Monday, May 26, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Starting Over at Day 1

Whassup, bitches?  Guess what?  It's NOT another race recap (my next one isn't until 6/22).  I'm starting over at Day 1 here for two reasons:

1. I've been partially off the wagon and eating stupid with all the travel, etc for the last 2 weeks.
2. I'm too fucking lazy to count the days from my last menu post.

I'm starting week 3 of my sub-2 half training plan this week and I'm not going to reach that goal if I continue to eat stupid.  I've remained pretty Paleo (except for with a couple of lapses that I paid for with fatigue and gut issues (bagel at 3am because I'm bored=heartburn for 36 hours) but I lapsed with Zone. My eating has been relatively clean, but haphazard.  2 hard boiled eggs and a RxBar do not a meal make.

My challenges have been travel (which isn't as hard to deal with as one might think, if you're willing to be a little hungry in airports-but it does mess up meal planning at home) and the third shift.  I find that when I plan out meals and pack for the night as though it were the day I end up eating all the food I brought AND a bunch of random stupid shit I don't need.  I discovered that I'm not actually hungry during the night shift, I'm just fatigued (or bored or anxious) or in need of a mental break.  Even if I sleep very well and don't feel tired at the beginning of my shift, my body hits a spell between 2 and 4am that sets me down a path of compulsive consumption.  It could be fruit, or coffee with coconut milk, or beef sticks, or eggs...I can't eat enough even though I'm not physically hungry. I'm working on it with a few mindfulness exercises, and I'm learning what does and doesn't work for overnight fueling.  I may just eat before sleeping, have a snack upon waking, eat dinner with the family and just not eat overnight.  We'll see.

On to the menu!

I made eggs and bacon for the kids this morning (to a chorus of "Eggs again?!?  We always have to have eggs!!) they also had toast, applesauce, and juice.  The applesauce (we buy the unsweetened stuff) looked really good, so I had some.  I wanted some slivered almonds for the top, but we're out (goddamn it).

Basic.  Good.

Tossed down a few snap peas later in the morning.  Mostly because I was hot and they're cold.

Sweet 'n Crunchy.

Lunch was BLTs.  I fucking love BLTs.  They taste like summer.  And bacon.  I obviously don't eat bread, so mine were more like BLTacos with homemade mayo.  When I put down my plate, my daughter observed "That's almost like a BLT."  To which I replied "No, that's the quintessential BLT.  You're having a BLTonT."  My sons were mostly having a B.  Because L and T are not acceptable foods.

I had two.  I don't need your judgement.

We took the smalls to the Zoo this afternoon.  I grabbed a quick snack before we left.  Prunes and macadamia nuts, because they were handy (and filling).

I love prunes.  You should, too.

I had a frozen lemonade at the Zoo (a small one).  It was delicious.  My phone was off.  Oops.

Dinner was grilled out, of course.  I think it's against the law not to grill your dinner on Memorial Day.  We brutally forced the children to eat asparagus.  One whole spear each, which created more angst than a teen vampire saga.  Eventually they all tried it, and two of them liked it (it's not the first time they've had it).  Much steak was eaten by all.  I had a beautiful tenderloin filet cooked to just the medium side of rare by my beloved husband.  

Meat and veg.  Simple and beautiful.

After supper we washed several layers of dirt and sunscreen off the spawn and put them to bed.  I am now enjoying apple almond butter cocktail as a little bedtime snack.  

Fair and balanced.

I didn't do the Memorial Day Murph this year, as my husband was off work and we were in need of a little family time.  I hope everyone who did has a good place to hang and groan for the next few days.  

Tomorrow I'm off to the box for 5:15am (it's been so long since I've been in, I hope I can find the place), and then I'm giving a presentation to some high school students on being a Pharmacist.  (RUN!  RUN AWAY!!)  After that I have a 90 minute run with intervals, then an afternoon with the kiddles while my husband has training.  Tomorrow is also our 8th wedding anniversary.  We're going out for dinner and then...we don't know.  We have three kids and full time jobs.  What do people do for fun?  Bowling?  Movies?  Pull into a parking lot and sleep?  We usually end up grocery shopping.  

Thank-you to all our active duty servicepersons and veterans.  Your efforts and sacrifices are appreciated.

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