Sunday, April 29, 2012

21.25 Reasons to Eat Cookies

Today was my 22 miler.  Well, 21.25 miler for reasons later explained.  Overall it went pretty well, and I proved to myself that I can go farther than 20 miles and not keel over dead.

This morning was another clear, sunny, 30 degree start (my favorite favorite running weather!) which warmed to about 50 over the course of my 4+ hour stint outside.  I decided to run from home instead of driving somewhere, so I spent a fair amount of time devising a route that would be almost completely new to me.  I ended up choosing a looping course that took me from my home on the NE side to downtown and back. 

I had to hire a babysitter for the run, as my dear husband remained at the station hoping for rescue calls, and she arrived at around 6:30am.  I was ready to roll for the most part (having been awakened before my alarm by my sweet little Charlie shouting his lungs out for water at 5:30am).  I will say that paying someone to watch your progeny so you can run is a powerful motivator.  If I wimped out it was a total waste of time and money.  So, on with the rundown:

Starting out:
Man it's a beautiful day.  I'm pretty stoked about the new route...wonder what I'll see today?

Mile 1-5 (home to Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary):
Familiar territory, still lovely in that first flush of Spring kind of way, but a bit of a yawn.
Oh, look!  Geese and 6 little fluffy goslings!  That is just precious...OHSHITTHATGOOSEISHISSINGANDCOMINGTHISWAY!!!!!!

Mile 5-7 (N. Irwin to Dousman bridge):
Hmmm...there are a crapload of Veterans post dealies on this road.
Hey look!  More geese and little baby geese!  I hope they get accross the road here okay
I may or may not have shouted "YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME GOOSE?!?"

Mile 7-9 (Broadway to Walnut bridge):
Oh that's where Kavarna coffeehouse is!  Huh.

Mile 9-10 (Astor Park Historic District):
This neighborhood is beautiful.  How have I never run through here before? It even smells beautiful.
St. Vincent Hospital is way less ugly from this angle.

Mile 10-13 (S. Baird to University to Humboldt):
How did I never notice the huge park on this road (S. Baird).  Oh!  And City Stadium, that's cool.
Sure are a lot of people at Sts Peter Paul and Mary (or whatever it's called) this morning.  I wonder what time it is?  That is one huge fluffy white dog that dude is walking...Is he shouting something?
Hmmm...I think I just saw a schizophrenic walking his dog....

Mile 13-15 (Humboldt to Mt. Mary to St. Andrew to Curry):
Dooodoooddododoooo...old mental hospital....dodododooooododododoooo....Oh!  That's where the jail is! mental hospital.....power plant.....

Mile 15-17 (Lake Largo):
This neighboorhood is really pretty in a "designed development" kind of way.  Still, I wouldn't turn up my nose at a house on this lake...all manicured green lawns and stone and grasses....I dig it.
Why are those old men looking at me like I have two heads?

Mile 17-18 (Old road turned trail to Bay Settlement and Bay Highlands and ???):
Fuckballs.  I'm starting to tank.  The last few miles were way hilly-er than I thought...where was I supposed to turn?  Crap.  I think I'm lost.  Quick, try to find a road name you recognize....ummm.....Fayetteville?  Yeah, that one totally goes back to Bay Settlement.

Mile 18:
Motherfucker.  I am toast.  I am out of water...oh wait, I have money and there's a BP up there
(Cue angel chorus).

Mile 19-20:
I over this.  But my legs have reached the point of being apathetic about continuing, so I might as well keep going. 
Side note?  Margarita Shot Blocks taste awful, and if you drink too much water washing the taste out of your mouth?  You will slosh.  And you will feel sick.

Mile 20-21.25:
Hmmm....should I push for the 22? Slosh slosh slosh
No.  No I shouldn't.

So I headed home, hit the ice bath, took a shower, paid the sitter, and proceeded to put the kids down for a nap and fall unconscious into my own bed.

Best. Nap. Ever.

So.  The taper begins.  I have a half marathon next weekend, then the following week's "long" run is 8 miles.

Eight.  Miles.  Seriously, what's the point of gearing up for less than 10?

Marathon training has massively fucked with my brain....

For the record, I did eat cookies.  Oatmeal raisin to be exact.  They were delicious. (Also 100% clean)

**My time was 4:17.  I wasn't super happy with that, but considering I'm "riding the red tide" this week (hint hint) it could have been worse.  I now know how it might feel to run a marathon while in labor.  Which makes me feel a teeny bit badass.


  1. I think your long run recaps may be some of my favorites. Watch out for those evil geese!

    Who cares about the time - you got the miles in and now you can coast your way into Green Bay! YAHOO!

  2. Way to run Amy! Now it is time to and make sure you are rested!

  3. Woo!!! twenty one point fucking two five miles! Can't wait to hear about GB!

  4. Having met you I can actually hear this post in your voice. CLASSIC! You're a badass bitch and ready to get on with this marathon bullshit. Go get em!