Thursday, May 31, 2012

Letting It All Hang Out

Ok, here goes.  My before, front and side.
I work out.  Infrequently.

Hmm.  That's way uglier than I generally think of myself.  I should never be photographed.  Yikes.

Weight: 168.8 (yeah, I've been waaaaaay off the wagon of late)

Under bust: 33in

Waist: 33in (that's a little was 31 not too long ago.  In my defense, I'm retaining a tidal wave of water this week).

Hips: 42in (That's what you call childbearing hips, y'all.  Hey, they let me pop out twins faster than you can brew a pot of coffee.)

Lthigh: 24in  Rthigh: 25in (Really?  A whole inch difference?)

Calves: 16in (Both of them)

Upper arms: 11.5in (Both of them)

Wow.  Serious room for improvement there.

Tomorrow starts the experiment!  Here's a preview of what I'm going to be eating for breakfast this week!  Courtesy of PaleOMG, a savory breakfast casserole of eggs, sausage, and shredded sweet potato.


And my very own beef jerky from my very own food dehydrator.  Gotta use up the 350lbs of cow in my freezer...
Mmmmmeat cookies

Our fridge is also loaded with fresh fruits and veggies, and I'm going to make myself some un-hummus from roasted cauliflower and tahini for dipping stuff in.

Side note:  Did you know that if you buy the Mexican coconut milk, it is way cheaper than the Asian coconut milk?  At least at my grocery store.  I feel as though that's a teeny bit racist.  Good for my pocketbook, though.  Also?  You can buy almond flour (which is basically just pulverized almonds before they become almond butter) at Fleet Farm for like $2.  Same bag in the health food aisle? $5.99.  Can you say rip-off?

The experiment will be in full swing tomorrow, as I'll be eating my breakfast casserole, having a banana and heading out for 22 miles bright and early.  I bought a couple of cans of coconut water and will be trialing that as a recovery drink post run.

It begins.  Crossfit at 6:15am Monday.  I'll be bringing the kids, since that's before daycare opens.  An early morning to be sure, but apparantly there's a number of people who bring their spawn, and they have a kids room tricked out with toys and a TV for any DVDs you want to bring.  I'm relieved, because I thought I was going to miss my first day!

Speaking of the kids, here's a couple of shots of my boys' new haircuts
Charlie's mohawk
Pat's buzzcut

Wheeee!!!  I figured out pictures in posts!

Get ready, world!


  1. Woo! Way to go Amy. Can't wait to see the results. I love how one thigh is smaller than the other. How does that happen? :)

    That breakfast looks pretty good - as does the jerky! Bring some meat candy for Ragnar!

    Your kiddos are so cute! Love the mohawk.

  2. okay. first things first - that's one hellamazing body, twin mama. i know it's your 'before' picture, but i'd be damn happy if that was my 'after' picture!

    secondly, what the hell diet lets you eat sausage and meat candy? i'm IN!

    last but not least, the mohawk rules, crossfit seems to be boss as f*ck (though i've never tried it), and you're about to become even more awesome.

    here ends my comment.

    1. That would be Paleo :) Meat candy is the consolation prize for not eating sugar or flour, I guess.

      Not a bad consolation prize if you ask me!