Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Lurong Day 3

Lalalalalaaaaa Day 3 down.  Tomorrow night I go back on at work, but not before hitting the gym and getting some other things in order.  Today I did a fair amount of cooking, which means I'll have lots of good leftovers for the next couple of days at work.  I have plenty of grapes and apples, and tomorrow I'll hard cook a bunch of eggs to bring along as well.  So far so good.  I rested the last couple of days (though I did do a fair amount of walking) and I feel pretty good.  We have an HRA for the husband's employer in the morning.  Always interesting to get a peek at the bloodwork every year.  Last year my numbers were so good the employee health nurse summed it up with "I don't know what you're doing, but whatever it is keep it up!" and that was before Lurong.  I kind of wish I would've gone in for a follow up set.  One of these days.

One of my boys was up six times during the night with a cough.  If you're keeping score that means I was up six times as well.  Little children would be much easier if they would listen to reason.  If you have a cough, great hiccuping sobs only make it worse, right?  Right.  Try explaining that to a four year old.  Goes over like a lead balloon.  So tonight he's doped up on dextro, rubbed down with mentholatum, and the humidifier is running on high.  Fingers crossed.

This morning I made apple carrot sausage hash.  This is good shit.  Love this recipe.  It's our "already made and ready to go" breakfast recipe of the week.  I'm going to have one of these per week in order to avoid eggs-and-bacon burnout.

Add a runny egg and an almond milk latte and you're set.

Snack was pretty simple.  Big wad o' grapes.

Crunchy and delicious.

Had a fair amount of Tandoori chicken left over, but didn't feel like eating it Plain Jane again, so instead I whipped up a little curry rice with the pre-made cauli rice.  Almonds, raisins, pineapple, onion, curry, salt, and pepper came together pretty well with the leftover chicken.  Damn.  My lunches are far more interesting when I'm at home.  I did make 2 portions of this, though, so I have a container full for work.

So fucking awesome.

This afternoon I went for a SweeTango while I took a little break from my busy hands project.  It's the collar and shoulder increases for a cable detailed cardigan.  So far it's coming along nicely.  It'll be seamless since it's top down, and if I keep at it I should have it finished by the end of the challenge.

I love fall.  Apples and sweaters.  Love it.

I made eggplant lasagna for the first time this afternoon.  Eggplant, spinach, mushrooms, and homemade meat sauce.  It was really quite tasty.  Of course the kids were having none of it except the meat.  Fortunately we didn't waste much on them.  Boxed up some leftovers for lunches later in the week.  I also had my 6oz pour of Cab, which made me positively silly.  I'm officially a cheap date again.

Eat. Your. Veg.

Had a couple of prunes to kill a sweet craving this evening.  Love these things.  I buy them in bulk at Costco.

Sweetness without the work of de-pitting.

Tomorrow morning will be interesting as we're supposed to go to the HRA fasted.  I'll have to eat something before CrossFit, but I can't skip tomorrow since it's Lurong WOD #2 and I already have one to make up this weekend sometime.  The hardest bit will be not eating after the WOD untill I'm done being poked and prodded at 8:30.  Going to be the longest 2 hours of my life.  

Now it's time for bed.  I'm spent.  On to tomorrow!

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  1. i kind of want to hang out with you for a week and just eat everything you do.