Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Momsperiment redux. Also fritters.

So my experiment has concluded.  It ended up lasting 6 weeks, courtesy of a boxwide Paleo challenge, but that's not a bad thing.  In fact, I'm going to consider this no longer an experiment-I changed my lifestyle, and I think I like it.

Before I get to the nitty gritty of after pics and measurements, look at these babies:

Zucchini Frittahs!

These were made with garden fresh zucchini provided by my friend Holly.  They taste like pan fried summer.  I wish you had a scratch and sniff computer screen, because they are crispy brown awesome.  Wanna make some? 

Shred 2 zucchini and squish all the water out.
Beat 3 eggs
Sift 1tbs coconut flour into the eggs (or white flour, I guess, you heathen)
Stir together, add zucchini and some salt and pepa (or pepper, I guess, if you don't have any 80s rappers lying around the house)
Melt some fat in a pan (bacon or coconut or whatever) and fry fry fry.

You can see I've fallen hook line and sinker for this Paleo stuff.  I'm trying not to be like a born again Christian, because those people are annoying.

Okay.  Down to brass tacks.


Holy shit, right?  I got a tan! In the shape of a running tank! Also, I absolutely promise that I am not doing that weird suck in and tuck under thing that they do in the diet commercials.  I did contract my abs, but I'm doing that in the before picture too :)

Numbers, numbers.

Weight: 162.4 (168.8)-this is on my home scale from the start 6 weeks ago.  On the box scale, fully dressed and after eating breakfast and drinking about a gallon of water I was down 3lbs :)
Under bust: 32in (33)
Waist (high): 30.5 (33)
Waist (low): 33.5 (34.25)-this is the measurement we used at the box for the challenge, so that's why I'm including it here.
Hips: 41 (42)
Upper arms: 11.75 (I forgot to write down and am too lazy to look)
Thighs: L-23.5 (24) R-24.5 (25).  Still uneven, but smaller at least.
Calves: L-15.25 R-15.5 (16 for both)  Now these are uneven.  Can you say asymmetry?

So I lost weight and I lost inches.  Happiness abounds.  Some more exciting news?  My mile split dropped from 9:00 to 8:19!  I was shooting for 8, but it was 97 freaking degrees and the uphill around the 0.75 mile mark just mentally fucked me.  Still, a 41 second improvement? In 30 days? With no speedwork?  Winning.

My situps went from 30 in 1 minute (full situps, not crunches) to 32-I wasn't expecting improvement here, I've been doing killer core workouts for 2 years. 

Pushups were the biggest surprise.  I was able to do 11 unmodified full release pushups in 1 min on day 1.  I did 23 (!!) on the last day.  Fuck. Yes.

So now I'm off the strict "Challenge" phase of this eating plan.  I had part of a muffin this morning with my second breakfast (I'm like a fucking Hobbit with the eating), and it was good.  Not oh-my-god-feed-me-carbs good, but good.  I ate what I wanted and stopped when I was done.  It was my little reward for being such a good girl, and for running 2 killer hills in 82 degree weather this morning at 0530. 

82 degrees at 0530 is never okay.  Never.

In other news, these party balloons refuse to die.  They are 10 days old with no signs of drooping.  They were a dollar each.  Go go Dollar Tree party supplies.

The rest of the week will be focused on getting my workouts in at the crack of dawn and all recorded before the weekend.  My husband is going on his annual guys-only camping trip from Friday to Monday.  I hope we all survive the weekend.  If the weather gets better we'll be fine.  I might even plan an outing to the zoo or farmer's market.  If it's still 99 with a heat index of 1000?  It's going to be a loooooooong 4 days. 


  1. You can really tell the difference in the side shot of your stomach. Awesome results!

    Also - an 8:19 mile? I thought you were slow? :) Kick ass!!

  2. Ow ow sexy hot! Very nice - and an 8:19? Balls! Nice work!

    You could bring the kiddos to Plamann this weekend - the beach is great and keeps everyone coool... that's where we'll be headed!

  3. Dude, you're hot. It must be the meat cookies. xo