Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ta Ta Da!

Had my surgery this morning! Checked in at 6:30, spent about 2 hours freaking out about it, then into the OR @ 8:30. I know they gave me a little Versed, which took the edge off right before they wheeled me to OR. I remember commenting that it looked like a storage room (lots of boxes of supplies piled up) and the CRNA telling me that it was crowded today because they ordered too much stuff over the weekend. Then she put a mask over my mouth and nose and I thought "This stuff smells metallic" and then I was out.

I came to in PACU at about 11:30 and was really surprised that I felt no pain at all. Just a bit of soreness. I was able to get up and reposition myself and drink some water, then off to the discharge area. I was there for about 2 hours, so that I could have a little something to eat and they could do vitals for a little while. I was out of there and home by 2pm!

Now I'm just hagning out, drinking water and sleeping. My new boobies are really pretty :) No clue what's happening with the belly, and I have to wait until Friday to see it unwrapped!

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  1. Holy crap Amy. I'm so so glad it went well... hopefully your recovery is super fast. I just cannot imagine having new boobs - what a trip. What does the hubs think?