Saturday, May 28, 2011

The screaming. Make it stop.

I worked today, which is unusual for me. I don't typically work weekends, because I work second shift during the week and that is my perq for working the "crappy" shift. Personally, I like evenings. That has nothing to do with anything, but I do. Like evenings.

Mainly because I don't have to make dinner for the children. Around 4:30, my darling little angels begin grousing about the lack of snacks/milk/fruit/flesh of animals in their darling little bellies. I begin gathering my dinner supplies, pouring milk, getting plates from the cupboard. The second Mommy's little sweathearts see the food? They go apesh*t. Wailing, gnashing of teeth, rending of clothes apesh*t. Pat will jam himself between my legs and the cupboard and wail for a piece of food, subsequently bashing his head against a drawer pull and wailing EVEN LOUDER. Charlie sits in the middle of the kitchen floor and does this droning whine that makes me want to TEARMYHAIROUTOHMYGOD. When I finish the prep and dish everyone's dinner, I put them in their chairs and call for Lily to use the bathroom before supper. I put the food down in front of the rabid little monsters and their gaping maws...and in four minutes flat they have annihilated ALL the food and are crabbing around for more. They eat more than adults. It is insane. Did you see dinner for me in there anywhere? No? That's because I don't get any. If I am eating once they have destroyed their meal? It makes them crazypants.

So when I work evenings, my dear husband makes dinner, and I enjoy an hour long lunch break with adults. Win.

Today I worked the 0700-1730 shift. Meaning I got home at 6pm which is usually pajama time for the boys. Today it was streak from the living room to the kitchen and scream at Mommy while clawing at her pant legs to be picked up time. It took forever to get them changed and that hour from 6 to 7pm was the longest. hour. ever.

It's not that I don't miss them when I'm gone. I do. But that doesn't stop me from wanting to leave again...what can I say? I am the least mothering mother I know. I'm basically a dude. I am the work full time breadwinner type. My husband is much more mom-ish than I am. He's a caretaker by nature, it's one of the things that attracted me to him. It's a good thing he's the one home most of the time. I am the person who describes the emotion felt upon the birth of her child as "a deep sense of obligation". Not exactly a poetic reaction, right?

On a less dramatic note, the boys had ice cream for the first time on Friday. People look at me like it's weird that they haven't had ice cream. They are 14 months there a timeframe for ice cream? Anyway, Charlie picked up the scoop with both hands and cried because it was cold. That didn't stop him from eating it, mind you, he just cried the whole time and freaked out when anyone tried to take it from him (to, you know, stop hime from crying). Pat poked his icecream with his finger and cried because he couldn't pick it up. I wish I had video of it. I'm pretty sure there was money to be made off of that one!

Tonight's exchange with Lily:
Me: It's 8 o'clock, time for bed!
Lily: I don't want to go to bed.

Nothing special, but if you repeat the lines over and over and over and over again? They become funny to the point where you and your three year old are laughing so hard you can barely speak. My daughter is a crazy person. She gets that from her Dad.

Less than 3 days until Ta Ta Tuesday!

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