Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blogging 2015: 209 down, 1806 to go

Today was a home with the kids day, fortunately school wasn't delayed so the girl child was off at the appropriate time this morning.  We walked home, which meant that I got to bundle up and stand outside the school waiting for Little Miss Pokey to emerge.  At least the boys can stay inside with their teacher until she makes her exit-today she was nearly last and I was getting pretty cold.  C asked me why it wasn't warm when they left school, because the weatherman said it would be warmer in the afternoon.  I had to explain that "warmer" and "warm" are not the same thing.  He looked perplexed.

There was minimal breakfast bitching, which is a welcome change.  I had a hankering for an egg sandwich, so I made ham, egg, and cheese on Ezekiel toast.  It was pretty good, I have to say.  I bought raspberries at Costco this week and they were sweet like candy, so I had some of those as well.

With a runny yolk.  Tasty.

I feel like I was busy this morning, but I can't tell you doing exactly what.  I did some dishes, but other than that I think that just the sheer noise and activity level left me feeling worn out.  The boys asked to play outside, which was out of the question as it was 30 below, so they settled for the Lego movie instead.  This means I got to watch them dance like robots and sing "Everything is Awesome" for 2 hours.  Also the dog was practically attached to my side all morning.  

I was hungry mid morning so I made some toast with sunbutter and raisins.  
Like PB&J but not.

I fired up my Vitamix to make broccoli cheese soup for lunch.  I never thought I'd make soup in a blender, but this is super handy for making small portions.  I can make enough for lunch and a portion to take to work instead of making a giant batch and eating it for a year.  I also finished up a quesadilla from dinner the other night (homemade with chicken and veggies).  A weird combo, but it's what I had.  The soup was fantastic.

It's such a vivid shade of green.

After taking the boys to 4k, I booked it home to grab some sleep.  I know that sounds unbelievably lazy, but I had a 3 hour window that needed to be maximized so I wouldn't fall straight into a coma at work.  I did actually sleep, but I had a seriously fucked up lucid dream.  It involved one of the stand-up comics from the ship and the bus he drives for some reason, a stone cottage in Scotland, a few shitty teenage boys, a bunch of tourists and me driving the bus into the ocean.  Fucked. Up.

After I got up I ate a bunch of raspberries.  They were delicious.

I made spaghetti for dinner using the Wildtree spaghetti sauce blend for the first time. It was super easy and really tasty.  The kids actually ate it.  I win.

Spaghetti squash for me.

I actually managed to cook this spaghetti squash without exploding it or severing my hand while preparing it. Lucky day I guess.

I did get on the treader for 3 miles (plus I walked to-and-from school), but they sucked balls because the hormonal shitstorm I suppressed with pills last week is in full force.  Funsies.  Hey, at least I moved around a bit.

Back in the salt mine for a 7 day stint.  Gotta make that money.

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