Monday, July 7, 2014

Blogging the Menu: 21 Day Sugar Detox Day 2

The hours between 5 and 7am this morning were an extreme challenge.  I packed my virtuous lunch and snacks, I had good coffee and lots of water...and I ran out of food (I always eat my snacks too early, it's a fatal flaw) at 3am.  The call of donuts and candy and ice cream and cookies is loud as shit when you're alone, tired, and hungry.  I made cinnamon tea and questioned my resolve.

I was never so happy to get home for breakfast as I was today!  Crustless quiche made with organic bacon from Waseda farms, eggs, and the onions I caramelized yesterday.  And some spinach.

So this did in fact taste pretty much like angel's wings.

I was hoping to work out today (run or CF), but last night was 8 of 8 and after about 90 minutes of sleep on Sunday I just had to lay down and close my eyes.  My intention was just to rest for an hour or so.  Four hours later my husband was all "'s noon."


So I got up and showered and had some handy leftovers for lunch.

Just as good the second day.

This afternoon the girl child had Girl Scouts, then yoga (her first yoga class!).  Then I headed home for dinner.

Mmmmmmm.  Tasty.

Mustard and pecan crusted whitefish.  Recipe called for salmon, but I had whitefish, so that's what I used.  Still pretty damn delicious.  I made 4 pieces, so I have more handy leftovers which should crisp up nicely in the toaster oven.  

After dinner was Lucy's last puppy Kindergarten class.  She was a rockstar as usual, because I had a pocket full of cheese.  Basic 1 obedience starts 7/22.  I have got to get this dog into doggy daycare once or twice a week for the socialization.  Lucy also went for her first run today with the husband.  He said she did really well for the 2.somethingish miles and promptly flopped down on the tile floor and was calm as could be for an hour afterwards.  Winning.

I had a hankering for something a little sweet after dinner, so I'm eating my daily allotment of green apple with some coconut butter that I melted down and mixed with cinnamon.  Good stuff.

Two days down.  19 to go.  I really hope I don't encounter any more doughnuts any time soon.  My resolve might not be so steely.  

Also?  I'm pretty sure it's bedtime.  I can barely keep my eyes open.  5:15 trip to CF in the morning is my intent...early to bed, early to rise!

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