Sunday, February 14, 2016

Eat All the Foods, Lose All the Weight?

I was going to blog on Friday, but instead I went to the movies. I saw Zoolander 2 with a friend. It was hilarious. Neil deGrasse Tyson had a cameo. I squeed aloud, and I'm not embarrassed. If loving a velvet voiced astrophysicist with killer biceps is wrong, I don't want to be right.

1970s NdGT had mad sideburns.

Friday was my second follow-up with Kirk the Nutrition Guy. I was so fucking hungry waiting for that appointment. You can't eat 4 hours before going in or it messes up the BIA, and my appointment was at 10am. When you get up at 0600, 1000 seems like a looooooong wait.  I made up a breakfast to take with me this time because I didn't think I'd be able to focus on what he was saying without some food.

2c. berries, 2 yogurts, and chia seeds.

I annihilated this breakfast in about 10 minutes after my BIA. I kind of wish I'd brought more food. There was a time in my life when the idea of eating breakfast made me nauseated. I never, EVER ate before noon. I thought that was a good way to "save" calories...and I was the heaviest I've ever been during that period. Lesson learned, I guess.

So, my results for the last 2 weeks. I lost 7 pounds. Seven pounds. Eating 2000-2200 calories a day. I think. I don't know, I haven't done the math, but I eat all the damn time. I got on the scale and looked down and saw 158 and said "What the fuck is this? I'm not supposed to be losing weight! That's not the point of this! How is this even possible?" We only track 2 measurements (I kind of wish it was more, I should've measured my legs and arms) because they are the most indicative of overall health risk. Waist and hip and the ratio between them. I lost an inch from the waist and 3/4 inch from the hip in the last 2 weeks. 

According to my BIA my total body water was down from last week. I'm not sure how that happened, since I've been pounding water like crazy, but I suppose it could just be that I need more now as my metabolism seems to have awakened from it's long slumber. Body fat was down, so yay, and my intracellular/extracellular water balance has shifted to the point where my cells are well hydrated and that bloat-making extracellular water has gone away. So bloody hallelujah for that. This week my goal is to get 120oz of water every day. I was averaging 80-120 previously, but clearly that's not enough, so I'll try to do better.

Friday after my appointment I went to yoga, which I've missed a lot this week for other conflicts (I mean, sometimes you need to get your hair did, y'know?). It was good to get back on my mat and it was a great combination of stretching, core work, and balance. I need to continuously work on my balance. It helps so many other things. 

After yoga I went over to CF to do the initial set up for the Ice Bowl competition on Saturday. My trusty friend and sidekick Amanda was there to lend a hand, and we came up with a solution for all the clusterfucky switch outs and set-ups required of us as equipment managers.

Competition ready.

Then I spent some quality time at Aveda, followed by the aforementioned movie. It was a full day. I even managed to get to bed early so I could get up and obsess about equipment transitions at 5am on Saturday.

Stuffing my face and writing out a comprehensive
list of equipment for each competition lane.

I wore what I've come to think of as my Ice Bowl uniform. Last year I froze even in long sleeves. This year I was overly warm. Plus no one got to see my gunz. Or something. At one point I considered stripping down on the sidelines and losing the long sleeves...I mean, I was a rugby player, I've been mostly naked in public before, but at a CF competition there are waaaaay to many ridiculously hot people around to make that a good idea.
The cuffs of this shirt are permanently stained
from plates and bars.

I packed a bag of snacks this year, because last year I didn't eat at all and it was fucking miserable. I did much better Saturday. I had a pepper (which I ate like an apple on the sidelines at about 9am...watching people try to figure out the smell was really entertaining), some carrots and hummus, string cheese, cuties, a FitAID, and an emergency chocolate bar (which I never had to break out). I also actually got a couple of tacos from the volunteer lunch. Turns out the 7 minutes it takes to do a competition workout is a long ass time. Enough for peeing and the stuffing of faces (after a thorough hand washing.)

Candy went back in the cupboard for another day.

I only had to holler at random spectators a few times, which was an improvement from years past. There was so much space for spectators this year. I don't get why everyone needs to encroach on the equipment staging area. FFS, I have a LOT of shit to move in and out of this EXACT AREA in about 2 minutes. So GTFO. Luckily, I have a voice like a bullhorn and they cleared out pretty quickly when I started yelling.

In order to get this set up we had to move 16 boxes, 8 bars, 8 rowers, 
and about 100 plates. GET OUT OF MY WAY.

In all, we really had a great day. Everyone did so well. I had returning equipment crew and newbies as well and they all did a fantastic job. We do this competition like fucking pros. I am so proud to say that it never took us longer than 90 seconds to prep the floor between heats AND between divisions, and after each WOD we had the next one set up and ready to roll in well under 7 minutes. Equipment at the Ice Bowl is on point. And when the competition was over, the crew, the judges, and the other volunteers all descended on the floor to clear away everything in record time before the awards ceremony. It was impressive to watch. 

I helped clean up as much as I could while feeling the CFGB love, and then I took my exhausted self home and climbed into my jammies. Over the course of the more than 10 hours I was at the box yesterday, I sat down exactly once. My hands and forearms are insanely sore from gripping and carrying plates, but otherwise I'm none the worse for wear. Hooray. John K from Stuff I Like gave me a Progenex bar to try on my ride home. Peanut butter caramel crisp I think? It was kinda like a protein-y Whachamacallit. Ye gods, I love a Whachamacallit. No sucralose in it, either, which is nifty. It was good. Don't know that I'd eat them on the regular, but definitely tasty.

Team WOD today. Because where else would I want to be on Valentine's Day? Fantastic husband is at work, so I might as well.

This morning I made myself a nice big breakfast and chugged 2 glasses of water.

So hungry.

Then I made some HBE. I've been eating a lot of string cheese lately, not that that's a bad thing, but I've been running through it really fast so I though having another quick protein option would be good.


The I hacked up a big piece of salmon and bagged it up in portions with some grapeseed oil and spices. Lemon oil and lemon/rosemary seasoning. My favorite. It never gets old.

I bag in the fridge, 3 in the freezer.

I'm well on my way to a day full of checked boxes. So now I'm sitting with the dog enjoying my second cup of chocolate donut flavored coffee and watching a little mindless TV. After the Team WOD I'm planning to use my Valentine's Day present (a bathtub pillow) to do a little relaxing and reading while soaking my tired old body. 
Happy V-Day, bitches.

Looks cozy.

Later I have to build a catapult with the girl child for school. While Pinteresting "Catapults for Kids" which is apparently a thing, I ran across a pin entitled "Siege Engines for Kids". I find myself wondering if there's a lot of call for children to storm castles or fortified towns. We're going to stick with pencils and rubber bands for now.

I'm hoping for slightly warmer weather tomorrow, as I'd really like to get out for a long run and that's not happening today with a house full of kids. 8 miles on the treadmill? Kill me. Then yoga and crossfit and some squatting in the afternoon. Back to the normal of it all.

My next appointment at Nutritional Healing (there's the linky for all of you who've been asking me where I go for this) is 2/29. I'm focusing on checking all my boxes, getting all my water, and mindfully working on my fitness goals for the next 2 weeks. Maybe I can shave a little more real estate off my waist and create a little more on my backside. Squats get heavier over the next 2 weeks...building the machine.

Happy Valentine's Day, motherfuckers. Get some for me.

The safe word is "Oklahoma".

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