Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Blogging 2015: 923 down, 1092 to go

Well shit. It's been a whole month since I've been in the mood to spill random details of my life all over the internet. You're welcome, or I'm sorry...whichever fits you.

After having the better part of October off, I spent most of November in the salt mine. I picked up some shifts to cover for my alter making a 10 day stretch, and ended up working an 8 day stretch as Thanksgiving was my holiday this year and I didn't get my requested PTO the weekend after.

One moment for a slightly tangential rant: Third shift the night before the holiday being counted as the holiday? Is some bullshit. Basically for 7 years I don't get to celebrate any winter holidays. That's what I get for being essential.

So I was busy in November. Busy making that money. Which I promptly spent on workout clothes, because that is my life now. If I can't do it in leggings and a tank top, I'm out. I have utterly lost the ability to dress myself in normal people clothes. Although I do fit into a pair of jeans I'd written off, so there's that. I'm wearing them now as a matter of fact...with a race shirt from 2 years ago. Because I can't clothes.

I've been fighting the demon virus from hell for the last eight-ish days, and I'm fairly certain it's making the flip to bacterial as evidenced by the fact that I can't hear. Or rather, I can, but in the way you can hear when you're under water. That makes it easier to ignore my kids and dog, but it makes other things (like obsessively listening to my new favorite album) decidedly more difficult. I took 3 days off of working out, and I felt even shittier, so I went back to 3-a-days and now I still feel shitty but at least I don't feel guilty.

Today I got up early and made myself some coffee, then nuked a breakfast burrito that fantastic husband made this week. It was tasty.

Egg, cheese, sausage, and a (gasp) flour tortilla.

Fantastic husband and I had kicked around the idea of running 3 miles before heading to the box, but my massive quantities of medication hadn't kicked in yet so we opted out. Good thing, too. We got to CF and face a box jump pyramid (with fucking burpees again) sandwiched between two 800m runs. That would've sucked waaaaay more if my legs were already tired. As it was, I managed a box jump PR (by 2 inches! woo!) and finished with a respectable time. I also did 50 GHDs...I could only do 30 unbroken before my fluid filled ears started protesting. I had to do the last 20 as sets of 10. Afterwards I was dizzy. I hate being sick. If I ever get a chronic illness I am going to make everyone around me miserable. 

Then I jumped in the car and headed over to yoga. I ate this apple on the way. 

Honeycrisp. Mmmm.

When I got to the studio I got to listen to a woman tell me how she spent $400 at Costco because her family eats ALL ORGANIC OH EMM GEEEEEE!!!!! I was sort of tempted to say "I have no clue where this apple came from I didn't even rinse it OH EMM GEEEEEEE!!!" But I didn't. Because while I'm an asshole, I can sometimes successfully keep my mouth shut. Sometimes. So I did the stretchy bendy and then came home to find my "grab bag" tank top from INKnBURN had arrived.

So pretty. Ermahgehrd.

I also thought maybe some food, but while I'd love to show you a picture of a pretty plate of salmon and asparagus...I actually ate this energy bar. Win some, lose some.

Two servings my ass. ONE. ONE SERVING.

Then I went for a run. I had 3 on the calendar, but I did a full mile at CF so I went out for 2ish. It was warmish today but also weirdly humid and kind of windy. The miles felt good, even though my legs were cashed. I could've skipped it, but I'm glad I went.

Totally smiling on the inside.

Fantastic husband and I arranged for the kids to go to daycare after school so we could have some adult time. Before we had kids we used to just hang out all the time. I miss that. I suppose we get to hang out child free a lot more than most people because of our bizzaro schedules, but there's always some thing that needs to be done. Laundry, shopping, food prep, dishes, cleaning, yardwork...you get the picture. Today we just spent a few hours being together. It was lovely. 

Then I swallowed another handful of pills and went back to drinking motherfucking tea.

I'm so fucking sick of tea.

Dinner tonight was a rotisserie chicken from Festival and some frozen beans. Serviceable. And yes, that's a Diet Coke. Sometimes I drink a Diet Coke. Get the fuck off me.

It's food.

Last weekend I made hand pies with the kids. I make a lard based pie crust and we cut out circles and fill them with fruit (cherry in this case). The kids get a charge out of dishing the filling and crimping the crusts with a fork. It's fun, as long as I have a shitload of wine before and during. I'm not exactly Type A, I mean, if you've seen my house you know I'm an ambitionless sloth when it comes to things domestic. But I do like things done a certain way. The right way. My way. That makes things like baking as a family profoundly un-fun. But if I have a few glasses of fizzy wine? I am fun mommy. Fun mommy is patient and kind, she explains things 87 times and doesn't give a shit if you're mashing the hell out of the edge of the pie crust for nogoddamnreasonstopitstopitstopitomgwheresthewine. Fun mommy ignores all that stuff and enjoys the moment. The pies turned out great, and P took a bunch of them to school for classroom snack. They were well received. Just 2 left tonight, so I had one.

I do love this crust recipe.

Tonight I have to go to Walgreens to get Sudafed, because I'm out and I'm under water without it.  I have to wait, though, because having spent many years working behind the counter during the 5-7pm hours? I wouldn't go in there now if you paid me. Plus I'm not wearing any make-up and I let my hair air dry today. So I look like this.

I'm going to get treated like a drug addict.

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt the heretofore unmentioned 4-a-day. I'll likely be comatose by 8:30 tonight (fuck this fucking virus). CrossFit at 0515 tomorrow. At 9am my friend the personal trainer is going to come over and help me figure out how to work my ass. That sounds stupid, but basically I have lazy glutes...I do everything I'm supposed to do with my ass with my quads instead. That's why I can't squat for shit. So she's going to help me figure out what's up with my lazy ass so I can squat more. And look better in leggings. I also have a 4 mile run planned which will probably happen right before noon yoga.

And then? Then I'm going to meet fantastic husband out for Indian food buffet style. And I'm going to fucking stuff myself full of samosas. And chili chicken. Mmmmmm....chili chicken. 

So yeah. I remain boring as shit. I was going to toss in some clumsy drawings of my uterus for funsies, but that will have to wait. 

I can already taste the samosas...

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  1. i'm also way more patient with a few glasses of wine. and less bossy. I should have had two shots of whiskey before I invited the 8 cousins under 8 over for Christmas cookie cutting/decorating. Sadly, for them and me, I did not. ;(