Sunday, August 14, 2016

Adventures in Offline Living: Days 3-5

Just back from a spa weekend with a good friend from college. We went to Sundara spa, which has a "no device" policy in public areas.

No problem for me. I had a paperback and I don't use this phone for much these days anyway. The SIM card is still intermittent, which means I'm going to have to upgrade this bloody thing. Hopefully I can make it work until December. Praise the FSM for Wi-Fi.

So I had my first massage, we had a super swank suite, drank a bunch of wine, got some sun/pool/hot tub action, and a pedicure to top it off. No social media. Bliss.

I have three days of fun stuff planned for this week, none of which requires my phone. My social life got radically more life-like, suddenly.

It's tempting to hop back on. The habit is hard to break, especially when I'm feeling fidgety, but it hasn't been too tough.

So far, so good.

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