Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blogging the Menu: 21 Day Sugar Detox Days 14-18

So I've been pretty damn lazy with the blog thing for the last few days.  I haven't been lazy with other stuff, though!  I've been running, walking, and going to the box.  I've also been carting children all over the planet, doing mountains of laundry, and eating.  Here's a bunch of pictures of shit I ate in no particular order.

Red Robin.  After yoga with the girl child.

Kalamatas and cheese.  No, dairy isn't on the Detox, but it isn't a trigger food for me so I've had it a few times.

Salmon in the toaster oven.  Easy!!

Tenderloin at Mackinaw's.  Sandwich minus bread is cheaper than the dinner!!

HuHot today.  Lunch date with the hubs.  Noodles are for suckers.

These were meh.  Mine are better.

There were eggs.

I'm gonna eat this all in t-minus 3-2-1...

Pork chops and parsnip mash.  Tasty.

Hubs invented Taco Spaghetti with black bean pasta.  Technically not Detox, but yummy.

Love this stuff.

Dude, if you can't get it at Woodman's, you don't need it.

This shit is so awesome.  We made a double batch.

I will make this again.  For sure.

So that's the menu, pretty much.  I've been cleaning up the leftovers in the fridge and counting down the days until I can have some motherfucking fruit.  The problem with this Detox is you stop feeling like a virtuous sugar slayer around day 13.  Then you just feel boring.  Even a few new recipes didn't really cheer me up much this last week.  I have 2 pieces of "cheesecake" in the freezer, and a big box of grapes in the fridge that I just want dammit.  Also cherries.  Sweet baby dolphins I want cherries.  Cookies, donuts...meh.  I've walked by them enough that they're not really a thing right now.  I'm going to make sweet sweet love to that piece of Twix cheesecake on Sunday, though.

I get to go to 5:15 again tomorrow, which is awesome, and I'm back "on" at work tomorrow night.  First day on is always a little weird, but I actually feel rested since I got my full 7 off this time around.  This weekend will mark Lucy's first experience with boarding at Golrusk, so hopefully that will go well.  I'm looking forward to a weekend on my own schedule so I can sleep and eat and workout when it fits into my backward nights and days.

Now if only the CrossFit Games would stop scheduling the Team events in the middle of the night (aka 11am) so I could watch them live...


  1. I know you do often and it's probably a shit ton more work but you need to link your recipes!!! Picture=Link. I wanna try so many of the things you blog about but then can't find the recipe.

    1. Most of my recipes are from cookbooks, so no links (unless you want the link to the book). There is a 21 Day Sugar Detox Facebook page, and some of the recipes can be found there. Also, I am linky stupid, so I generally avoid it...seems like they never work properly and then people get all bent out of shape :)