Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day 2 on the Wagon or "Fuck You and the GHD You Rode In On"

I tried something new today! Egg whites in mah oatmeal. I've seen this all over the interwebs, but I've always been a little leery of microwaved eggs. Today I decided to give it a go, in order to check a protein box while simultaneously eating oatmeal.

So. Egg white oatmeal? Is motherfucking cake, y'all.


It is also ridiculously filling. Since you're going to ask, here's how I made it:

1/2c oats of your choice. Quick cooking, steel cut, Irish, whatever. I'm not your fucking mother.
1/2c milk of your choice. Dairy, soy, almond, hemp, goat, whatever. I used almond.
4 egg whites-ish. I suppose you could use more, but this was pretty cake-like. 

Place in microwave safe bowl (or don't, it's not my house...I don't care if you blow yourself to smithereens) and nuke for 3-5 minutes depending on what kind of oats you used and how many eggs you mixed in. Essentially cook it until it's done, you dig?

Mix in some shit you like. Pictured is about a cup of mixed berries and 15 almonds diced up pretty plus one packet of PureVia stevia. I hear PB and bananas is pretty great. 

You're welcome.

I wasn't going to go to the box this morning, but fantastic husband was going to go for the 915, there were squats programmed, and I was really sore. I love to squat when I'm sore. It's the only time I can actually feel my lazy glutes working. 6x2 starting at 70%. My last 2 were at 155#, and they were challenging but not soul sucking. Progress, bitches. I'm going to get that goddamn 200# squat in 2017. 

Then I came home to eat. 

And read. Also read.

I realize bacon sprouts don't really go with my "cut down on fat consumption" thing, but they were left over and you don't leave bacon sprouts. Unless you're a communist. And I'm not. A socialist, but not a communist.

This afternoon we got the *ahem* pleasure of watching two, count them TWO school Christmas pageants. We all know what a great mom I am, yeah? It shouldn't surprise you that sitting through these things is akin to pile driving a spike right into my brain. 

I know, I know. You love watching your speshul snoflayke sing and half ass dance for an hour twice a year. Great. You do you. In my opinion, elementary school programs should be classified as torture techniques by the Geneva Convention. In junior high, your kid joins band or choir and they care about that shit. They practice, they're proud. In elementary school? They have to participate. They have no choice. My youngest son spent his whole program stripping down to his t-shirt in a completely disinterested way. He was "bored" and "hot". HE was bored and hot? He was? This year there were recorders. Fucking recorders. 

Feel my pain, fuckers. FEEL IT.

I was dressed like Jem, so there was that. 

She was truly outrageous.

Once I had done my motherly duty, which included making faces at my youngest son for a good 20 minutes, we came home. I ate. Because that's what I do.

Highlighted by heaven, people.

Fantastic husband went to the grocery store and I settled down with my book while the smalls did homework. Babylon's Ashes...the 6th book in the Expanse series. Ye gods, I love this series. And the kids kept trying to talk at me. I'm reading. You're reading. Reading is a quiet recorder free activity. 

When fantastic husband got home, I got my Xmas present! I mean, I schlepped it in from the driveway where the UPS guy gave up, so I kind of knew what it was.

They are so beautiful. Black and shiny, like my heart.

We went down to my mom cave and talked about plate storage and space utilization. We spoke of folding Rogue racks for the garage, and he didn't roll his eyes at me. I'm making headway towards a full-on garage gym. I wonder if I could hide a GHD somewhere...

Speaking of GHDs, I did 50 yesterday thinking "I need to go back to doing GHDs every other day". Today's WOD? Fucking GHDs. My abdominal wall is crying. Yoga is going to be super-fun and special tonight. You know, if upward facing dog doesn't tear something free.

The pose for today in the 12 poses of Xmas was "Quiet Seat". Check this out.

It lasted for like 4 seconds. Four. Glorious. Seconds.

Dinner tonight was simple. Chicken chickpea salad with some apples and almonds. It was tasty. 

Easy. Plenty of leftovers.

I still have a protein and a dairy left for today. Maybe I'll mix some chocolate whey into a greek yogurt later. That sounds like an excellent idea, actually. Go me. Ooo...also a fruit. There's some strawberries yet. Yay.

Ah fuck it. Snacks now.

Every muscle in my body hurts. 

Can't wait to do it again tomorrow.

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