's cool.

I packed plenty of good child lunches over my 7 days.

Going for maximum color.

I don't see Kirk the Nutrition Guy until Monday this time around. No appointments today, which is actually okay by me this week. I'm always bloated as shit when I come off nights, no idea why, but it's consistently an issue so I know I'm not imagining it. Since my total water was down last time I've been making a concentrated effort to drink 120oz of water every day. That's a lot of water. That's also a lot of peeing. And it seems unfair that I should be bloated with kidneys that are practically floating up to my eyeballs. Fortunately a good night's sleep usually resents my puffiness switch, so after 10.5 hours last night I was feeling much better this morning.  

I'm pretty sure I saw 4 abs this morning. It was fleeting, and they were gone after breakfast, but...hope is alive, people. HOPE IS ALIVE.

The CrossFit Open began today. 5 weeks of (usually evil) workouts. This will be my fourth? Open. Every year it pushes me to try things I wouldn't ordinarily attempt. There's also a great sense of community and shared striving for improvement that I find exciting. Yes, I could just do the workouts without signing up...but if it motivates me to step outside my comfort zone? It's worth the $20 registration fee.

After my very restful night's sleep I made myself a cup of coffee and got the kids off to school. Then I cooked a giant breakfast. Today's WOD was a 20 minute slog of lunges, burpees, and pull-ups. Historically I start to fade around 15 minutes into a long AMRAP. Mostly because I was underfeeding myself. No underfeeding today.

Enormous breakfast.

I paced myself through the workout and felt good about my score. By the time I finished judging my partner (the fantastic Jessica who's broken toe meant she had to do walking lunges all on one leg) I was so hungry I was ready to gnaw my arm off. Glad I packed a little snack for after. Amanda beat me, but not by much, and I am way older. 


Then I hung around and shot the breeze for almost an hour. I could have run an errand or been otherwise productive before yoga, but I didn't want to. So I sat around at the gym (well, stood...after all those lunges I felt it was better not to sit in case I couldn't get up) and ate my snack and talked about silly stuff. It was fun.

Maybe I shouldn't have done extra pull-ups, but it's hard to resist practicing now that I can do pull-ups. I'm terrified that they will go away suddenly. Yesterday I did a crapload of them after the workout, even stringing them together (like 3 together, but still). I did stop short of tearing my hands open, but only just.

I just want to do all the pull-ups, m'kay?

I only made it to yoga once this week-on Sunday. Monday was the party and Wednesday fantastic husband had CME and I had to stay home with the smalls. I missed it. So I went to the noon hot yoga today, after that 20 minute monstrosity, and you know what? It was great. I'm pretty sure all the stretching will keep me from turning to stone later. Hopefully I can get in for a session tomorrow morning. I need to get in a long run, and it's supposed to be beautiful tomorrow. 8 miles or so followed by yoga would be divine.

After bendy time I stopped in at Healthy BellyZ next door for a smoothie. I was hungry to the point of slight dizziness after class (seriously, WTF is happening to me? I'm like a bottomless pit right now) and didn't want to wait until I got home to eat something. I basically had a chocolate shake. But like, a nutritiony one.

I did mention I was hungry, right?

Now I'm sitting around blogging while I wait for it to be time to pick up the smalls. Then it'll be snacks and trying to figure out what to feed them for dinner. I'll think of something. I'm feeling some chicken salad for myself. Gotta find a way to squeak in some legumes today.

Figuring out pull-ups was a huge thing for me this week. Bear with me while I get super corny for a paragraph or three. I never thought for a minute of my life that I would be able to do a pull-up. Ever. I talked about it. I worked on it even. But in the back of my mind I really thought that it would never happen. That I could get close, but I'd never get my chin over the bar. I'm too old, too fat, too weak, too...whatever. 

And then it happened. I hopped up on a high bar and did a fucking pull-up like it was nothing. I was even able to hold myself up over the bar, so I know it was legit. I was so surprised that I sort of squealed and shouted. Yes, I did one last Wednesday. One. And it was fucking ugly. Flailing ugly. But not yesterday. Yesterday they just happened. And it felt like a fucking miracle. So I did a bunch more. And then some toes to bar. I could transition from pull-ups to toes to bar. These are two movements that I couldn't do at all last year. 

So many things that seemed outside of my reach have become reality for me over the last 6 months or so. I can sustain sub-9 minutes miles over distance. I can do a freestanding handstand. I can bind a side angle pose and stand up into Bird of Paradise. I can do a shitload of GHDs in no time flat. I can do motherfucking pull-ups. 

The question becomes: Who the Hell Am I Now?  Now that those seemingly insurmountable barriers have what? I still have that sub-2 half looming. But if that happens...what next? These things have been out there in "Goals but not like actual goals because whatever" land for so long. For the first time in as long as I can remember I have no goal weight. Not even a secret one. 

What I have learned is that you have to celebrate every success. There is no "too small". Every big change I have seen recently is the result of relentless, incremental forward progress. There were weeks...shit...months when I was dragging myself forward by millimeters, and I just wanted to stop. I've spent so much of my adult life starting and stopping. What if I just don't stop? Work and kids and illnesses and my basic slothful nature...they all get in the way. But I'm realizing that if you just keep moving forward, no matter how slowly, one day you'll be at your destination. And it will be a revelation. 

So here's what I am now. Shooting for a 200# back squat. A 300# deadlift. Chest-to-Bar pull-ups. These are my new goals but not like actual goals because whatever.

I'm scared. Hold me? 

(But not really. No touchy.)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Eat All the Foods, Lose All the Weight?

I was going to blog on Friday, but instead I went to the movies. I saw Zoolander 2 with a friend. It was hilarious. Neil deGrasse Tyson had a cameo. I squeed aloud, and I'm not embarrassed. If loving a velvet voiced astrophysicist with killer biceps is wrong, I don't want to be right.

1970s NdGT had mad sideburns.

Friday was my second follow-up with Kirk the Nutrition Guy. I was so fucking hungry waiting for that appointment. You can't eat 4 hours before going in or it messes up the BIA, and my appointment was at 10am. When you get up at 0600, 1000 seems like a looooooong wait.  I made up a breakfast to take with me this time because I didn't think I'd be able to focus on what he was saying without some food.

2c. berries, 2 yogurts, and chia seeds.

I annihilated this breakfast in about 10 minutes after my BIA. I kind of wish I'd brought more food. There was a time in my life when the idea of eating breakfast made me nauseated. I never, EVER ate before noon. I thought that was a good way to "save" calories...and I was the heaviest I've ever been during that period. Lesson learned, I guess.

So, my results for the last 2 weeks. I lost 7 pounds. Seven pounds. Eating 2000-2200 calories a day. I think. I don't know, I haven't done the math, but I eat all the damn time. I got on the scale and looked down and saw 158 and said "What the fuck is this? I'm not supposed to be losing weight! That's not the point of this! How is this even possible?" We only track 2 measurements (I kind of wish it was more, I should've measured my legs and arms) because they are the most indicative of overall health risk. Waist and hip and the ratio between them. I lost an inch from the waist and 3/4 inch from the hip in the last 2 weeks. 

According to my BIA my total body water was down from last week. I'm not sure how that happened, since I've been pounding water like crazy, but I suppose it could just be that I need more now as my metabolism seems to have awakened from it's long slumber. Body fat was down, so yay, and my intracellular/extracellular water balance has shifted to the point where my cells are well hydrated and that bloat-making extracellular water has gone away. So bloody hallelujah for that. This week my goal is to get 120oz of water every day. I was averaging 80-120 previously, but clearly that's not enough, so I'll try to do better.

Friday after my appointment I went to yoga, which I've missed a lot this week for other conflicts (I mean, sometimes you need to get your hair did, y'know?). It was good to get back on my mat and it was a great combination of stretching, core work, and balance. I need to continuously work on my balance. It helps so many other things. 

After yoga I went over to CF to do the initial set up for the Ice Bowl competition on Saturday. My trusty friend and sidekick Amanda was there to lend a hand, and we came up with a solution for all the clusterfucky switch outs and set-ups required of us as equipment managers.

Competition ready.

Then I spent some quality time at Aveda, followed by the aforementioned movie. It was a full day. I even managed to get to bed early so I could get up and obsess about equipment transitions at 5am on Saturday.

Stuffing my face and writing out a comprehensive
list of equipment for each competition lane.

I wore what I've come to think of as my Ice Bowl uniform. Last year I froze even in long sleeves. This year I was overly warm. Plus no one got to see my gunz. Or something. At one point I considered stripping down on the sidelines and losing the long sleeves...I mean, I was a rugby player, I've been mostly naked in public before, but at a CF competition there are waaaaay to many ridiculously hot people around to make that a good idea.
The cuffs of this shirt are permanently stained
from plates and bars.

I packed a bag of snacks this year, because last year I didn't eat at all and it was fucking miserable. I did much better Saturday. I had a pepper (which I ate like an apple on the sidelines at about 9am...watching people try to figure out the smell was really entertaining), some carrots and hummus, string cheese, cuties, a FitAID, and an emergency chocolate bar (which I never had to break out). I also actually got a couple of tacos from the volunteer lunch. Turns out the 7 minutes it takes to do a competition workout is a long ass time. Enough for peeing and the stuffing of faces (after a thorough hand washing.)

Candy went back in the cupboard for another day.

I only had to holler at random spectators a few times, which was an improvement from years past. There was so much space for spectators this year. I don't get why everyone needs to encroach on the equipment staging area. FFS, I have a LOT of shit to move in and out of this EXACT AREA in about 2 minutes. So GTFO. Luckily, I have a voice like a bullhorn and they cleared out pretty quickly when I started yelling.

In order to get this set up we had to move 16 boxes, 8 bars, 8 rowers, 
and about 100 plates. GET OUT OF MY WAY.

In all, we really had a great day. Everyone did so well. I had returning equipment crew and newbies as well and they all did a fantastic job. We do this competition like fucking pros. I am so proud to say that it never took us longer than 90 seconds to prep the floor between heats AND between divisions, and after each WOD we had the next one set up and ready to roll in well under 7 minutes. Equipment at the Ice Bowl is on point. And when the competition was over, the crew, the judges, and the other volunteers all descended on the floor to clear away everything in record time before the awards ceremony. It was impressive to watch. 

I helped clean up as much as I could while feeling the CFGB love, and then I took my exhausted self home and climbed into my jammies. Over the course of the more than 10 hours I was at the box yesterday, I sat down exactly once. My hands and forearms are insanely sore from gripping and carrying plates, but otherwise I'm none the worse for wear. Hooray. John K from Stuff I Like gave me a Progenex bar to try on my ride home. Peanut butter caramel crisp I think? It was kinda like a protein-y Whachamacallit. Ye gods, I love a Whachamacallit. No sucralose in it, either, which is nifty. It was good. Don't know that I'd eat them on the regular, but definitely tasty.

Team WOD today. Because where else would I want to be on Valentine's Day? Fantastic husband is at work, so I might as well.

This morning I made myself a nice big breakfast and chugged 2 glasses of water.

So hungry.

Then I made some HBE. I've been eating a lot of string cheese lately, not that that's a bad thing, but I've been running through it really fast so I though having another quick protein option would be good.


The I hacked up a big piece of salmon and bagged it up in portions with some grapeseed oil and spices. Lemon oil and lemon/rosemary seasoning. My favorite. It never gets old.

I bag in the fridge, 3 in the freezer.

I'm well on my way to a day full of checked boxes. So now I'm sitting with the dog enjoying my second cup of chocolate donut flavored coffee and watching a little mindless TV. After the Team WOD I'm planning to use my Valentine's Day present (a bathtub pillow) to do a little relaxing and reading while soaking my tired old body. 
Happy V-Day, bitches.

Looks cozy.

Later I have to build a catapult with the girl child for school. While Pinteresting "Catapults for Kids" which is apparently a thing, I ran across a pin entitled "Siege Engines for Kids". I find myself wondering if there's a lot of call for children to storm castles or fortified towns. We're going to stick with pencils and rubber bands for now.

I'm hoping for slightly warmer weather tomorrow, as I'd really like to get out for a long run and that's not happening today with a house full of kids. 8 miles on the treadmill? Kill me. Then yoga and crossfit and some squatting in the afternoon. Back to the normal of it all.

My next appointment at Nutritional Healing (there's the linky for all of you who've been asking me where I go for this) is 2/29. I'm focusing on checking all my boxes, getting all my water, and mindfully working on my fitness goals for the next 2 weeks. Maybe I can shave a little more real estate off my waist and create a little more on my backside. Squats get heavier over the next 2 weeks...building the machine.

Happy Valentine's Day, motherfuckers. Get some for me.

The safe word is "Oklahoma".

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Obligatory Title

I haven't blogged for 10 days and that makes some people twitchy apparently. 

I didn't die, I didn't go off the rails, I just worked 8 days in a row and was kinda busy the other 2. It's cool. Life goes on.

I ate some stuff.

The usual plus bacon.

Red peppers and string cheese in a sports bra and shorts
after getting off the treadmill.

Fajita bowl.

Standard fish 'n veg.

I wore some stuff.

Brand spankin' new Romaleos. Nike lifters FTW.

These lifters? I knew they'd be better than my old Reeboks, but holy shit so much better. Like where-have-you-been-all-my-life better. Squatting like an angel better. Pardon my scarred shins.

Clearance pants.

Never worn teal pants before. These are some kind of compressiony bouncy pants from Lululemon. They're comfy, and I'll wear a god-awful color for $39 marked down from $118.

Today this happened.

Size 6 jeans, motherfuckers.

I haven't worn a 6 since...since...well, since I was about 26 years old. Right around the time I met fantastic husband. Yippeee!! I am no longer false advertising. Only took me 12 years and reconstructive surgery to get my body back. Easy peasy.

A few nights ago I was bored at work and found myself contemplating purchasing a few pairs of booty shorts. I buy dumb things at night pretty frequently. So here's one of the pairs I bought. This is what the CrossFitters wear, or so I hear. The bra is comfy and will be useful. The shorts? They fit? I mean...they're a little big but maybe won't be if I squat more? They're a medium...I can't grok needing a small. That's crazy.

I sincerely doubt these will see the light of day. I would need to discover a miracle cure for cellulite, spider veins, and vampire pale un-tannable legs. This outfit is made of NOPE. Nopenopenopenopenope nope. I have another style from UA that can be worn as underpants or shorts. They are more comfortable than these, but also shorter. I might wear them under a running dress, but as shorts...NOPE.  I learned something because of the UA shorts, but that will probably be the end of their usefulness. There is one other pair from Rogue on the way. Maybe those will be like Messiah pants or some shit, but at this point I'm still feeling the NOPE. Anyone want a couple of pairs of size Medium Reebok shorty shorts?


I squatted some stuff.
Pansy weights.

Knitted some stuff.
With beads!

Colored some stuff.

Isn't this the greatest cuss word?

I got my hair colored and futzed with. When you're hair is dark brunette you sort of have to go blond in stages or shit gets ugly.  The fun thing about this color? My red wasn't totally gone, so when we highlighted it I ended up with nifty pink-copper-orangey streaks mixed in with the blond and remaining brunette. I like it. It's quirky.

Please excuse my deepset wrinkles, crow's feet, and baggy eyes. I've been awake for 24 hours at the time of this picture. In the Costco gas station. Because I'm classy.

Not drastic yet, but hang on to your hat.

So I'm still awake and vaguely homicidal and then...we started working on Valentine's for school tomorrow. Cheap, shitty cards for everyone. Assembling these things makes me want to club a baby seal. Trying to poke a tiny tattoo into two teeny slots without dislodging the protective sheet?  Just kill me. At least then I could close my eyes.

At least they're all able to write their own names and the names of 
their classmates.

I made the kids dinner. I'll be listening to C read a book to me later. It will probably involve monkeys and dinosaurs and skunks, because they all totally shared the same evolutionary timeline. My first day off is always odd because I've already eaten 3 meals before breakfast. I've checked off all my boxes for today, so I can eat if I want to but I don't really have to. I also rested today, so no need to force feed myself.

Tomorrow I see the nutritionist for the second follow-up. I'm excited to see the results. I have no idea if my weight has changed. Don't care much, but it's cool to get all the metrics. I can't have caffeine in the morning, which is sad, but I'll live. Then yoga and maybe some squats before setting up for the Ice Bowl on Saturday at the box. We're going to run through a set up and tear down in order to get an idea of the most efficient way to transition. I'll be bringing a grocery bag full of food and absently chomping on a pepper while I wait for my moment to dart out onto the floor with an armload of plates. 

Gods I'm tired. Is it 8pm yet?


Monday, February 1, 2016

Do All the Exercises! Eat All the Things!

Since fantastic husband was off today I was able to get up early and head over to the box for 0515. I love working out before dawn. It's like it isn't really happening, or something. Your body forgets about it during the course of the day. I forgot how much I used to love watching the sun rise on the way home from the gym. It's gratifying to know you've accomplished something difficult before most people are awake.

The workout this morning was hard. Good hard, though. I don't know that I enjoyed it while it was going on, but I felt good about doing it. Got to see some of my favorite gym people, too, so that was a win. I think this might be the first WOD that I loaded a bar above my bodyweight for the workout. My max is well above my weight, but I don't usually put that much on for a workout. Lack of confidence I guess.

Before heading out at Oh-Dark-Thirty, I had a little bit to eat. Call it pre-breakfast. Ezekiel toast with sunbutter and a couple of clementines (coffee, duh).

Decent fuel.

I used my new gloves for the first time today. They worked extremely well. No tearing, no blisters. Perfect. Go ahead and call me a pansy, my hands aren't bleeding, and that's all I care about.  After the workout I did some GHDs (ever in pursuit of that 6-pack) and headed home to eat again.

No berries, 'cause I had fruit before the workout.

I annihilated this breakfast. I was so hungry. After eating fantastic husband and I went out for a slow 6. It was a perfect morning for a run. Since we had that stupid rain yesterday there was a slight sheen of ice and frost on everything. Road crews laid some salt and the sun was melting things a bit, but the footing was a little dicey in spots. Fortunately I was slated for an 11min/mile pace so it wasn't like I was biting into the pavement or anything. I even had one of those golden miles I love so much. Hit my stride, everything working together, effortlessly moving down the's the best thing. The best. 

I got home with about 10 minutes to spare before needing to leave for yoga, so I snatched some food out of the fridge, grabbed a FitAID, and hopped in the car. 

Yellow pepper and string cheese.

I, uh, didn't have time to cut the pepper, but it's really fun to eat a pepper this way. Feels weird at first, but the side eye from other drivers is hilarious.


Got to yoga just on time and flopped down on my mat for some core work and stretching. I actually did all the vinyasas. Surprising since the WOD this morning involved 70 chest-to-bar pullups (I use bands, but whatever). We did a lot of wonderful hamstring stretching and spinal twists, which I desperately needed after deadlifting. 

Then I took my 3-workouts-sweaty self to Costco. In my robot leggings. And crunchy hair. People looked at me. I hope they couldn't smell me...I could smell myself and I was rank. At any rate I got the stuff I needed quickly and hustled out of there so I could eat again. And you know, bathe. I added a 1/2c of chickpeas to this mostly because I was supposed to have a legume and I didn't feel like eating hummus.

Leftover Pad Thai. Always better the second day.

Then I showered. It was bliss. Then back into round 2 of gym clothes.

I like this shirt. I wish it came in more colors.

I felt I earned a slutty cookie.

You're a dirty, dirty whore.

I read for a while, and knitted for a while.


This shit is going to take forever.

We went to retrieve the children. Then we got the mail. I got some clearance activewear (someone stop me, I have a sickness). AND THIS!

It fucking came! The Sweary Coloring Book!

Then I ate again.

Mango and seeds and shit.

Took the kids to the box for CrossFit Kids and since I had 30 minutes to kill I tried my hand at barbanging in the back of the gym. I did some squats. Pretty light, just trying to remember good form. I got a nice lecture on form from Grant, and I think I did okay. I at least realized when I started fucking up. It was a good way to spend the time while the kids were working out. Productive anyway.

Bit by bit, I will build the machine.

We came home to supper waiting. Leftover pork and half a sweet potato for me.

There was more, I started eating before I remembered to photograph.

And now I'm watching Jeopardy and picking at a bowl of berries.

Because that is how old people roll.

School was already called off for the morning. Which is fantastic because I have a gynecologist appointment and it's fun to take kids to the ladyparts doctor. As long as daycare stays open (pray for me if you do that, can't hurt) it'll be okay, but my yoga plans are totally blown. Sad, that.  Guess I'll just foam roll and stretch out on my own. If we only get 3 inches of snow I'm going to laugh...and then I'm going to write a letter to the superintendent. 

Something tells me I'll be asleep before 8:30pm.