Thursday, February 11, 2016

Obligatory Title

I haven't blogged for 10 days and that makes some people twitchy apparently. 

I didn't die, I didn't go off the rails, I just worked 8 days in a row and was kinda busy the other 2. It's cool. Life goes on.

I ate some stuff.

The usual plus bacon.

Red peppers and string cheese in a sports bra and shorts
after getting off the treadmill.

Fajita bowl.

Standard fish 'n veg.

I wore some stuff.

Brand spankin' new Romaleos. Nike lifters FTW.

These lifters? I knew they'd be better than my old Reeboks, but holy shit so much better. Like where-have-you-been-all-my-life better. Squatting like an angel better. Pardon my scarred shins.

Clearance pants.

Never worn teal pants before. These are some kind of compressiony bouncy pants from Lululemon. They're comfy, and I'll wear a god-awful color for $39 marked down from $118.

Today this happened.

Size 6 jeans, motherfuckers.

I haven't worn a 6 since...since...well, since I was about 26 years old. Right around the time I met fantastic husband. Yippeee!! I am no longer false advertising. Only took me 12 years and reconstructive surgery to get my body back. Easy peasy.

A few nights ago I was bored at work and found myself contemplating purchasing a few pairs of booty shorts. I buy dumb things at night pretty frequently. So here's one of the pairs I bought. This is what the CrossFitters wear, or so I hear. The bra is comfy and will be useful. The shorts? They fit? I mean...they're a little big but maybe won't be if I squat more? They're a medium...I can't grok needing a small. That's crazy.

I sincerely doubt these will see the light of day. I would need to discover a miracle cure for cellulite, spider veins, and vampire pale un-tannable legs. This outfit is made of NOPE. Nopenopenopenopenope nope. I have another style from UA that can be worn as underpants or shorts. They are more comfortable than these, but also shorter. I might wear them under a running dress, but as shorts...NOPE.  I learned something because of the UA shorts, but that will probably be the end of their usefulness. There is one other pair from Rogue on the way. Maybe those will be like Messiah pants or some shit, but at this point I'm still feeling the NOPE. Anyone want a couple of pairs of size Medium Reebok shorty shorts?


I squatted some stuff.
Pansy weights.

Knitted some stuff.
With beads!

Colored some stuff.

Isn't this the greatest cuss word?

I got my hair colored and futzed with. When you're hair is dark brunette you sort of have to go blond in stages or shit gets ugly.  The fun thing about this color? My red wasn't totally gone, so when we highlighted it I ended up with nifty pink-copper-orangey streaks mixed in with the blond and remaining brunette. I like it. It's quirky.

Please excuse my deepset wrinkles, crow's feet, and baggy eyes. I've been awake for 24 hours at the time of this picture. In the Costco gas station. Because I'm classy.

Not drastic yet, but hang on to your hat.

So I'm still awake and vaguely homicidal and then...we started working on Valentine's for school tomorrow. Cheap, shitty cards for everyone. Assembling these things makes me want to club a baby seal. Trying to poke a tiny tattoo into two teeny slots without dislodging the protective sheet?  Just kill me. At least then I could close my eyes.

At least they're all able to write their own names and the names of 
their classmates.

I made the kids dinner. I'll be listening to C read a book to me later. It will probably involve monkeys and dinosaurs and skunks, because they all totally shared the same evolutionary timeline. My first day off is always odd because I've already eaten 3 meals before breakfast. I've checked off all my boxes for today, so I can eat if I want to but I don't really have to. I also rested today, so no need to force feed myself.

Tomorrow I see the nutritionist for the second follow-up. I'm excited to see the results. I have no idea if my weight has changed. Don't care much, but it's cool to get all the metrics. I can't have caffeine in the morning, which is sad, but I'll live. Then yoga and maybe some squats before setting up for the Ice Bowl on Saturday at the box. We're going to run through a set up and tear down in order to get an idea of the most efficient way to transition. I'll be bringing a grocery bag full of food and absently chomping on a pepper while I wait for my moment to dart out onto the floor with an armload of plates. 

Gods I'm tired. Is it 8pm yet?


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