Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Funday

I got to sleep past 7am this morning. That's pretty fucking great. Since I was a big girl and did my laundry yesterday I didn't have much to do today besides eat and work out.

I did renew my license plates. Without fantastic husband nagging me. Not to brag, but they don't expire until tomorrow, so I was totally ahead of the game. I consider plate renewal a kind of sport. Much like speeding. It's me against the man, with only my wits and his laser gun. I dodge, I hide, I tap the break and coast to the speed limit. I look non-descript so you don't notice my 2 years expired out of state plates.  Last year I made it until June before renewing, and then only because I had to cross a few states for a wedding and didn't want to get stopped by some FIB with an out of state fetish. And I may also have some unpaid tolls and parking tickets in Illinois. Or not. Definitely not.

Anyway, I did the grown-up thing. I also paid the mortgage. Who's sexy now?

Breakfast was oats n' stuff. I mixed in some protein powder just to get a protein serving in.

Berries n' almonds. Stuff.

I cast on a beaded shawl. That shit is going to be some delicate, painstaking work. I have 4 months to complete it. That might be pushing it.

I ate.
Uh, some orange stuff.

I ate some more.

Do you want to eat the Mango?

I was feeling a little Blerchy.

We went to the Team WOD. I was working the pirate angle pretty hard.


The Team WOD was actually 4 WODs stacked one on top of the other. So, um, tiredmaking. Also hungrymaking. I was fucking ravenous by the time we got home. So I ate...again. 


I definitely earned a slutty cookie.

The dog? Did not.

I read a book and shot the breeze with fantastic husband, and then I went to yoga. It was a good flow tonight. Fast. Got my heart rate up and some really great deep stretching which I desperately needed. Then it was home for Paleo Pad Thai. 

This is my favorite favorite.

I missed a fruit serving, so I'm having a bowl of grapes. Then it's spawn washing time. I should probably shower myself. I'm pretty disgusting.

Crunch and delicious.

Early to bed so I can be up for the #fiveonefive, then a slow 6 with fantastic husband (provided the world isn't iced over in the morning) followed by hot core yoga.  I'm going to make use of the CF kids time by doing some squatting. It's an experiment. We'll see how it goes.

I was hungry for every meal and snack today (except the grapes, but it's kind of like dessert and who is every really hungry for dessert?) That's exciting stuff. My metabolism, it wakes. Look out.

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