Monday, December 30, 2013

Blogging the Menu: Day 5

'Twas the night before New Year's Eve...and we just got back from the movies.  I haven't seen a grown-up movie in the theater for ages.  We saw Catching Fire.  I'll let you decide if that's grown up.  I'll tell you what though, that theater was full of idiots.  Direct quote:  "Like, seriously?  That's the end?  I mean, I know there's a part two, but seriously?"

Bitch, this is part two.  It's a motherfucking trilogy.  Did you (like, seriously?) walk in here not realizing this was the second of three? 

The dumbest thing I ever heard at a movie was right before Titanic started.  My aunt and I had been discussing the special effects.  I mentioned that I was most interested in the sinking scenes as I'd read they were longer than the actual sinking of the ship.  The woman behind me leaned forward and said "Thanks for ruining the movie for me!"  I turned around and said "The Titanic sank in 1912, it's not my fault you're ignorant."    Yeesh.

We ate out, but it wasn't a tragedy.  Behold the menu:
These should be looking familiar by now.  Also some melon.  We were out of bacon.
Oh, I also had a banana before CrossFit.  You'll have to take my word for it.

This happened.  That is one deep blister. 

Broccoli soup.  Chicken stock, onion, broccoli, aaaaaaaaand blend.
Bam, soup.

After lunch I was sorta bored so I ate some carrots. 

Then I was still bored so I ate some clementines.  They didn't really help with the boredom for long.  I successfully avoided the stupid candy that was EVERYWHERE today for some reason.  Stupid candy.

After work I came home to a quiet house.  My husband and I decided to hit Red Robin for dinner before our movie.  I had a cider.  It was good.  I also had sweet potato fries which are so much better than regular fries.  Every time I see them as an option on a restaurant menu, I smile.

Guacamole bacon burger, no bun.  I had to have some bacon today.  It's the rules.
Also the guac was really good.
And now it's off to bed.  Think I might sleep in tomorrow in preparation for a speed session tomorrow night.  Torvald the Treader and I have work to do!

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