Friday, April 13, 2012

Twenty is a Lot of Miles

I survived it.  I survived the 20.  More than survived it, I finished 15 minutes faster than I had planned, and I felt pretty good the whole time.  Here's the breakdown, because I know you are just dying to read the blow by blow.

Prior to starting:  Holy fuckballs, I'm going to run 20 miles.  Maybe.  If I don't die, or fall, or...something.  I have to pee.  I have to pee again.  I need a banana.  Or whiskey. 

Parking my car:  Wow.  What a nice morning.  I kind of have to pee.

Headed out:  Okay.  I'm running.  See?  You do this all the time.  No biggie.  Just let your body do what it does.  Relax.  Stop freaking out.  It's fine.  No seriously, you're so tense it hurts a little.

Mile 1-5:  deeedeedeeeedeedeeeee  lalalalalalalala What a beautiful morning!  It just couldn't be nicer!  Wow, it's already time for a walk/water/shot blocks break!  Wow!  Wait, I'm pacing 10:30s?  That's too fast...

Mile 6-8:  Oh hey!  They paved the trail south of Heritage!  Cool!  No gravel in my shoes.  It's kinda pretty out here!  Look at all the big houses!

Mile 9:  Seriously, where the fuck am I?

Mile 10:  Holy gods I have to pee.  Is that a porta-john?  HOLYCRAPTHATSAPORTAJOHN!  The people who built this trail are clearly geniuses.  I shall pee and I shall eat shot blocks and I shall drink water.  There's even toilet paper in here!  And it doesn't smell.  I am so winning.

Mile 11-13:  deedededeeeeeeededededeeeee  lalalalalalala Ooooh, lookit!  I'm back in De Pere!  That was quick!  Only 2 miles until my walk/water/food break!

Mile 15:  It is too hot.  Must. take. off. this. shirt. (Relax, I was wearing a long sleeve over a short sleeve).  Blast!  Side stitch!  Calm down, just calm down, walk it off and have some water.

Mile 17:  I imagine this is going to start hurting soon? 

Mile 18:  There it is. 

Mile 19:  Is my shoe untied?!?!  Seriously?  It should not hurt so much to tie a shoe.  I'm gonna walk for a bit.  Oh shit, walking hurts more than running!  RUN, DUMMY, RUN!!!!!!

Mile 20:  Back at the car.  Holy crap.  I just ran 20 miles. what?  Oh!  I should update my facebook status!  Yeah!  "20 miles.  3:45:30."  Woo!

So that's pretty much it.  I came home and had a huge glass of chocolate milk while I sat in a tub full of freezing water.  I didn't have ice, but the tap water was pretty cold.  After the initial shock of it, the cold bath felt pretty freaking great.  I sat in it and read a magazine for about 20 minutes and then took a nice lukewarm shower. 

I spent the next two hours packing for the weekend, then ran to Target for some random stuff.  I felt fine, a teeny bit sore/stiff, but nothing major.  I took 800mg of ibuprofen before leaving the house, just as insurance, and made sure to pack my Biofreeze.  After hitting the Target, my stomach woke up and began shreiking at me "GO IMMEDIATELY TO JIMMY JOHNS AND GET ME A #12 AND A GIANT PICKLE.  GET THE PICKLE WOMAN!  I MUST HAVE THE GIANT PICKLE!"

Now I'm sitting here, eating a pickle, and hoping I don't lock up and end up stuck on the couch.  Is it possible to feel basically good after 20 miles of pounding?  Because I feel kind of good.  I won't pretend that the last 2 miles weren't painful (mentally and physically), but it wasn't injury pain...just a little hip tightness and a desire to be done.  It was truly the most perfect running morning I may ever experience.  35 degrees as I set out, warming to 55 degrees at the finish.  Sun and clouds, a light breeze, and 20 miles of river views and backyard voyeurism.  I have never been so happy to be alive and a runner.  That sounds so stupid and cheesy, but it's true. 

I ran 20 miles today.  I don't even know who I am anymore :)


  1. I am so glad it went well for you! Sounds like a perfect 20 miler!

    I wasn't very sore after my first 20 miler. I ate well afterwards and did an ice bath and I think that was key. I hope you still feel this good tomorrow!

  2. you are one, hot, f*cking awesome mama-runnin' machine. that's who you are.

  3. Rachel, I'm going to say I agree with the ice bath. I was just a little bit stiff on Friday if I sat too long, but I felt completely normal on Saturday morning. Ice bath! Woo!