Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time Keeps on Slippin'.....

The last couple of weeks have been hectic around here.  With illness, out-of-town shenanigans, new training programs (mine and husband's), and gulp birthdays, we've had our hands full. 

Today was little Miss Lily's first day of "real" school.  She had half day 4K last year, but now she's legit.  A backpack, a lunch card, and school fees = big kid.

She was SO EXCITED.  No first day jitters at all.
She was completely taken with all things Kindergarten. Her main concern was going back tomorrow, namely, if she would be allowed to.  She practically fainted with glee when I told her she'd be going every week day.  I'm glad she likes school.  I always liked it.  The glasses make her look so much older!
You may remember that we have been potty training the boys.  Overall, it's going well.  Pat is pretty much trained, to the point that he knows how to work the system to get the rewards.  Rewards include stickers for urinating without wetting underpants and suckers for poop that lands in the toilet without hitting the pants.  Stickers have lost their appeal.  He will pee completely independently when he has a mind.  Suckers?  He fucking loves suckers.  So much so that he has figured out how to poop out just enough to get the sucker, then wait a bit, and repeat.  He can poop on demand!! 
I poop, Mom.  Me poop sucker?
Charlie is less consistent.  He can to the whole toilet business, but can't seem to be bothered with the whole "go right to the bathroom when it's time" thing.  He has better things to do.
Like jammin' on his axe.
The picture is a bit blurry because he can't air guitar without dancing.  Charlie is a dancing machine.  When he strums the cardboard guitar (lovingly made by his Daddy), he mimics (mimicks? mimmicks?) the sound of picking guitar strings. "Ding da ding ding da ding ding!"  He will totally do duelling banjos if you play one of the other cardboard guitars (we have 4).  It's awesome.
Last Friday was my birthday.  I turned gasp 35 years old.  Pretty much feels like 34 and 33 and all those other years.  I pretty much always look the same and anticipate I will continue to look pretty much the same for another 15 or 20 years.  When you're sort of non-descript looking, you age well, I guess.  Here's a picture of me getting ready to go out for my birthday. 
I know.  I look like a total asshole.
By way of comparison, here's a picure of me after my 2x(6x400) treadmill speed set tonight
Still pretty assholey.
Hot damn my life is exciting.  I got a 45lb Olympic bar for my birthday from my dear husband.  He always knows just what I want. 
Whew.  Now that the internets are all up to date, I can snarf down some sugar detox carrot cake pudding (spoiler alert-it's carrots milled with spices) while I watch Jon Stewart and head off to bed.  CrossFit in the morning after Lily is off to school!
Oh, and have I mentioned the husband and I are going to run Ragnar Tennessee?  Because we totally are.  I'm addicted to that shit.



  1. U totally have Ragnar fever. I heard through the grapevine you may be at Whistlestop this weekend. Sarah and I are running the full marathon (our first), hopefully we run into you at some point!

    1. You have heard correctly! My dear husband and I are taking a 4 day hiatus from parenting and will be running the 10K on Saturday (maybe together, or maybe I'll just kick his ass all over the trail).

      Have fun with the marathon! I hope the weather is good, because that trail is freaking beautiful.