Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Blogging 2015: 164 down, 1851 to go

I turned down an OT shift tonight.  I felt a little guilty, but I had a legit reason.  It's fantastic husband's workday and CPS frowns on leaving small children alone overnight.

I got everyone up and squared away this morning, lunch made for the girl child etc and fortunately that went reasonably well.  There was the requisite 60 minutes of random bitching, but it didn't make me want to leap off a bridge today.  Probably because I got 11 hours of sleep last night, with only one interruption.  Now, that interruption scared the shit out of me, but it was only one.

Have you ever been dead asleep when your kid started wailing?  I mean you're sleeping like a stone cold corpse when a small child begins shrieking like he's being murdered by a clown? I came to in a five alarm panic.  I'd been asleep for about 3 hours and was deep in delta-wave land.  I think I was out of bed and running down the hall before my eyes were open.  When I reached the boys room, there was a small human sitting in the doorway in full on lotus position.  I swear I thought I was hallucinating.  I was completely disoriented, heart racing, and I may have shouted at him "What is happening right now?!? What is going on?" To which the small yogi replied "My foot hurts."

My foot hurts. This was the thing that caused him to keen from the bowels of hell.  You know why his foot hurts?  Because he sleeps in bed with 107 stuffed toys and ends up contorted into a pretzel which puts his foot or leg to sleep.  Then he shifts position and the pins and needles wake him up.

I've been through this drill often enough not to argue.  I usually give him some kind of bullshit placebo and put him back to bed.  Last night I said "Ok, I'll get you some medicine." Then I ran into the baby gate at the top of the stairs, tripped and fell to the landing, stumbled through the kitchen and knocked about six things out of the medicine cabinet, poured him a dose of Tylenol because I didn't have the wherewithal to give him gripe water or simethicone or what have you, almost spilled it on the way back up the stairs and handed it to the small yogi who decided that Tylenol is best enjoyed sipped like a fine cognac.  Then he handed me the medicine cup, popped up from the floor, hugged my knees and got back into bed.

What the everliving fuck.  

I was so jacked up that I ended up watching TV for a half hour before I could fall back to sleep.  I should mention that through all of this, the wailing, the shouting, the stumbling, lights on, lights other son did not wake up.  He did not so much as stir.  That has to be a twin thing.

So once the spawn were off to school, I came home to have breakfast with the dog.  I finished up a loaf of Ezekiel bread from the freezer with a little sunbutter and honey.  Good stuff.

Mmmm.  Carby.

I went to the box for 9:15.  More double unders.  I'm kind of proud of myself for doing 2 DU workouts this week, ordinarily I'd cherry pick the shit out of DU workouts.  Today is was 3 rounds of 25 DUs and some other stuff. Scaled to 1 minute DU practice.  I got 5 each round.  The first round they were even consecutive.  Woo!  I had intended to go to yoga afterwards, but unfortunately I'd misremembered the timing of my haircut so I didn't yoga today.  I got my hair cut and colored so that operation grow-out can continue without my looking like a damn slob.  Luckily my hair person is a CrossFit friend so she wasn't grossed out by my sweaty-ass hair.  I did bring her coffee as an apology.  I then went to Dick's Sporting Goods in my ongoing quest for a sweatpants based wardrobe.  Tons of stuff on sale there, I could've done some serious damage.  

Oh, after CF I had a chocolate cherry oatmeal smoothie.  The other half is still in the fridge. I'll probably have it for breakfast tomorrow.

It's a damn shake!

After all that I came home and grabbed the dog.  We went out for 3 miles...she dragged me I mean.  It's amazing how much force a 40 pound dog can generate.  I swear she could pull my car.  I didn't really have much for lunch, just a little ham 'n cheese.

This Kirkland ham is fantastic. I will totally buy it again.

I made a Target run for Valentine's Day cards for the kids.  The boys had to make a card box and cards which all have to be at school no later than Monday.  Since we're going to be gone, I had them do it tonight so we can take them tomorrow.  They got a big kick out of making the boxes, and they wrote their names so nicely.  It took about 20 minutes from start to finish.  I was impressed.  We had breakfast for dinner since it's easy and quick.

Gotta have bacon at least once a day, right?

I've been seeing ads for red velvet Oreos for the last week or so.  Fantastic husband expressed interest in trying them, so I bought a little package at Target today.  The kids tried them for dessert since they ate their dinners nicely.  They all liked them.  I refuse to try them.  For one thing, what is the big deal about red velvet?  It's seriously chocolate cake with red dye.  I know.  I've made red velvet from scratch.  Is it the cream cheese frosting?  Is that what the draw is?  Because you can put that shit on doesn't have to be red.  Anyway, here's what they look like.


They are fucking brown.  They look like what I imagine regular Oreos would look like if they got rusty. There is no way I'm putting that in my mouth.  

So much to do in the next few days before vacation.  Like packing.  At some point I'm going to have to do that.  Actually, I should find my passport first, because if I can't find that there's no point in packing.

I am a responsible adult.  No really, I am.  

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