Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Lurong Days 1&2

It's Lurong time!

Ah....Lurong.  When the box requires you to put your money where your mouth is and actually walk the full-on Paleo walk for 8ish weeks.  Last year it ended up being a big success for me.  I lost 11 pounds and a bunch of inches.  I felt great, slept great, and looked pretty fucking great at the end of it.  So with my goals achieved I rode off into the Paleo sunset, right?


Silly rabbits, I have an unhealthy relationship with food!  Of course I went straight back to eating garbage and feeling like shit.  It's what I do.  My middle name is self-sabotage.

In my defense, I do eat relatively cleanly most of the time.  I just eat a lot.  A lot. And if I have a weak moment and indulge in something like...I don't know...a room full of motherfucking cake (thanks, co-workers) I have a tendency to eat myself to the point of illness.  Then starts the sneaky hate spiral.  I hate my body, so I want to punish it.  Punishing it with exercise would be productive so instead I punish it with more shitty food until my head aches and I can't sleep and I'm massively grumpy.  Makes tons of sense, right?

I've discovered embedded memes.  You're welcome.

Anyhoo...the Lurong showing up again gives me the chance to recommit to a healthier lifestyle and I'm jumping on it.  What's not to love.  Tons of support and commiseration, forced CF workouts so I can't slack because I'm a lazy whore, and the possibility of prizes.  I set a personal goal of zero cheats for the entire challenge period.  Zero tolerance, people.  Zero.

So the challenge began on Monday, while we were still in Portland.  Hooray for travelling with dietary restrictions.  I should mention that we went to Portland to run back to back half marathons.  Which we did successfully.  We also rewarded ourselves with fried food, beer, and VooDoo doughnuts.  OMG VooDoo doughnuts.  By the time Monday dawned I was basically in a food and alcohol induced coma.

View from the aerial tram.  Pretty cool ride.

We had breakfast at the hotel, which was a real breakfast.  Those are not powdered eggs, and that is fresh pico.  They even had infused water.  Not bad for included-with-the-room fare.

Pico with jalapeno is nomtastic.

After we took the aerial tram and poked around the city a bit, we headed back to the airport to return our itty bitty car (Kia Soul-actually a nice car for the weekend) and get through security as we had no idea what that was going to look like.  Return, check-in, and security went pretty smoothly.  Lots of hipsters in Portland, and it appears many of them work for the TSA.  We walked down the terminal until we saw a place with an acceptable menu.  This is a grilled chicken breast with bacon and guac with a side salad and balsamic.  It was quite good.

This was a sandwich that I ordered without bun or cheese.  
Almost anything can be modified.

Our flight was at 2 and we landed in Chicago at 7:45pm, so we sort of skipped over the dinner hour.  Instead I had an apple, a Larabar, and some jerky.  It worked.

Sweet and satisfying.

It was nice to be home.  Less nice was waking up to a flock of whiny children who were less excited to see me and more interested in bitching about having eggs as they wanted cereal, then having to dress my 7 year old because 30 minutes to brush teeth, pee, dress, and comb one's hair is simply not enough time. 

Shoulder bacon from our pig via Maplewood.  Drool.

I had a lot of crap going on this morning and into the afternoon.  Girl child to school, grocery store with boys, then pick up the dog at the kennel, home to make lunch, walk boys to school, walk dog around, then come home and flop down into a chair with dog in lap.  So I had 2 hard boiled eggs, a venison stick,  and an apple for lunch.  Which I forgot to photograph.  Sue me.

Dinner was a new recipe from the 21 Day Sugar Detox cookbook.  Tandoori chicken skewers.  I riced a shitload of cauliflower this afternoon to have for the week and I had some of that with my chicken.  It was pretty damn good if I do say so myself.  My house smells a bit like a fire, since I grilled the skewers on a cast iron grill pan instead of outside.  Totally worth it.

I feel like I should have some veg...oh wait.

So this evening I'm fairly full.  Didn't get to walk the dog her usual 1-2 miles as one child decided he had to pee when we were about 400m from the house.  Then when we restarted we got to about that same point and a different child suddenly had an insurmountable belly ache (I should mention none of them would eat the chicken) and we headed back.  Come to think of it, I guess we did get a mile in a roundabout way.  Regardless, I didn't burn off my dinner in a meaningful way.  I'm craving sweet now, so here's my solution.  

6oz red wine, per Lurong rules.

Prunes.  Sweet like candy, soothes my soul.

I sent the spawn to bed early because they were being little asshats in spite of practically falling asleep on the couch before dinner.  I had a conversation with the boys' 4K teacher while we waited for the older kids this afternoon.  She remarked that they were very independent, sitting at different tables and making individual friends.  She also said that they were very polite and excellent listeners.

As she was telling me this I had to pull Charlie off of my leg and inform him that Mommy is not a jungle gym.  Polite.  Excellent listeners.  She's a nice lady, but is clearly high.

Two days in.  Feeling strong.  I'm sure this will be all sunshine and rainbows.


  1. Dried fruit is totally my go-to when I really want candy yet really don't want to have it. I believe I have five different kinds of dried fruit in the house right now, and those are standard.

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