Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Blogging 2015: 417 down, 1598 to go

Woot!  Got 7 miles today because we needed hamburger buns. Sounds a little stupid, yes? Well, I went to Costco this morning to refill our empty fridge and as I was leaving I got a text from fantastic husband "If still at store, get a pack of hamburger buns." I responded "Too late, but we can walk the dog to the BP."  So I got home, put away my $200 worth of awesome (we were out of a lot of stuff) and we walked the kids to school. Once they were dropped off, we continued on with the dog. The hilltop BP is just shy of 2 miles from our front door. A nice round trip walk. Well, they were out of buns so I said "Why don't we just keep going? We can stop at the one down the hill!"

Down the hill in this case was through campus.  Fantastic husband was game, so off we went. There was one package of hamburger buns on the shelf at the downhill BP, and we got it. Then we had to walk 3.5 miles home. Fortunately the rain held off and it wasn't too hot or windy. 7 miles later we had hamburger buns. I don't even eat hamburger buns.  Nice walk though, and just what my screaming glutes and hamstrings needed to loosen up. I'm skipping yoga tonight as it's softball season and I totally spaced on fantastic husband's game tonight.

I woke this morning to a snoring pile of 5 year old in my bed. I got them up and started dressing and headed downstairs to scrape together breakfast. I found a box of waffles, so we were saved. I had the remnants of a box of blueberries and my now standard egg-spinach-and-mushroom scramble.  Good stuff.

Food groupy.

Fantastic husband walked the girl child to school and I kicked back with a cup of coffee. Then he took the boys to the Y and I got ready for epic errand spending. The girl child now has a summer wardrobe and some new sneakers and we have a full fridge.  Then we had our hamburger bun walk, right before which I realized I'd inadvertently ordered TWO swingsets from Home Depot. Shit. I called them and straightened that out while we walked. Fortunately for me they don't charge until an item ships and we got one canceled prior to shipping. I do not need two giant mac daddy playsets. That is madness.

As a side note, the chick at the HD helpdesk was extremely nice and fixed my problem right away. I adore good customer service. This is what I would've had two of:

I didn't have lunch until almost 2pm due to our extended walk. Pretty basic and once again from the toaster oven.
I had to get more salmon today. It's just so damn tasty.

I couldn't tell you what I did this afternoon. It's all gone. So much for fish being brain food.

My last turkey burger bit the dust for dinner. I considered eating a bun just because.
Must get more Wildtree. Fortunately I have a hook-up.

Opted for dessert. We finally got a good batch of grapes from Costco. Fantastic husband describes it as grape roulette as half the time they look great but are mushy or sour or what have you...and when you get bad ones you have FIVE POUNDS of bad ones. These are delicious. Crunchy and sweet.

Tonight's activities are up in the air. I'll be watching Aaron Rodgers on Jeopardy, because Aaron Rodgers and Jeopardy, but other than that? Beaded knitting? Coloring? Maybe I'll READ A BOOK! FOR FUN!

My spawn are making noise, so I banished them to the basement. I will leave you with this gem from P (said while enthusiastically hugging his sister) "YOU CAN'T MILK A CHICKEN!"

I can't argue with that.

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