Tuesday, July 19, 2011

P90X...the saga continues

So I've been running on the treadmill (which I DESPISE) due to the freakish heat around here the last week or so. My big plan to bike to work? On hold until next week. It's going to be 96 friggin degrees here tomorrow, and while I do want to bike, I also don't wish to die. Oh, and I did a really, really stupid thing that is best expressed with a photo. I shall share soon. Promise.

Enter P90X. Now, I've done this workout before, and I like it and stuff, but after 6 weeks without resistance training? Yeah. My ass is weak. It's good for me though, and I'm happy to be doing it as I know it will make me a stronger runner. I plan to do Insanity after the Fall 50 before I start spring training.

The cooking is still going well. Last night I made Chicken Francais (or Chicken Fancy as Lily put it) and it was delicious :) So was the bottle of wine I consumed with it.

Rachel at Rachel in Real Life tagged me for a post, and I'm totally going to do it- but from my home computer so I can post pics. For real.

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