Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wow. Day 2.

I haven't run a step since Sunday, which makes me grumpy.

Sunday was the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon (well half-marathon for me). First time running that distance at the event, and I have to say it was fun! I also set a PR in spite of brutal winds. 2:12:48...not exactly world record pace, but I was tickled by it. The spectators were fun, the post race beer was cold, and it was a beautiful day (once I stopped running into a headwind). Unfortunately, all of my friends (save one) that were to run the race had to drop out. Injury, conflicts, by one they fell by the wayside. My friend Laura had a killer time (2:08:08), but I never saw her at the start so I missed the chance to pace with her (dammit!!).

My overall observation for the day is this: 13.25 miles (mismeasured course) on concrete roads that are in questionable repair? Yeah, it's hard on the joints.

So now my spring racing season is over. It was pretty successful! Ran the Dick Lytie Spring Classic in March in 2:17:34 which was a personal best. It was 30 degrees, sunny, and windy that day...and there was a pretty substantial snowpack because it snowed 18 inches two days before the race! I did the Door County Half Marathon the week before Cellcom in 2:21:50. I had a 2:15 in me that day, I think, but I was busy running and chatting with a friend :) What a beautiful course that is. The weather was perfect, too...couldn't have asked for a better day.

Now that my 3 spring half marathons are behind me, and my next isn't until October (Whistlestop half...followed by the Fall 50 relay), my next adventure

So have I mentioned I have kids? Three of them? Two of which are twins? Big ones? Well, they are. I went to 37.5 weeks and they were each 7lbs. I was a landmass. I lost all the baby weight, but I'm pretty destroyed, so a week from next Tuesday I'm having all my bits put back where they belong. I am terrified. Also excited. Excited and terrified. Yup.

I need to run out my anxiety, but there isn't any time! Work, kids, work some more, baby showers out of town, kids, pre-op, work, work, work, kids, anniversary (our 5th!), work, work, work, SURGERY. Did you see "run" in there? No? Well neither did I. I need to find a way to wedge it in, though...I won't be able to run for a month (!!) after the procedure, so I have to get it in now!

If only the weather would start cooperating.


  1. Oh Amy, I can't wait to hear all of the dirty details about the surgery... I'm so excited for you. I've been looking at and trying to be all zen about my post-babe body... I'm just glad I have in-the-buff pictures of me pre-preg. :)

    Make your sched work, work, kids, have beer with kim, etc. etc. Super.

    Oh! Fall 50 - Rachel and I are doing it too. Assuming I'm done being gimpy by then.

  2. I hope you are able to find some time for a run!

    I can't believe how big your twins were. Wow! You deserve to get everything back where it belongs. (I love how you put that, by the way!)

  3. You're going to be at the Fall 50?!?! As a pair or with a whole team? It's creepy because I was actually thinking "I wonder if Kim and Rachel would do the Fall 50..."

    That is so freaking awesome. Is it your first time doing it, or were you in the playboy socks group from last year? Because my husband totally went and bought be playboy socks at Goodwill because of that team.

    And I wear them. Regularly.

  4. I just went to the Fall 50 website and it sold out yesterday! NOOOO!!!!!!

  5. Oh no!!! That sucks our team captain (NOT me :) registered us on 5/6. They even expanded this year! Keep an eye on the sight, though, they might start a waiting list for cancellations!!

    It's such a fun run, too. How can you not love a race that starts with "Just run south until somebody hands you a beer!"

  6. Wow. My spelling and grammar was awesome in that last comment.