Thursday, July 10, 2014

Blogging the Menu: 21 Day Sugar Detox Day 5

Day 5 and feeling pretty strong!  I go back "on" tonight for another 7 nights so here's hoping my resolve lasts into the wee hours of the morning.

My first day on is always a bit of a conundrum.  I stayed up later than usual last night, hoping to be able to sleep until 7am this morning (which is sleeping in, in a big way).  Unfortunately the spawn woke with the sun and were beating a path to my room starting around 5:30am.  "IS IT TIME TO WAKE UP YET??!?!" they shriek in their shrill little voices.  Nothing I do cancels them out.  They insist on hugs and cuddles.  I know why nature makes children so's so their parents won't kill and eat them.

I bet their flesh is tender.

So I got up and made breakfast for the smalls while they whined about cartoons and the fact that I wouldn't give them Cocoa Puffs.  I wasn't feeling eggs this morning, so I tried a new product I ordered on Amazon. (Seriously, where would I be without Amazon? It is the fountain from which all good things spring.)  It's Paleo "cereal" made from ground coconut, nuts, chia, flax and cinnamon.  Unsweetened, so Detox legal.  You mix 1/3c of it with 1/2c hot water and let it sit for a bit and you end up with a Cream of Wheat style cereal.  It was really good with diced apple.

Ehrmahgehrd ift's fucking oatmeal.

After breakfast the husband took the spawn to the Y to burn off some energy and I planned to take a lap of the Arboretum for my 90 minute L1 workout.  Well, Lucy had other ideas.  She sat in her kennel and yowled with such pitiful misery that I got out her leash and asked "Wanna go for a run?".  She practically leaped out the door, whole body wiggling.  We've always planned to run her.  She's 6 months old now and able to run short times/distances according to the vet and breeder.  My plan was to take her for 2 easy miles running followed by a mile of walking to cool her down.  She had other ideas.  Namely 3 miles dragging me around the neighborhood at a ridiculous pace.  She was having none of the cool down, either, and I sensed she was disappointed in me when we stopped.  In my defense, it was hot and I didn't have any water!

You're a fucking pansy, Mom.

Since I'm working tonight and will therefore be eating all night, I skipped lunch in favor of a nap.  Surprisingly, I got a pretty good one.  Almost 3 hours!  When I woke up it was time to prep dinner, which was Weeknight Chicken Soup.  I had plopped a chicken carcass into the crockpot with some water and garlic this morning and it was smelling pretty great around 4pm while I diced veggies and got the chicken ready.  This was perfect soup.  I was very happy with it.  Fresh dill was an ingredient I've never put into my chicken soup before this and it was a really nice surprise.  Very bright and fresh.  I also made dill crackers.  Paleo crackers are just shitty.  There's really no way around it.  The intention is good, but unless I'm just crap at execution, they suck.  Dry, not really crispy, kind of blah in the flavor department.  Not too bad with butter, and they worked out pretty well when I floated them in the soup, but now I've got a container full of them and unless I can come up with a fabulous dip tomorrow I'll probably dump them.  Sad.  So the soup was a big winner and the crackers were a big "Fuck you".

Look how pretty with the fresh dill!

Since I'm pulling 10 hours tonight I packed a bag full of food.  Who knows what landmines await in the break room?  I'm not doing the white knuckle 5-7am thing again.  That was the fucking worst.  So I have a pork burger and avoziki sauce, beet and carrot slaw to go along with it, carrots and greed goddess sauce, apples and almond butter, and mint tea.  I also packed a breakfast, but I'll post that tomorrow.  For Detox purposes my day begins at midnight, so as long as I eat the apple after midnight I'm within the guidelines.

Hmmm...maybe I'll toss some roasted nuts in there, too.

Love my Bento box lunch box.

Tomorrow I've got an hour run on the schedule, which should be fine.  It's also the CFGB fundraiser dinner for the Games bound team.  I've decided to donate a pair of custom knit socks for the silent auction, so I need to hustle over to the box in the morning to drop off some stuff and the samples for the table.  With luck I'll have a new sock project and the team will have some cash at the end of the auction.  

Seven nights ahead of me, then seven off.  I'm happy to be back on my regular rotation!

I'm not going to celebrate the end of Day 5 until midnight.  The breakroom awaits, and there's ice cream in them thar freezers.

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