Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blogging the Menu: Day 1

Day 1: I decided to go all 21-Day Sugar Detox today.  After eating everything that was not nailed down yesterday (none of which was actually food) my teeth actually hurt.  That is not an exaggeration.  My teeth hurt.  So I was on a mission today to get off the sugar-heroin train.

Here it is.  Wow.  This is going to get reeeeeally boring for you.

2 fried eggs, 3 bacon, and half an avocado.  Coffee, black. 
Bacon makes the day brighter.
Roasted chicken salad with peppers and avocado.  Olive oil and balsamic with cracked pepper for dressing.
That's not a soda, BTW, it's a sparkling water (lime flavored if you care, and I know you don't)
Sliced red peppers, a hard-boiled egg (which did not peel worth a DAMN, I HATE peeling eggs!), and
a soothing cup of mint tea.

 Grilled steak and roasted peppers, taco salad style with a little impromptu guac.
The glass contains citrus flavored kombucha.
A little dessert.  Fake mousse made from an avocado, a banana, coconut milk, and cocoa.
A few cacao nibs tossed on for crunch.
I swear my diet is not usually so avocado heavy.  I do eat a lot of peppers.  Those things are delicious.  I doubt these will look as pretty as the days and weeks wear on, but my food was lovely today at least.  Another personal goal...don't eat ugly food!
How did you do today?  Did you go for the cookie tray, or did you end up like me...hiding from the cookie/candy tray and feeling slightly nauseated?



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