Monday, February 1, 2016

Do All the Exercises! Eat All the Things!

Since fantastic husband was off today I was able to get up early and head over to the box for 0515. I love working out before dawn. It's like it isn't really happening, or something. Your body forgets about it during the course of the day. I forgot how much I used to love watching the sun rise on the way home from the gym. It's gratifying to know you've accomplished something difficult before most people are awake.

The workout this morning was hard. Good hard, though. I don't know that I enjoyed it while it was going on, but I felt good about doing it. Got to see some of my favorite gym people, too, so that was a win. I think this might be the first WOD that I loaded a bar above my bodyweight for the workout. My max is well above my weight, but I don't usually put that much on for a workout. Lack of confidence I guess.

Before heading out at Oh-Dark-Thirty, I had a little bit to eat. Call it pre-breakfast. Ezekiel toast with sunbutter and a couple of clementines (coffee, duh).

Decent fuel.

I used my new gloves for the first time today. They worked extremely well. No tearing, no blisters. Perfect. Go ahead and call me a pansy, my hands aren't bleeding, and that's all I care about.  After the workout I did some GHDs (ever in pursuit of that 6-pack) and headed home to eat again.

No berries, 'cause I had fruit before the workout.

I annihilated this breakfast. I was so hungry. After eating fantastic husband and I went out for a slow 6. It was a perfect morning for a run. Since we had that stupid rain yesterday there was a slight sheen of ice and frost on everything. Road crews laid some salt and the sun was melting things a bit, but the footing was a little dicey in spots. Fortunately I was slated for an 11min/mile pace so it wasn't like I was biting into the pavement or anything. I even had one of those golden miles I love so much. Hit my stride, everything working together, effortlessly moving down the's the best thing. The best. 

I got home with about 10 minutes to spare before needing to leave for yoga, so I snatched some food out of the fridge, grabbed a FitAID, and hopped in the car. 

Yellow pepper and string cheese.

I, uh, didn't have time to cut the pepper, but it's really fun to eat a pepper this way. Feels weird at first, but the side eye from other drivers is hilarious.


Got to yoga just on time and flopped down on my mat for some core work and stretching. I actually did all the vinyasas. Surprising since the WOD this morning involved 70 chest-to-bar pullups (I use bands, but whatever). We did a lot of wonderful hamstring stretching and spinal twists, which I desperately needed after deadlifting. 

Then I took my 3-workouts-sweaty self to Costco. In my robot leggings. And crunchy hair. People looked at me. I hope they couldn't smell me...I could smell myself and I was rank. At any rate I got the stuff I needed quickly and hustled out of there so I could eat again. And you know, bathe. I added a 1/2c of chickpeas to this mostly because I was supposed to have a legume and I didn't feel like eating hummus.

Leftover Pad Thai. Always better the second day.

Then I showered. It was bliss. Then back into round 2 of gym clothes.

I like this shirt. I wish it came in more colors.

I felt I earned a slutty cookie.

You're a dirty, dirty whore.

I read for a while, and knitted for a while.


This shit is going to take forever.

We went to retrieve the children. Then we got the mail. I got some clearance activewear (someone stop me, I have a sickness). AND THIS!

It fucking came! The Sweary Coloring Book!

Then I ate again.

Mango and seeds and shit.

Took the kids to the box for CrossFit Kids and since I had 30 minutes to kill I tried my hand at barbanging in the back of the gym. I did some squats. Pretty light, just trying to remember good form. I got a nice lecture on form from Grant, and I think I did okay. I at least realized when I started fucking up. It was a good way to spend the time while the kids were working out. Productive anyway.

Bit by bit, I will build the machine.

We came home to supper waiting. Leftover pork and half a sweet potato for me.

There was more, I started eating before I remembered to photograph.

And now I'm watching Jeopardy and picking at a bowl of berries.

Because that is how old people roll.

School was already called off for the morning. Which is fantastic because I have a gynecologist appointment and it's fun to take kids to the ladyparts doctor. As long as daycare stays open (pray for me if you do that, can't hurt) it'll be okay, but my yoga plans are totally blown. Sad, that.  Guess I'll just foam roll and stretch out on my own. If we only get 3 inches of snow I'm going to laugh...and then I'm going to write a letter to the superintendent. 

Something tells me I'll be asleep before 8:30pm.

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