Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blogging 2015: 217 down, 1798 to go

The dog is currently eating one of L's valentines and I don't care.

Today is my Friday!  Hooray!  One more shift and seven off begins.  The Open WOD will be announced tomorrow night and I'll go bash it out on Friday morning, followed by yoga.  This weekend will be for laundry and finishing the unpack from vacation.  I can pack for vacation in 30 minutes, but it always takes me weeks to unpack afterwards.

Whenever I get back from a vacation I spend the next month fantasizing about the next one.  We'll spend a week in Jamaica! No, we'll take a 2 week cruise to Scandanavia! No, we'll go hiking in the Appalachians! And I research and research and research and plan and plan and plan.  And nothing will ever come of it.  It'll be years before we go on vacation again.  Sigh. If only everything didn't take so much time and money. Childcare is another hurdle. We'll do family trips (camping, national parks, etc) as the kids get older, but that's not vacation. If your trip involves kids under the age of 5 you are most certainly NOT on vacation. Also, traveling with a family of 5? Yeah, fuck that.  If you want to fly you're looking at 2 large minimum, and if you want to drive you'll be looking at your sanity in the rear view.  We'll be spending weekends in Door County for a few years.  Camping close to home is a good option for the cheap and impatient.

Anyway, at least mentally planning a vacation has been keeping me awake at work.

Last night's midnight lunch was leftover chicken stroganoff.  Relatively small portion, but fulfills my "it's warm or it's not a meal" criteria for midnight lunch.
Mmm. Lunch.

Had my standard carroty snack with eggs.  These carrots are delicious.  I could eat 10 pounds of them.

One peeled cleanly, one was wonky.

Had a chocolate cherry oatmeal smoothie and some cheese.  This smoothie was fluffy initially, but lost it's fluff jostling around in my lunch bag.  It was still tasty, but there was decidedly less volume.

chococherry oats is becoming a favorite.

I was never much of a toast eater prior to dropping grains a few years ago, but every now and then I go on a toast bender.  I've been buying Ezekiel bread because it has a nutty flavor and isn't nutritionally devoid the way most breads are.  It's tasty with a little butter and jam.  Hit the spot at 5am.

Took about 15 minutes to toast, though. 
Stupid hospital toaster.

I was a little peckish when I got home, so I mixed up a little PB2 (gasp! legumes!) and dunked a banana in it. I don't use PB2 very often, but it's good mixed with oatmeal or tossed in a smoothie.  You get peanutty flavor without a shitload of extra fat.  

Surprisingly tasty.

I slept fairly well today, which is always a good thing, and made cheesy chicken fingers for the kids.  Well, and myself.  With spicy mayo...mmmmm.

Mixed veggies AGAIN? was what I got from C. We have them maybe twice a month.

I washed some clothes, washed the spawn, clipped finger and toenails, and hopped on the treader for 3. Exciting stuff, right?

I stole this meme from the interwebs.  I would totally vote for NdGT for president. #scienceswag

Time to tuck in the spawn and hit the shower.  Last night in the salt mine.  Woo!

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