Sunday, December 29, 2013

Blogging the Menu: Day 4

Wow.  I just finished watching the Packers beat Chicago in the weirdest game ever.  Two things:  Randall Cobb is awesome and Aaron Rodgers is Jesus.  Ok,not like Jesus Jesus, but a strong Hey-zeus.  Can it be blasphemy if I'm atheist?  Probably not.

I'm on call this weekend and New Year's while my husband pulls a 48 hour shift at work.  My wonderful ILs have the smalls at their house, so it is quiet here and I got to hear the whole Packer game.  Not that listening to Joe Buck suck up to Troy Aikman is that great, because it's not, but still.

So, what did I eat today in all this silence?

Best part of Paleo pancake recipes?  Leftovers.  No walnuts today.
The coffee is Maple Sleigh from Brooklyn Bean Roastery. It is the bomb.
I went out for a bit this morning, including to Woodman's for a few items.  That place is great.  The produce is spotty, but they have every possible specialty item-it's really fantastic for the Paleo shopper.  Today I got some ghee, some pastured butter, some fish sauce, some organic sriracha, and boring stuff like milk and eggs.  I for lunch I took a half a dozen eggs, the fish sauce, some lime juice, some sriracha, and some tapioca flour and made these:

Kai Jiao from Nom Nom Paleo.  By rights it should be on a bed of cauliflower rice,
but ricing a whole head of cauli seemed like a lot of work and I was really hungry.
As you might imagine, 6 eggs leaves a person pretty full for a while.  I did have a little snack in the afternoon as I enjoyed the movie Lincoln (which I have been trying to watch for close to a month, but who can hear dialogue with three elephant children crashing around?) and knitted a hat.

Muffins with a little grass fed butter.  Butter rules.  I will forgo all other dairy,
but I must have butter.  I'll pay extra for the pastured stuff.
My loving husband made it home just after kickoff and we were able to enjoy the game together.  I drank about a gallon of water during the first half in preparation for this:

Pork rinds (ingredients: pork skin, salt) and a 90 minute IPA called Dogfish Head that the
neighbor brought over.  It's really delicious.  Also 18 proof.  I had one.  Now I feel a little silly.
The Packers won!  Yay!  That means a home playoff game against what appears to be the 49ers.  That is huge for this community, economically and from a hometown pride standpoint.  Normally at the end of a stressful game like that I'd be cramming my face full of whatever or pounding beers, but I didn't. 
I might have joined a yarn club and purchased the pattern for a handknitted dress.  Clean eating is expensive.

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