Monday, May 11, 2015

Blogging 2015: 410 down, 1605 to go.

Looks like I'm gonna have to do 5 miles tomorrow.

Yesterday I took some of my Mother's Day silence (it's the only thing I asked for) and powered through the foot of my right sock. Here's the result. I kind of love them. I needed green socks, and this was a quick easy knit.

Yay socks!

Today is the first day of the Lurong Summertime Challenge. Just 5 weeks in the summer, and I'm taking it as a cue to get back on track with the support of my fitness community.  

Here's breakfast-eggs with mushrooms and spinach. I tossed peppers in there on the weekend, but we're out now, so oh well.

I also had black coffee and an orange.

I went to the box yesterday for the Mother's Day WOD. It was a hero WOD and it was a hard one. Part of it was weighted lunges and my ass hurt like a bitch this morning, only to show up and do 80 wall balls and 1000m run. I'll be really surprised if sitting on the shitter isn't excruciating tomorrow.  

While I was at the gym, surprise! The sump pump replacement crew showed up at my house. I had them on the calendar for Friday, but there was an email I missed on Friday moving the appointment. I get like 200 emails a day. So I missed one. So sue me.  At any rate, we hustled home and the work was done. No biggie, except that it ate up all the free time I was going to use for grocery shopping this afternoon.  Oops.

The boys had PB&J for lunch by request, and I baked a nice piece of fish and tossed it on some mixed greens.  Looks pretty fucking fancy, doesn't it. You'd pay a hefty price for this in a restaurant.  I made the fish in the toaster oven while making the boys' lunch and pitching greens in a bowl with balsamic while I poured milk. 

That'll be $15 please.

I walked the boys to school in what became a fucking deluge halfway there. They thought that was awesome and they squealed and laughed with their superhero umbrellas. My sweats got wet. Flappity flappity flap. Wet cuffs suck. I was hoping to have enough time to wash before going back to school to volunteer this afternoon, but the crew didn't finish in time for me to do that, so I just stank. Meh. 4 year olds smell pretty bad. I doubt any of them noticed my crunchy hair.

I volunteer in the 4K classroom once a month. I did when the girl child was 4 as well. It's kind of fun, and it's nice to know the kids so that when my boys talk about their friends I can put names with faces. A group of 4 year olds is both unbelievably adorable and excruciatingly painful. Imagine every question that was ever thought of being asked simultaneously in 16 tiny high pitched voices and you have 4K. Kindergarten teachers deserve a medal. If I taught Kindergarten I would probably take steak knife and a tongs and just cut my own fucking uterus out to prevent having to live with a child that age. 

Today we made handprint flowerpots. I alternately wanted to hug and shake every single child. I mean cuuuuuuute, but also OMGFOLLOWDIRECTIONS.  At the end of my time they went to calendar time and I folded alphabet books. Ask me about the 4K weather song sometime. I'll sing it for you.  You'll be singing it forever. I did get a lovely parting gift, though. I don't know what kind of plant it is, but the boys are very excited to find out how it will look.

One little girl remarked "It's so cuuuuuuute"
She is super cute. It is also her birthday.

Somehow after we walked home in the drizzle, the sky cleared completely and it became a beautiful day. Just in time for us to hop in the car and go to CF kids. By the time we got home I was starving, so I tossed some hot dogs together for the kids and I heated up a leftover turkey burger and some peas for myself. 

I really love these turkey burgers.

After dinner the kids and I took the dog outside and played fetch for about an hour. She could play fetch forever and never tire.  She's so good now that she often catches the disc in the air- and tonight she was bringing it back and laying it at my feet. What a good doggie.  I did spend about half the time keeping her from pestering my plants.  Here's the garden box all planted. A little of this, a little of that and we'll see what sprouts!  The kids are already planning what to do with their pumpkins, so let's hope we get a few.

This shit is orderly 

I made the spawn go downstairs to play while I folded laundry so that I could watch Game of Thrones. It took me damn near an hour to fold all that shit. Kid laundry is the worst. But it's all done, it's all folded, and it's all put away. Except for the stuff I have to do tomorrow. Sigh.

At the moment I'm chilling out and considering having a bowl of cherries to finish the night. I think I will.

Oh, I got myself a Mother's Day gift.  A little pharmacy related jewelry.  I thought this was pretty cool.

I especially dig the old-timey hypodermic.

I'm not sure I'll make it to the box tomorrow as my errands were all fucked up today, but I do have yoga in the evening, so I'll at least get some good stretching in. It's been a couple of weeks since I made it to yoga and I have really missed it. 

Also I signed up for belly dancing. Because I enjoy making a fool out of myself in the name of abs. Now I just need one of those jangly belt things.

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