Monday, August 22, 2011

Seven is My Lucky Number (I Guess)

Went out for a 7 miler on Sunday. It was about 60, sunny, with a slight cool breeze. I tried a new route that the hubs suggested, and Voila! A happy run.

It's about friggin' time.

I was really worried that I was going to overheat, just based on the intensity of the sun. It was seriously the loveliest run I've had in....well....about 3 months. I averaged 10:30s, which is all I really wanted, and I felt strong the whole time. I really needed a "win" on Sunday, and I got it. weekend is training with my friend Joanne. An 8 mile run, and a 20ish mile bike. Why, you may ask?

Because I am signed up to do a triathlon on 9/3. What the hell was I thinking. Oh yeah...I was thinking about the race shirt.

Damn race shirts get me every time. (I love the race shirts)

It's a little creepy, actually.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mommy Hasn't Been Here in a While

Yeah. Blog fail. Oh well. It's not like anyone's reading this thing!

Back to training and bike commuting, and after a few trying days with a flat tire, it seems to be going well!

The Jerabek Challenge was this last Saturday, and my goal going in was to run the whole hot hilly thing with no walk breaks. I accomplished this goal, and took about 2.5 minutes off last year's time. I was still slow, mind you, but less so than in the past.

While I was slogging 10s through the Jerabek, Kim (Life in the Twin Lane) and Rachel (Running in Real Life) were posting sub-2 hour half marathons in Chicago. I'm not worthy.

My October half training has been painful. I feel slow and heavy. The 6lbs I've gained don't help with this, I'm sure. It's partly the heat, partly a lack of motivation. I'm just not enjoying my runs, and they don't give me the same exhiliration they used to. I'm pining for beautiful cool fall days, and hoping I can hold out until then...slogging along, getting my miles in.

I signed up for my first triathlon on 9/3. A small event in the town I went to high school in. Here's hoping I don't fail miserably. My boss's boss talked me into signing up for a duathlon with her 9/18. I haven't officially registered yet, but I promised I would, so I will. Now I just have to figure out what a person wears to compete in a triathlon...and a duathlon (which should be easier to figure out :).

I need food mojo. We've been making fabulous healthy meals for the family, and I've been eating them. In addition to every junky thing I can get my hands on. If I wasn't working out continuously, I'm sure I'd be up 20lbs. Sigh. I really wish I was one of those people who didn't have to constantly battle the scale. I wish food didn't call to me.

The other awesome development in my life? I am grinding my teeth into dust while I sleep. My new bite guard is being made as I write. So now I am about to be 34 (8/31), gaining weight, and about to be wearing a bite guard.

That's a lot of sexy, people. I hope my husband is ready to handle it. He's down about 50lbs, BTW, and looking better than ever. Asshole.