Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blogging the Menu: 21 Day Sugar Detox Day 10

Last night went pretty well, which is a nice switch up from all the Bizarro-world stuff that's been popping up for the last two weeks.  I ate my good-girl lunch and snacks and got some bonus bacon on the way out.

I really need to get some doggy daycare arranged for Lucy on days the husband works and I'm "on".  It breaks my heart a little to have her crated up all day while I sleep with just a little break for playing at noon. She's a very high energy dog and I'm sure she just hates it.  That's my mission for my off week:  Get Lucy a play place that can wear her out.

So I started the "day" around 1am with some leftover pecan crusted fish and snap peas.  I had two fillets left over and they were getting a bit old so I just ate both of them.  Waste not, want not.

Not as good reheated in the microwave, but not bad.

I drank a crapload of coffee last night.  Like a whole pot between 11pm and 2am.  Usually I don't start up until around midnight, but I was kinda sleepy yesterday for some unknown reason so I was at it early.  I'm at it early again tonight.  I'll be switching to tea, though.  Another whole pot of coffee will eat a hole in my gut.

I had another bowl of chia pudding for a snack around 4am.  I wasn't exactly hungry, but I ate it anyway.

Delicious as always.

Of course, since I ate at 4am I was good and hungry by 7:30 when my shift was over, so I headed down to the cafeteria for some bacon and eggs.  There is a special run in the cafeteria every other week or so called Oatmeal Cake.  It's oatmeal baked with dried fruit and cinnamon, then put in a bowl and soaked with sweetened milk and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.  It is what happiness tastes like.  It is so fucking divine I don't even have words.  They had it today.  I didn't eat it.  Not eating it made my heart hurt a little.  

So I had six pieces of bacon instead.  Which I totally fucking earned so get off me.

For dinner I made chicken strips from the Detox cookbook.  These are breaded with a 1:1 mixture of arrowroot and almond meal with spices.  The liquid portion of the dredge is coconut milk and hot sauce. I have to say, these were pretty damn good.  The kids ate the shit out of them.  I pretty much had to fight to keep enough to have as leftovers.  The coating ends up baking up a bit like a tempura coating vs. traditional batter.  I baked them on racks so they would crisp up, but a word to the wise?  You need to grease the everliving fuck out of the pan with these or the coating will tear right off.  I only got about half of the racks greased well enough.  Still tasty, but missing the oomph.  Dunked in chipotle mayo?  Yummy.

Also a mutant half-orange/half-yello sweet potato.  Clearly some hanky panky going on in the produce department.

My other exciting thing for today was the arrival of my materials for the knitting lesson I auctioned.  I got some awesome clearance kitchen cotton in fun colors and copies of Stitch 'n Bitch for less than $8 a book!  I love this book!  So depending on how many students I have I may have an extra or two.  Which is ok, too, because then I can hand them out to my friends who express interest in knitting.  And I get to keep the not-picked yarn to make dishcloths for my own kitchen.  I am, after all, a selfish knitter at heart.

The crochet manual is called "The Happy Hooker".

I am positively itching to work out on my off week.  I have some long runs queued up and am planning to get my CrossFit on something fierce.  I have missed my 5:15 class so much!!  We're still debating the Madison Mini, and now that I've booked our airfare for Portland I'm getting excited about the Oregon half and the Boring half.  I'm also excited about hanging out with my husband sans kids for four days and drinking some awesome Portland beer with friends at Oktoberfest.  

But until then...I am the night, so I better get back at it!


  1. I love baked oatmeal. And you:) thank you for giving our people their medicines at night!!!

  2. I'm currently in the PNW visiting my fam. Running here is great!