Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Lurong Day 4

Yeah.  I slept through my alarm this morning.  So no workout.  I did walk over 13000 steps today, so there's that.  I have my gear packed to get 30-45 minutes of running in on the trail by the hospital after my shift tomorrow.  Saturday I'll go to the box with a buddy and make up the 2 WODs we missed and get our measurements/weight done.  Yay and stuff.

I hate getting weighed fully dressed.  I want to shout that THAT NUMBER IS NOT MY NUMBER!!  Goddamn it, these are DANSKOS!  It's so stupid, because it's not like 3 pounds of clothes makes a big difference in determining my health, but it does put me in a different decade of numbers and it makes me stabby.

Haha! Progress!

So breakfast was pretty delayed today and it was also pretty basic.  Eggs, bacon, and coffee with almond milk.  I really dig vanilla almond milk (unsweetened, of course) in my coffee.  It's really tasty, and I'm normally a black coffee girl.
This Maplewood bacon is the shit. The. Best. Bacon.

Snack was pretty basic, too.
Look familiar?

My plan was to nap today since I work tonight, but that didn't happen for a variety of reasons.  I did however "skip" lunch (ie I ate what amounted to a heavy snack) because if I daysleep and still eat all the meals I end up eating six meals in a 24 hour period and that's just too much damn food.  I'm trying to get smaller here, people.

So, lunch.

I also had a few cashews later on as I was getting pretty hungry as the dinner hour approached.  Also a venison stick, which I didn't photograph.

Thanks, Costco!

Squash was on sale at Festy the other day so I loaded up on the butternut and we had Beef and Bacon Cottage Pie for supper.  Holy shit I love this recipe.  Simple, simple, simple and SO FUCKING GOOD.  Also, the kids won't eat squash so more for me, motherfuckers. It's from the 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook.  How do you not have this book yet?
Get in my belly.

I finished the day with a few prunes, packed up my lunch, watched The Biggest Loser (without eating a sleeve of Oreos) and got changed for work.  Day one in the salt mine.  Only 6 shifts this week as I took Wednesday off for Ragnar Adirondacks.  Huzzah!  Off to the land of foliage and Zestar apples!

Day 4 done.  Hope my resolve stands up overnight.  I am armed with much food, good coffee, and mint tea. 

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!  Or close the wall up with our English dead!

If you get that reference we are still friends.


  1. 'For he he sheds his blood with me today is my brother' (or something along those lines … same play, but I think a different speech).So yes, I get that reference.

    1. Congratulations. We are still friends ;)