Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blogging the Menu: Day 6

It's New Year's Eve!  I'm too old to really care.  Truthfully, I was never a "party" person.  I've been out on NYE until bar close, but I'm not sure I can honestly say I ever enjoyed it.  As I've admitted before, I am painfully introverted.  The bar scene exhausts me (always has), and I'm the kind of girl that gets hit on by two distinct groups of men:  The Very Old and The Crazy.

I know, I know.  All women think they get hit on by crazies.  I barely ever get hit on (which is totally fine by me, don't get me wrong), but when I do the dude is generally old enough to be my grandfather and/or takes high doses of psychotropic medications.  Seriously.  I once had a crazy dude hit on me, and when I rebuffed him? Asked me for a dollar for the bus.  I'm not what you'd call a dude magnet.

So.  This NYE I'm hanging out at home by myself.  This. Is. Bliss.  It is quiet, I did my speedwork on Torvald the Treader (800m repeats are fucking brutal.  B-R-U-T-A-L), and now I'm enjoying a lovely glass of red wine and giving myself a manicure.  I'll probably go to bed before 10pm.  Bliiiissssss.

So what did I eat this NYE?

My husband has been experimenting with making his own breakfast sausage.
The pork is from our pig purchase, and it's good, but not fatty enough we think.  The mouth feel is just a wee bit off.
To me NYE is a pseudo-holiday.  Shit closes early and doctor's offices shut down and stuff, but it's really just Tuesday.  So we went out for lunch.  Why not.  To Fajita Republic, which totally has half a red X.  Service is spotty, manager is...weird, and no one understands that it is impossible for 5 shrimp on a salad to be double shrimp.  Unless you only put 2.5 shrimp on the salad usually, you will never convince me that 5 shrimp is double shrimp.  I do math for a living.  And waitress lady?  Saying "Well, we usually only put 3 or 4 shrimp on the lunch salad, so that is extra" doesn't help your cause.  By that reasoning I should have SIX or EIGHT shrimp.  NOT FIVE.  It's ok.  I'm ok.  But this is the second time I have ordered "double shrimp" and gotten hosed.  One more bad experience and I'm out.  Forever. 

Sad thing is, it's a really tasty salad, and I like their iced tea.

So can you tell we had a boatload of clementines?

Cute and yummy.

Someone's kid is selling Vande Walle's candy bars for a Cub Scout fundraiser.  I tossed in my buck and got a dark chocolate bar to keep in my desk drawer.  I had two squares this afternoon.  They were pretty good. 

I really didn't know what to have for supper, and when I am feeling lazy or just don't feel like doing a bunch of clean up I eat eggs.  Tonight I made a Kai Jiao omelet (3 eggs) and just filled it with whatever chopped veggies I had in the fridge.  Leftover roasted peppers, tomatoes, a little onion, and some parsley for color.  And bacon.  Because...bacon. 

 I may never make an omelet without fish sauce again.  It makes eggs magical.
I got on the treader after dinner and watched an episode of Family Guy while I pounded out virtual laps.  400s are kind of fun, but 800s really suck.  Once I was done sweating like a pig, I had a little snack.  These pumpkin muffins are so good.  Lots of Paleo baked goods are dry or gritty, but these are so soft and muffiny.  Just like "real" muffins, without all the shitty grains and sugar.

I realize I've had a lot of alcohol this week (by which I mean 3 drinks).  That's actually not my norm.  I'll go months at a time without drinking, but I was feeling boozy this week, so I indulged.  Sue me.

A little Cab to ring out 2013.
I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around 2014.  My baby boys will be 4 in three short months.  My daughter will be 7 this summer.  Time flies. 
Be safe tonight, people.  It's amateur night, and that means lots of people out getting fucked up and doing stupid shit.  Stay warm, and choose a sober driver!

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