Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Blogging 2015: 214 down, 1801 to go

1801?  Seriously?  I should just go get on the fucking treadmill and pound that shit out right now.  But I won't.  Because I just ate a huge amount of cauliflower and I'm pretty sure I'd rocket right through the ceiling.  I'll bust it out tomorrow.

Today I learned that I am old.  I dosed some pentobarb for an anesthesia guy and explained what they were going to do to a pair of the techs.  I then imitated Billy Crystal's Miracle Max from The Princess Bride.  You know, the discussion about being "mostly dead" vs. "all dead"?  I was met with blank stares from my 20-something co-workers.  Blank. Stares.  I'm an excellent mimic, so it wasn't my impression that was at fault. Zero recognition.  Even when I explained the reference, one of them had no idea what I was talking about. So I took my dusty old bones and creaked out of the pharmacy.

Cut rhrough his clothes and look for loose change.

So I'm back from hiatus!  Mostly I didn't have anything meaningful to say and since I've not been getting any distance this week I figured why bother.  After vacation I seemed to come down with that creeping crud that was going around.  It was just that sort of low grade nagging illness that robs you of your ambition.  I was really tired and had some non-specific sinus symptoms plus a headache that would not die.  I drugged myself silly and went to work, but aside from some yoga I didn't do much.

Upon arriving home, I also weighed myself. I feel like that's pretty normal, checking in after vacation.  The number I saw was a deeply unhappy one, so I've been monitoring my intake this past week and I lost most of it.  I'm not beating myself up about it, just watching my portions to undo the damage.  So far, so good. I'm planning to spend the next 6 months working slowly toward my goal weight.  That should be plenty of time to take things in a moderate way and not be all crazy.  I will be weighing myself on Mondays, but ONLY on Mondays.

This past week at work has been largely uneventful, which is good.  Two more shifts and I can get back into my workout routine full force.  The CrossFit Open starts this week, and my half marathon training plan begins on Sunday, so I'll have lots of great stuff to motivate me.  I also spent some time last night plotting out my yoga classes for the next three weeks and getting them down in my calendar so I don't forget.  I also scheduled my WODs for the next 3 weeks so I get to the box as much as possible.  That first Open workout is going to hurt after being off for 2+ weeks, but I'm going to do it with #thefiveonefive so it's bound to be fun.

My midnight "lunch" was just leftovers from dinner the evening before.  Chicken, green beans, and sweet potato.  Basic and boring.

Mmmm. Boredom is delicious.

We bought a 10 pound bag of carrots at Costco last week.  Fantastic husband is all "Are we actually going to eat 10 pounds of carrots?" and I was all "Hell yes we are!" so now I'm trying to eat 10 pounds of carrots. Because damn it, if I can eat 13 pounds of oranges, I can eat 10 pounds of carrots. I also made some HBE because I need a good, filling snack overnight and plain veggies doesn't do it.

They've been peeling abnormally well.

I love oatmeal, but cooking it at work is challenging because I have to watch the microwave like a hawk or it boils over and makes a huge mess.  I can't really stand and stare at the microwave for 5 minutes, so I tried combining dry oats with almond milk, raisins, and spices while cold and letting them soak overnight. All I have to do is warm them up and eat.  Super easy and it worked out great.  Plus the raisins soak up the almond milk and get all fat and juicy, too.  Love it. I've done it a couple of times this week.

There was more at the outset.

Fantastic husband had CE today, so the kids went to daycare and I went to sleep.  I slept from 8 until around 2pm and then got up and had a cup of coffee.  I was debating going out for a run when husband came home and suggested a walk, so that's what we did.  We took the dog out for 3ish miles and it was lovely.  We also walked to get the kids from daycare instead of driving, so I counted that distance, too.

I look wide. Well, I am wide, so there you have it.

Dinner tonight was meatloaf and cauliflower mash.  Again, I thought "I should have some veg."  

Comfort food.

I'll cross over the 1800 mile mark tomorrow, and Thursday I'm hoping to hit the box for a WOD before the Open officially starts.  Friday will be the Open WOD at 0515 and yoga at noon.  I feel like a slug after just sleeping/working this week away, but shit happens and you move on.  I slept A LOT yesterday, and got good quality sleep today, so I'm set up for success on my week off.  

Slowly but surely, I will get this weight off.  One of these days I'm going to learn that if I stay the course I won't have to keep starting over.  I mean, I'm old enough to quote The Princess Bride...I should have this shit figured out by now.

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