Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Questionable Choices

Last night was a good one, in that I wasn't tired and had enough of this and that to do to move time along nicely.  I don't mind low volume nights as it usually means everyone is mending and not crashing, but sometimes it makes keeping busy a challenge.  There's always something to do, but it's not always the most exciting thing!

The menu was pretty standard fare.

Leftovers.  Meh.

Time got away from me and I didn't end up eating my main meal until 1am.  This ended up being fine as I pretty much segued right into my snack.

Look familiar?

Around 4am I was hard core jonesing for an apple, so I fed the craving.

Breakfast was a smoothie at around 6:30am.  I have my little single serve blender on the counter at work to make this easier.  This morning it was cherries, banana, almond milk, and protein powder.  Pretty tasty.

Weird color, though.

I slept like the dead once again, and when I woke up at 2:15pm I was feeling peckish, so I chomped down a jalapeno cheddar beef stick from Maplewood Meats.  I have a pound of these that I'm slowly metering out.  Need to finish them up this week, though, as they are NOT Lurong legal (cheese, you know).

It was much larger than this when I started.

I was kind of fixated on SweeTangos this afternoon, so I called the Apple Store to see if they were harvesting in Door County and heard the magic words "Oh, SweeTangos are all we have right now!  We're open until 5!" so of course I darted out the door like a heroin addict in need of a fix.  The Apple Store lady said they'll be harvesting these delicious little devils for another month or more and the Honeycrisp will be in at the end of the month.  WINNING.  I might make the hike to DC for more, as the firsts they sell in the Wood Orchard Market are the size of a baby's head and are picture perfect.  I walked out with 9 pounds of apple-y crack.  
Best $20 I ever spent.  Cheaper than the grocery store (if you can even find them, sucka)

I might have broken the bag open and just started jamming apples in my face right there in the parking lot.  I don't need your judgement, Judgy McJudgerson.


Headed home with a belly full of apple and sticky fingers and decided to keep up the Door County of it all by pouring myself a glass of cherry wine.  All you wine snobs can suck it.  Cherry wine is fucking delightful.

This totally counts as red wine.  Fuck you.

So dinner was cheeseburgers and chips.  I totally ate a bun.  OMG A BUN.  IS THAT EVEN PALEO, BRO?  No.  No it's not.  But I wasn't in the mood to knife and fork it, mkay?  It is weird that I had chips twice in two days.  I'm really not that into chips.

It was good.  Buns are overrated.

Tomorrow I need to get the menu together for our first month of Lurong.  Time to haul out my paleo cookbooks and recall my favorites.  I'm going to need to lock down portion sizes this time around.  Last year just cleaning up my diet let me drop a few pounds.  This year I'm going to have to watch the portions to achieve my goals.  

My meals are about to get much more interesting and I'm looking forward to changing things up a bit again.  I had a month of Boring Ass Shit and it worked for stage one of achieving my goals, I'm closer than I was, but the week of "eat whatevs" was a warning that I can't keep that up for too long without losing my shit, so it's time to branch out again.

Yay cooking!


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