Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mommy is all Crazy Pants blog a month. I'm exhausted.

My lovely children continue to grow and flourish in spite of my lackadaisical parenting skills, which is wonderful. They have been (knock wood) quite healthy this year aside from the occaisional sniffles. The twins are fat and sassy, saying new words every day. They are all about looking in the mirror and talking to the "other baby". I'm pretty sure that when each one looks in the mirror he identifies his own reflection as his brother.

Lily adores 4K and asks every morning "Do I have 4K today?!?". Friday is her least favorite day because there's no 4K on Fridays. I'm so glad she likes school, it makes everything easier.

Now. For the Crazy Pants:

I have decided to run a marathon. Specifically the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon on 5/20/12. My training starts January 1! I'm intimidated and excited all at the same time. I'm doing Insanity right now (which is "bananas, yo" in the words of Shaun T), and am thinking it will make me a faster runner. Lots of plyo for speed :)

My friend Laura is debating signing up as well. I'm not counting on training with her, though. She's not an all-weather kind of runner, and will likely be treadmilling it for the most part. Me? I LOVE winter training. LOVE IT.

So there it is. In print. I'm going to run a marathon. Along with a couple of 5Ks and half marathons in my training schedule.

May the force (or the Schwartz) be with me...


  1. Yay! A marathon! Green Bay is such a good choice too. I love that race. We will be doing the marathon relay so we will see you there!

    I love how the twins think it is their brother in the mirror...that makes so much sense since they are so used to seeing a mirror image every day anyways! Twins are funny. :)

  2. Yay for you Amy... I'm excited to hear about your training. I've always wondered about that with the kids - when they look in the mirror, do they think it's the other one? Twin business is goofy stuff man.