Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Blogging 2015: 158 down, 1857 to go

That's right, I didn't do a goddamn thing today.  Well, I did stuff, but not exercise stuff. Because I was stupid tired and didn't wanna.

I didn't get much of a nap before work last night, and since I wasn't anticipating working I'd been up since 5:30ish and did 3 workouts.  This pretty much means my energy tanked out around 2am.  And not just tanked...crashed and burned.  Compounding this was some nausea related to re-starting OC.  I used to take my pill before going to sleep, so I forgot about the nausea.  It'll pass, but last night I was queasy which was just exacerbated by the tired. Plus my stomach kind of hates coffee when it's unsettled, so I was relying on tea to perk me up.  Not the same.  I spent some time drinking chicken broth and eating saltines to settle my guts.  It worked, so there's that.

Mmmm.  Hospital broth.

It was a very uneventful night, which is good and bad.  Good because no one was getting sicker, bad because I was already fighting the Sandman.  If there's activity in the hospital it's fairly easy to stay alert all night.  Last night I was trying to watch training videos for a new software update.  Yaaawwwnnn. 

I was never so happy to see the morning crew.  I took myself to the cafeteria for a donut.  Yup.  A donut.  My favorite custard filled chocolate frosted long john.  It was so fucking delicious. I also picked up a breakfast sandwich that I took 2 bites of and tossed.  Just wasn't feeling it.  Fantastic husband and I had an appointment for pedicures at 9am, but I had to close my eyes, so I laid down for a little while and fell asleep. 

When I woke up I realized that I was short on time, so I hopped in the shower and in my stupid tired disoriented state attempted to wash my eyeballs with Dove soap.  I stabbed myself right in the eye with a soapy finger.  Pretty sure I scratched my cornea because it felt like getting stabbed in the brain. Of course I scratched my fucking cornea a few days before leaving the country.  On the upside?  Drugs are my thing, yo. I keep everything, and we happily had a bottle each of antibiotic, steroid, and anti-itch drops right in the house.  2 of the 3 are even in date.  I win.  The eye looked and felt like shit for a couple of hours, but the drops helped pretty significantly so I'll use them for the next couple of days and hope for the best.

Post pedicure fantastic husband dropped me off while he went for a haircut.  I was going to sleep, but I couldn't. Of course I couldn't.  Instead I watched the Daily Show and the Nightly Show and waited for him to pick me up for lunch.  We went to Cranky Pat's for the lunch buffet.  It's easily been 2 years since we ate there (in fact it was still Frank and Pat's at that point) but the pizza is still fucking delicious and the salad bar has improved pretty substantially.  

There's always mushroom and black olive pizza.  
That's my fucking favorite.

Everyone who knows Cranky Pat's knows you get an ice cream with the buffet.  I had a cherry twin pop.  It tasted like my wasted youth.

We came home and instituted phase 2 of habitat unfucking.  Fantastic husband cleared out the laundry room while I denastified the upstairs bathroom.  It took about an hour.  We are pigs.  All shiny clean now, though!

Then I had a snack.

The Costco raspberries are awesome.

We had leftovers for dinner.


So my overtime and ineptitude in the shower cost me a day of workouts, but it's not that big a deal.  Tomorrow is a planned 3 workout day plus I get a haircut which is awesome.  I'll also do some laundry and decluttering upstairs.  Kids need to make Valentine boxes and cards so that's squared away when my MIL arrives on Saturday.  The dog's boarding is arranged, I've located most of my vacation clothes, and the week is ticking down to the Ice Bowl on Saturday.

I'm going to be a goddamn zombie on Sunday.  Praise cheeses for long flights.

I'm so tired my eyes are burning.  Or maybe they're burning because I don't understand that washing one's face is less ouchy if one closes one's eyes first. 

Please excuse me while I bump into a wall and fall up the stairs on the way to my room to get my sweats.

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