Friday, November 7, 2014

I Feel Like Bloggin' Tonight

Lurong is coming to a close and I'm not sad to see it go.  It's not like I've been cheating my face off, but I really didn't meet my "no cheats" goal.  I had a little booze, a little candy, a little cheese...I didn't derail, but I probably could've done a better job.  My husband?  That rat bastard lost 30 pounds.  I think I lost 7.  Not terrible, but not earthshattering either.  Meh.  I've got 3 months until I have to wear a bathing suit in public. Plenty of time to hit goals.

Tomorrow is the Tyranena half marathon, which is going to be a hoot as a ton of my friends from all sorts of places will be there.  And I'll get lasagna as big as my face and two (TWO!) Tyranena beers.  Tomorrow I'll probably also write my year in review, which is going to involve raiding my medal display and trying to remember what the bloody fuck I did this year.  I haven't kept a running log for a couple of years (well, since I started CrossFit and logging that) but I think I should.  I have no idea what my annual total is, and I'm guessing it's really fucking high.  I've probably raced more than 200 miles, with no mention of training.

Since I can't manage to blog without taking pictures of all my goddamn food, here you go.

Simple stuff. Pig, egg.  All the majors.

I went to Costco today to re-up our membership.  I'm lucky if I can make it out of that place without dropping 3 bills.  Good thing I got paid today.  For lunch I ate one of the beautiful red peppers I got in a highly economical pack of 6, and the better part of a cup of guacamole.  The first ingredient listed for this guac?  Motherfucking avocados. Have you picked up supermarket/deli "guacamole" and looked at the ingredients lately?  Most of them barely include avocado.  This shit?  Avocado, tomato, onion, and spices. Huge win.  I love Costco.  This is probably a substandard lunch, but it filled me right up.

There were a lot more pepper slices at the outset.

I also bought another flat of these delicious sons of bitches.  I've gotten into the habit of cuing up a show on Netflix, opening up a pomegranate and spending 25 minutes getting every last seed ohmygawd. Then I use a spoon to shovel them into my gaping face hole in 5 minutes flat.  It'd be faster, but you really have to chew this shit or you'll aspirate a seed.

My son calls these "jewels"

My current Netflix deseeding show is Rescue Me.  I can't decide if Dennis Leary is hot.  He's like Cameron Diaz.  From certain angles, hot.  Other angles holy shit so ugly.   Plus he's kind of old and has clearly lived a hard drinking/smoking/fucking life.  Good hair.  Piercing eyes.  Still, sometimes he looks like an old woman.  Which doesn't prevent his character from getting laid constantly.  Have you watched this show?  It's like a fucking porno with all the humping.  A weird point about the humping?  99% of the time it's our boy DL sitting on a couch with a hot chick riding him.  Which is fine to a degree, since he really kind of looks like an old woman without his shirt, and he has freaky chicken legs.  

But still, from certain angles?  Kinda hot.  

Maybe it's the uniform?

Dinner tonight was made by the fabulous husband.  A recipe from Well Fed 2 that we hadn't tried before. Chicken Nanking.  Verdict?  Delicious.  

Simple and tasty.

For dessert I chose a Mojito. Becky, this shit is pretty darn tasty.

Don't freak out, it's a tiny glass.

Early to bed tonight so I can be ridiculously well rested for the Tyranena.  Moreso because I haven't run a step since the Fall 50.  Whatever.  It was just a really long taper.  I managed to sleep through CrossFit on Thursday, so I need to get in on Sunday to finish my last Lurong retest.  So far both my retests have been better than the first time around, so that's positive.  Tomorrow is measurement day (eek).  I'm going to lay money my waist is 30.25, because the universe just can't give me that bloody 29.  Ah well.  I had an HRA at the husband's work and got a perfect score, so there's that. The nurse who had to call me to go over my results was really scrambling for something to review.  I almost felt bad for her.  She asked me how I maintain my health.  I told her I eat a lot of bacon.

The take home point here is that bacon is medicine.

Seriously.  Is Dennis Leary hot?

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