Thursday, July 12, 2012

Warning: Photobomb

It's been a little while.  I've been busy...doing all the usual stuff.  Working, kid-wrangling, running (a bit), CrossFitting (a bit), and planning a 5th birthday party for my daughter.

Giant bounce house.  There's a motherfucking slide in there.

The party ended up being huge.  Tons of kids, lots of parents, and just enough food.  Only one barfer in the bounce house, and truthfully it's because he took a head to the nose.  Minor mess, his mom was there and cleaned the whole thing up.  Win.  My kids all loved the bounce house.

Pat wore through the heels of these socks.  "I jumpaJUMP, Mommy!"

Charlie was all about the slide. 

Lily got a crapload of presents, and we got our backyard barbecue, just like we wanted.  A great day.

The Friday before the party, I spent half the day cleaning, then treated myself to a little much needed foot maintenance.
Per Charlie "Shiny, Mommy!  My toes shiny, too, Mommy?"

I was a little loathe to part with my calluses, but my feet look far less leathery now, and I'll have plenty of time to build up new ones as I train for (drumroll):

Grandma's Marathon 2013!!!!

Yep.  I'm going to do another marathon.  Something I really never thought I'd do.  What's more, I convinced my husband to do it, too.  The Gary Bjorkland was my very first half back in 2009, and I'm excited to revisit the course and see some great friends at the same time.  I'm also planning to try a new training tactic:
I'm pretty sure this is going to require speedwork...

On a different training note, I'm still hitting the CrossFit box.  I wish I was getting there more often, but it's so difficult to time.  Of note, this week will end the box-wide Paleo challenge and the fit test will take place early next week.  I'll report my Momsperiment results when that's done.  As a preview, I'm down about 5lbs and my waist is 2 inches smaller!  I'm curious to see how my mile will pan out.  This tuesday, I did push presses at 75# and bruised my collarbone in the process.  When I hoisted that bar into the air, I felt like a fucking superhero.  It was like magic, and I felt amazing.  I didn't even notice the bruising until someone asked what was wrong with my collarbone.  Tomorrow is something called burpee box jumps (I'm pretty sure I know what that means, and I'm sure it sucks).  I want to keep CrossFitting, but it's been really hard to find a good time to go with my husband's schedule and the whole mommy guilt thing.

Now.  The most surprising thing:  I really dig Paleo.  For real.  I don't feel deprived, I don't have to count calories or mind portions, I'm learning what "satiety" actually means for the first time in my life.  My blood sugar has stabilized, I don't have swings or drops, I have energy all the time.  I sleep great, and feel great every morning.  I never have that desperate hungry feeling, and my cravings have disappeared.

See these?  Didn't even want one.  Amazing.

Donuts used to be my diet kryptonite.  I would avoid avoid avoid, then obsess obsess obsess, then cave cave cave, then hate hate hate myself.  These sat a few feet from me all day and I had absolutely no desire to eat them.  Not one tiny bit.  Today it was cake and pretzles with dip, stuff I would eat until I was sick.  No desire.  None. 

It doesn't seem real.  How is it possible? I don't want soda, bread holds no charms, and while I initially missed cheese?  Yeah.  Not so much anymore.  I do put half and half in my coffee in the morning, but that's pretty much it.  I really feel that this way of eating is sustainable over the long haul, and I don't want to go back to the way I was.  Self hatred is exhausting.  This new way of being?  It's exhilarating.  I feel unstoppable.
Coconut Klondike Bites

I won't pretend I don't have treats.  I have an occaisional drink. These coconut thingys?  They are delicious, but one every couple of days is enough.  I make paleo waffles, pancakes, and muffins, I eat sweet potatoes...but I feel no need to overeat, and a handful of dates or a baggie of grapes is enough to kill a sweet craving.  I'm starting to really understand what eating all the bullshit chemical garbage I used to think of as "food" was doing to me.  I don't obsess about food anymore.  It's like being released from prison.

So there you have it.  In the next 4 weeks I'll be concentrating on hills and strength as I prepare for Ragnar Great River.  After that, it's on to the anchor leg of the Fox Cities Marathon Relay with the Drug Dealin' Divas of Team LiveFit ABMC (subheading: Prescription for Awesome).  My leg is 10K, and I'm in the hunt to shatter my previous PR.

Life is fucking awesome. 

One more photo, to finish out.

This is about to end badly.


  1. Awesome. So glad to hear you've found what your body needs.

  2. oh my bouncehouse! Can you plan my birthday party?

    Sounds like Paleo is working awesome for you. Those donuts are calling my name from here!