Friday, June 3, 2011

So THAT's what 7,000 stitches looks like...

Just back from my post-op appointment, and the good news is everything looks great and is healing nicely. The bad news is I have to keep the drains in for at least a few more days. Blah.

I can ditch the boobie binder and start wearing a non-underwire bra, though, which is nifty!

It is so strange to see and touch my belly. It's my belly, I have sensation, but the sensations seem....miswired? Like when I touch below my new belly button, it feels like I'm touching the top of my stomach. Odd. According to Dr. Z, there will be numbness for a while, along with some swelling. He also said that my boobs will drop a bit and soften up, but they seem pretty damn great to me right now, so if they start to look/feel even more "natural", well yippee!

I haven't seen my boys since Tuesday morning (I was afraid they'd pull out the drains/rip open the incision) but I can pin the drains higher and cover them with my shirt. Also, after seeing the 7,000 stitches holding my guts together, I'm pretty sure nothing's going to rip that puppy open.
I miss my babies, and I'm looking forward to seeing them tonight when my husband brings them home from daycare. I hope they remember who I am...

Back to work on 6/13, and back to walking at that point, too. If it goes well, then back to running the first week of July! I hope everything heals quickly and completely...I need to run again! I miss it so much!

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  1. Amy, of COURSE they'll remember you! I bet you get lots of hugs and smooches too. :)

    Glad everything is healing - I have that "miswired" feeling on my belly too after my C-section. If I run my finger along my belly from hip to hip, I have alternating feelings of numbness, normal sensation, and weird sensations. It's gotten a little better - right after the surgery most of it was numb and it gave me the willies when I touched my belly.