Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blogging 2015: 153 down, 1862 to go

I did not change out of my pajamas today.  No real reason to as I had no plans to leave the house and nothing but cooking and cleaning to do.  So I did three loads of laundry, some heavy cleaning, some cooking, and some knitting, with a little treadmilling in there for good measure.

Last night was a fairly early night for me.  I stayed up until just before 8:30pm, then went to sleep.  I woke up this morning around ten of five and realized pretty quickly that I wasn't going to fall back to sleep.  So I got up, made myself a cup of coffee, and enjoyed a little quiet time.  Fantastic husband got up at 5:30, so I got to sit and talk with him while he ate breakfast before heading off to work.  We rarely get to do that, and it was really nice.  He also shared his bacon with me.  That was extra nice.  You know how you know someone really loves you?  Shared bacon.  No one shares bacon with people they aren't super into.

The kids requested cereal this morning, and it's been a little while so I let them have it.  I fired up the Vitamix to make a chocolate cherry oatmeal smoothie.  Holy shit it was delicious. 1/2c oats, chocolate protein powder of your choice (I used Advocare), 10oz unsweetened almond milk, 1c Kirkland frozen triple cherry blend.  Made 2 big glasses.  I'm really digging oats in these smoothies.  They give a nice thick texture.  I might try with chia seeds, though those need to soak for a bit to really gel up.

Chocolate cherry breakfast shake!  Yay!

We're going on vacation a week from today, and my MIL has volunteered to mind the spawn while we're gone.  Since the house is CPS worthy I decided to break it down into 7 areas and tackle one each day until we leave so that everything is clean and nice and I won't have to worry about anyone contracting any diseases while we're gone.  Today my goal was to unfuck the bathroom the kids use and get the lego-and-doll-infested tornado that is their bedrooms under control.  I spent about an hour scrubbing toothpaste off the countertop and sinks in addition to soap scum off the tub surround.  I even laundered the rugs.  I then had a very emphatic discussion of how to properly clean up after oneself in the bathroom.  I have to admit it may have crossed into the "NO WIRE HANGERS EVAR!!!" realm of emphasis.  There was so much toothpaste.  For fuck's sake there was toothpaste dried onto the underside of the toilet bowl.  THE TOILET BOWL.  What the fuck kind of ninja toothbrushing is going on in there?

After that I folded some serious laundry and shelved it while lunch was cooking.  The kids had pizza (I know, I'm totally batting a thousand on the kid nutrition front today) and pineapple.  I trotted out the Vitamix again.  DID YOU HEAR THAT BECKY?!?  I USED THE VITAMIX AGAIN!  This time to use the heating function for a recipe from the book that came with the machine.  Gingered carrot and orange soup. This was super easy and really only took about 15 minutes total to put together.  It processes on high for 5ish minutes in the blender until steam pours out of the top vent and it's ready to rumble.  I added some bacon.  Also some Rockin' Moroccan Wildtree spice blend.  Just a bit.  This was so fluffy and nice.  Got about three 1.5 cup servings.  

Everything's better with bacon.

I did 3 quick miles on the treader while the kids "napped".  I maybe could've done more, but I just didn't want to.  I did do some planks and superman/hollow holds.  I also did some knitting.  L has snack for her GS troop tomorrow so I made chocolate chip cookies and will pick up a gallon of milk.  The kids were allowed to taste test at snack time.  I got the thumbs up.

Dinner was a freezer meal that I sort of forgot about.  It was surf and turf skewers.  I got the surf, they got the turf.  I wasn't about to waste scallops on kids who would no doubt begin bitching immediately upon seeing them.  They snarfed the sausage right down, and even ate their broccoli.  I roasted the broccoli in smokey bacon grapeseed oil.  I adore the broccoli florets from Costco.  Already washed and chopped and ready to be roasted with just a little toss in oil.  Roasted broccoli is such a pretty color.

Scallops are so fucking fancy.

I have no real desire to watch the SuperBowl, so we're watching Planes Fire and Rescue instead.  I'm starting to feel sleepy, which means I'm going to be tempted to go to bed at 8pm again.  I should probably at least try to stay up until a normal adult time (like 9pm-that's legit, right?) so that I'm not up at 4:50 again.  Especially since I can't go to CF at 0515 because there won't be anyone home to mind the spawn.  9:15 is looking pretty good, though.  And I'm NOT taking the kids with me this time.  

I'm a little proud of myself for getting the kids all showered and pajamad up right away.  This way their hair will be good and dry before sleep (less crazy homeless hair in the morning) and there's less pissing and moaning before bedtime.  I even oversaw the brushing of teeth to make sure none ended up on the fucking toilet bowl. 

And now if you'll excuse me I need to discuss tomorrow's menu with my Vitamix.

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  1. "THE TOILET BOWL. What the fuck kind of ninja toothbrushing is going on in there?' - The answer to this would be NONE. That's where they're hiding their toothpaste so you think they've brushed their teeth.