Friday, September 19, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Lurong Day 5

Last night was a good one, in that there was a little something to do all night (do a few orders, check a little Pyxis, make a couple drips, dose a couple meds, answer a few questions, do a little med rec) but no major fires to put out.  I like that.  Keeps me awake, makes me feel useful, and the night rolls on quickly.

I went out this morning for about 30 minutes of shake out running, nice and slow.  I used the new hospital trail which is pretty nice, but the bridges are a little slick in the morning.  This morning was a humid one, so I really had to watch my step.  For some reason I only brought a long sleeve shirt and was pretty much sweating my balls off 10 minutes in.  I love the cooler fall temps, but 50 degrees isn't THAT cool.

Tomorrow is "hammer through the Lurong WODs" day.  Then home to keep the spawn from killing each other or setting the house on fire while my beloved heads to the Fox Cities Marathon packet pick-up.  He'll be doing the half on Sunday.  I'll be pulling kid duty.  I hope the weather pans out, because he's poised to smash his PR and that would be pretty fucking awesome.

I have tabled my sub-2 ambitions until I can get this extra weight off.  I hate hot weather, and the last two months of training have been so hot that I feel like I'm going backwards.  I'll pick it up in January, and train hard in the cold weather so I can smash the shit out of the Cellcom half, and my PR (set on that course in 2012).  I was 150 pounds when I set that PR (2:12 and change) and I'm riding 167 right now.  They say every 2 pounds lost gains you 1 second per mile.  I mean to test that theory.

On to the menu!

Last night I had my midnight meal right on time (I was hungry before that, but eating too early sets me up for failure.)  Leftover curry cauli rice and chicken.

Better the second day.

I try to have my 3am meal be something sweet.  It keeps me from raiding the break room (where, incidentally, the carcasses of several donuts, bagels, and muffins were lying around).  Berries fit the bill, with a couple of HBE for protein.


I also had an apple at one point, and 3 dates that I forgot to photograph until I was licking their sticky remains off my fingers.  Oops.

Breakfast at 6:30am was Paleo "cereal" with unsweetened applesauce and a teaspoonful of honey.  I paired this with a mug of mint tea, as I planned to go straight to sleep when I got home after my run.

This is a perfect oatmeal sub. 

I was a little hungry when I got home, so I had a few grapes before going to sleep.  I got about 6 hours (with 2 breaks to let the dog out) and woke up this afternoon to get the spaghetti sauce going.  This recipe (from Well Fed 2) requires 2 hours of simmering, but comes together pretty rapidly so it's not terribly labor intensive.  I don't make meatballs as indicated in the recipe, I just break up milk Italian sausage straight into the sauce.  There's balsamic vinegar and cocoa in the recipe, which gives it both richness and acidity.  It's lovely.

The wine is mostly for show.  I only had a few sips.

The kids actually ate this really well tonight (sometimes they don't-who knows why).  We took the dog for a walk, and now the little bitch is barking her fool head off at her reflection in the front window.  Sigh.  Someone is always making noise in this house.  I'm not sure why I try to read or watch TV.  

Hopefully we'll have another good night.  I'm looking forward to having apple carrot hash before my WODs tomorrow and then getting to sleep until it's time to go to work.  Ahhhhh....sleep.

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